New Moon in Virgo: Clean Your Engines

Posted on August 30, 2019

August 30 brings a New Moon in the sign of Virgo, the Earth sign currently dominating the skies. You will be interested to know how that is going to bring very unique energy to this lunation! With Virgo in Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury, we are in store for a really unique New Moon in Virgo.

First, let’s just break down what in the world a New Moon is and what it is good for. A New Moon occurs about once each month and it is when there is no part of the moon illuminated. This is a time when we feel like retreating and going within instead of being social. We are able to see our inner-life with more clarity as the veil between us and the spirit world is thinner on a New Moon.

This is a perfect time to kick off a new intention and begin planting seeds towards your goal. The cycle concludes at the time of the Full Moon, which is two and a half weeks after the New Moon. Often, people who have visualized their goal and taken action find that blessings show up on the Full Moon when the Moon is entirely lit up and we all feel ‘full’ of energy to move forward.

What to Expect on the Virgo New Moon

The planets are divided into two categories, the inner and outer planets. The inner planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Oddly enough, the inner plants are all packed into the same sign on this New Moon which is a rare occurrence. Anytime we have so much of one sign affecting our planet, you can expect people to be ‘off.’ You can relax because you’re going to know what to expect though.

We know that Virgo energy is meticulous, clean, and very into fixing problems to make things better. There is a strong need to organize, perfect and plan with the Virgo energy and it comes with a pretty tremendous ability to focus. If people are being anal about details, cleaning, or being neurotic, this is why. It will pass, but it might feel like you suddenly don’t know who anyone is for a day or so.

You know how they say, ‘the freaks come out at night?’ Well, when all the inner planets are in Virgo, ‘the house cleaners come out in broad daylight.’ Needless to say, it’s a good time to clean house and focus on your personal health in greater detail. Here are some easy tips to survive and thrive on this New Moon so it will propel you into a good place in your life.

5 Ways to Use Virgo New Moon Energy

Tackle Home Projects

Use this energy to really dig in and do the deep cleaning you avoid when the planets are not all hanging out in an earth sign. You’ll have the energy to organize, so take advantage of it.

Do a Cleanse

You can also have a strong urge to purge the toxins from your body now, so consider a water fast, melon cleanse, or juice cleanse for this New Moon to get yourself feeling pristine - but only do so with your doctor’s blessing!

List What You Want

This New Moon is conjunct Mars which means we can clearly see what we want in our lives. Use the Virgo energy to make lists of what you want and capture the clear vision while the spotlight shines on your desires with hyper-definition.

Visualize the Details of Your Goal

Being that it is the perfect day to set your intention, visualize what you want as if you already have it. Use the Virgo energy to see the details in full color. See the textures, temperatures, and feelings in your visualization to make it a strong palpable future.

Create a Vision Board

Now that you have some perfectionist energy at your disposal, you can make a really nice vision board that includes all the things you desire. Be sure to sit and meditate to ask what is in the highest good to focus your energy on so you don’t just ask the Universe for something minor like paperclips and Tupperware (which Virgo energy craves, by the way).

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Closing Thoughts…

We always recommend taking a bird’s eye view with astrology to really understand how the nuts and bolts of moving planets can help you. That means not focusing on only one event to determine what energy is going on at a given time but rather knowing the key players.

We already mentioned that there is a lot of the hyper-organized Virgo energy happening so be sure to relax daily to balance this very fastidious energy. Additionally, we still have Chiron, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde, so we are learning about how our deep past experiences have been coloring our sense of self and our courage to go after our dreams.

We are kicking off the fun time of planting seeds into the Universal garden today on this New Moon and you don’t have to wait long to reap the rewards if you diligently do your manifesting! Astrology is not gloom and doom friends! It’s empowering and gives you insight into behaviors, emotions, and cosmic timing. Use our many resources to keep learning about this system. We have a great explanation of each of the planets as well as a free astrology calendar for you to use to see what signs each planet is flirting with!

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