Your November 2021 Energy Forecast: Time for Transformation

Posted on October 28, 2021
Updated on November 29, 2021

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We are winding down the last quarter of 2021, in the heart of autumn. Here, we reach the magical number “11” vibrations. November’s astrology represents the magnetic force of the feminine and masculine principle that embodies love, compassion, truth, and respect.

New cycles generated this month will provide us a chance to channel new ideas and inspiration through the subconscious. When we overcome physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual weakness, we spiral into bliss and remember our sacred purpose.

The lesson of Scorpio season is to experience rebirth, shift our perspective, and rise into new awareness like the phoenix, thus revealing the all-loving dove. Scorpio medicine reminds us of our ability to shape-shift and transcend lower dimensions.

The cosmic evolution of humanity carries over into the month. It provides us direct access to our unique gifts and talents. Yet, we are still navigating through the void of darkness as the sunsets and spirit rise.

The eclipse gateway opens on November 4th during the New Moon in Scorpio, which will shift us through subtle realms. It is essential to create a daily sacred practice of connecting with your heart during such shifts.

Unleashing our greatest potential and igniting our vision is not an easy task. It requires commitment, faith, trust, honesty, and intimacy. It also requires a conscious awareness of the relationship between giving and receiving.

This month takes us off the edge of our seats and deep into the unknown – from the 11:11 portal, eclipse gateway opening, the Full Moon in Taurus, Sagittarius season, and superior solar conjunction.

Illusion dissolves and the collective can no longer operate on survival-driven principles and tactics. We are awakening new foundations for us to receive the next course of action for new earth

Let’s explore this month’s cosmic conversations!

November 2nd: Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow Ends

A Time for Dismantling Triggered Communications

After an eventful retrograde, Mercury post retrograde shadow is officially over. Healing the triggered mind/body feedback loop was a challenging task in this cycle. Historical programming and wounding in our conversations revealed deep areas that required growth and transformation.

Now, Mercury is moving forward in direct motion, and we can expect more profound clarity and awareness to set in.

November 4th: New Moon in Scorpio

A Time for Restoring the Conscious Relationship with Source

A New Moon occurs when the Sun is closely conjunct the Moon, sparking a brand-new lunar cycle.

November’s New Moon occurs 12 degrees in the magnetic waters of Scorpio. We’ve had an eventful year, and this New Moon opens the winter eclipse portal. Scorpio is the passionate Water sign of emotional intensity, alchemy, love, power, sexuality, and transformation, seeking to teach us the power of our ability to bring into the physical realm precisely what we envision in the unseen realm.

At the highest realization, Scorpio cherishes, honors, loves, and respects our relationship as co-creators with source. Our emotional energy is like the currents of an ocean, pulling and pushing away people and things, shaping, molding, and framing our reality.

The New Moon will tightly conjunct Mars, increasing our magnetism by making us feel confident, bolder, stronger, and sexier than ever.

There’s a slight clash between the Moon and Saturn, while the Moon forms a dynamic light bridge to Uranus. Spontaneity, excitement, and surprises surround this magical eclipse portal of alchemy and transformation—a critical opportunity to shed and shape-shift into your authentic self for the upcoming year.

Expect heightened psychic sensitivity and emotional intensity as we reveal divine truth. It’s imperative to honor the depth of your emotions and the power of an intimate relationship with the source.

Ask yourself this New Moon:

  • Am I honestly expressing my authentic self?
  • What past patterns are holding me back that I need to shed for the New Year?

Invite yourself to surrender and experience the beauty of letting go of what no longer serves you and being open to receiving the blessings of the Universe.

Your November 2021 calendar is here. Check it out now to find out what the Universe has in store this month.

November 5th: Venus Enters Capricorn & Mercury Enters Scorpio

A Time for Higher Heart Commitments

Venus – the planet of the goddess of arts, beauty, love, relationships, and values – moves into ambitious Capricorn. Here, the heart grounds in a higher authority, determination, discipline, and power. This is a dramatic conversation because Venus will journey retrograde in Capricorn from December 19th, 2021, to January 29th, 2022.

Expect Venus in Capricorn to redirect your attention to more serious matters surrounding finances, love, relationships, and how you make decisions.

Mercury swims into the magnetic waters of Scorpio for alchemical transformation. This energy takes us below the surface to deepen our perceptions and explore the shadows of the mind.

Once explored, the mind has a chance to understand oneness and the source of all things. Be careful not to confuse knowing and reality during this transit.

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November 11th: 11:11 Portal of Cosmic Law

The numerology of today activates the powerful 11:11 portal, allowing us to connect with our higher selves. This master doorway is the gateway that will enable us to cross over into the spirit realm.

Taking place during the beginning of the eclipse portal signifies an ascension ladder into new dimensions. Expect clarity, increased psychic awareness, and an influx of spiritual downloads.

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November 19th: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

A Time for Seeding Alignment With the Heart

November’s Full Moon takes place 27 degrees in the grounded sign of Taurus. Full Moons act as magical midpoints, and spiritually speaking, the opposition represents the integration of yin and yang energies through releasing all which no longer serves us. It occurs when the Sun is directly opposite the Moon, marking a magical peak in the moon phase.

Taurus is the light of the material creation, the fixed sign of conscious obedience, and the sacred Tree of Life.

This Full Moon just so happens to be a partial Lunar Eclipse, activating the winter eclipse gateway. Thus, Taurus delivers us a chance to plant ourselves deep in our hearts, aligned with the highest vision of the divine, and restore the sacred Tree of Life.

Regardless of what is taking place around you, this Full Moon wants you to know that when you find plant yourself in the sacred halls of your heart, you ground in a new consciousness and the foundation of your inner truth.

The Full Moon engages in significant conversations with Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto.

The Soul is ready to anchor in the sacred chambers of the heart. We are rebuilding a new relationship with ourselves based on love, trust, intimacy, and faith. We cannot move forward in ascension if we do not ground in compassion, forgiveness, and trust in divine authority.

The Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis will be a central theme in 2022, representing the relationship between giving and receiving, emotional bonds, intimacy, and resources. Tap into your compassionate side this Full Moon and ground in love.

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November 21st: The Sun Enters Sagittarius

A Time for Spiritual Expansion

After an intense trip in the underworld of Scorpio, the Sun moves into the adventurous and philosophical sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the light that illuminates the way to live, the free-spirited, blunt, and optimistic fire sign. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, you can expect higher wisdom and expansion into new realms. The fire of Sagittarius provides us an opportunity to release the attachments of the old world into the fire of life. We are expanding our current beliefs and spiraling up to the next round.

Tap into your inner Archer this Sagittarius season, become a dedicated truth-seeker, and move beyond the limitations of habitual behavior into higher ground. Use Sagittarius season to explore, study philosophy, release attachments to the bonfire, and tap into the sacred wisdom of the ascended masters.

Your diligence is what will bridge the gap to move forward.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!
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November 24th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius

Enter Universal Intelligence

Mercury’s conversations this year have been controversial and intense, triggering and illuminating.

Now, on Wednesday the 24th, Mercury enters fiery Sagittarius on its rulership day. This energy represents the final clearing and releasing of limited storylines, conversations, and historical trauma embedded in our inner operating system.

Sagittarius is ready to expand our default settings into new programming aligned with our Soul’s actual frequency. Mercury broadens the mind to greater heights, and it is crucial to find your center if you experience any scatteredness. Dismantling old limitations of the mind and how we communicate allows us to grasp the bigger picture, but it is not easy.

Expect big news around the 28th, when Mercury conjuncts the Sun – aka a superior solar conjunction.

Energy Tips for November

November’s oracle card is Scales of Balance, ancient tantra of the Soul. This card is brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This card serves as confirmation that as we transition into the darkness of Winter Solstice, it is vital to heal the sacred masculine and feminine principles to come into more extraordinary love, unity, and wholeness. This is an opportune chance to create a balance inside ourselves and our relationships. Any indication of imbalance is a message to look within. Through healing, we restore these sacred principles and reveal enlightenment of the body, mind, and soul.

In summary, November takes us beyond the surface to reexamine our relationship with the world around us and plant our vibration deeper in love. Through the dark, we find and reclaim our light. Use the energies of November to help you shine your light through dark times. There is nothing to fear when you move in love.

This month is perfect for:
  • Working with crystals
  • Tapping into different forms of divination
  • Honoring the intensity of emotions and committing to a spiritual practice
  • Connecting back with your higher self and remembering that you have access to Universal knowledge

If you feel blocked or even depressed this month, take action to immediately reconnect to the beauty, joy, and love of spirit, of life, and yourself.

We are transitioning into a new reality of higher consciousness. Step forward and free yourself this month.

Happy November!

Your November 2021 Astrology Answers calendar is here. Check it out now to learn what the Universe has in store for this month.

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