Your November 2020 Energy Forecast

Posted on October 25, 2020
Updated on March 10, 2021

Three women are dancing together as the sun sets on an orange sky.

Beautiful November rising, the powerful “11” vibration of self-mastery, descending into the final act of 2020 and the restoration of our soul foundation.

This month brings us into core alignment through the mirror of oneness, representing the final stages of alchemical transformation. Mystical portals open up during the month that possesses ancient powers and streams forth energy for personal growth and success.

November is a month of major transition when the Northern Hemisphere shifts from fall to winter. A reminder that as the leaves fall, new seeds become buried in the ground during the cold winter, rooting and preparing to bloom anew in spring.

The month starts on a powerful note a day after the dynamic Taurus Full Moon and Sun Uranus opposition. We’ve been experiencing rapid changes as we fully ground in the new Earth paradigm. We had to dig ourselves so deep this year in healing, so we could root securely in Mother Earth and allow our authentic self to rise through the darkness.

All souls on the planet are undergoing an amazing transformation as we awaken to our authentic state and shed the past’s limitations. Shifting into the final phase of 2020, it’s important to breathe, ground, and relax. We are clearing lifetimes of karma and entering into a new cycle aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Many of us have been training for this shift, and now here we are, leaving our energetic mark on this physical realm, grounding, and restoring the template of unity consciousness.

Let’s explore some of the amazing transits creating energetic waves in November.

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November 1, 2020

Venus in Libra Oppose Chiron in Aries, Healing the Wounded Heart

This aspect brings our attention to deeply embedded wounds with our decision-making process and evaluating function, along with wounds within our interpersonal relationships. With all the shadow work that was required this October, Venus, and Chiron connect for you to get down to the bottom of your heart, clear the debris, and ask yourself these questions:

Do you love yourself, wholeheartedly? Flaws and all? Are you willing to accept the shadows, not as a driver of fear or a song of pain, but as the key to your success and victory?

The energy suggests that underlying insecurities are present and play a major role in your self-doubt and self-worth. Allow the fire of purification from Chiron in Aries to burn through old templates of self-doubt and restore your inner faith.

November 3, 2020

Mercury Direct (Libra 25 Degrees)

The revealer of shadows and truth, Mercury stations direct in Libra but remains in his shadow for a two week period. During this time, expect for mental fog to slowly subside, granting clarity and relief. Once Mercury fully regulates his orbit, you will begin to feel an increase of energy and a spike in your intuition.

Don’t jump to conclusions or make fast decisions. Continue to use this time as a period for inner reflection and attunement. Mercury moves back to Scorpio on November 10th. Remember that Mercury stations retrograde at least 3 times a year. He is the innermost planet, the function of our lower mind.

Mercury retrogrades are an amazing period for re-attunement, recharging, and reflecting.

November 9, 2020

Venus in Libra Opposite Mars in Aries, Building the Bridge Between the Poles

After meeting with Chiron burning through the calcified walls of our heart, Venus now has a chance to meet with Mars. Mars is currently in retrograde, helping the divine masculine reclaim their righteous power and allowing the feminine to ground their inner fire.

This aspect speaks highly to the healing of soul mate and twin flame unions and the internal feminine and masculine. These two planets play a significant role in our physical archetypes and govern the ego’s relationship to our external world. Both Venus and Mars seek to build the bridge to unify the poles between men and women worldwide.

Once you can rise above gender duality and the material world, you can integrate the amazing functions of Mars and Venus to push you forward. This energy also suggests finding healthy outlets to work through anger and impulses that impose bad financial decisions and relationship problems.

November 12, 2020

Final Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction (22 Degrees Capricorn)

Two heavy hitters of this year’s grand conjunctions meet up for their final act of 2020, before the Aquarian conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, 2020. As we expand our limitless nature, Jupiter shines a light on Pluto’s shadows invoking transformation and expansion at the highest levels.

It’s important to move beyond the misuse of power, the greed for wealth, and the thirst for sexuality. Review the areas in which you over-expand your energy or create material obsessions. The key to this aspect is understanding that true power is source, and you are always connected to source.

When channeled for good, that power will fuel your life in positive directions. Finding a balance between the material and the spiritual world is needed. Allow the rays of Pluto to transform your inner truth and heal the dark side of the subconscious.

November 13, 2020

Venus in Libra trine Soul Star Chakra (North Node in Gemini), Sextile Earth Star Chakra (South Node in Sagittarius), Soul Opportunities

During this time, Venus gives our hearts a boost by grounding it in the future and helping us shed the past mistruths. Trine the North node. This is a great aspect of creativity, arts, and attracting all things aligned with your highest purpose.

This energy also reveals that relationships pave the path towards karmic lessons and fulfillment once learned. Stop singing songs of the past and turn on the melodies of your future.

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November 14, 2020

Mars Direct (15 Degrees Aries)

Mars has journeyed a significant path this year, reclaiming his righteous power and initiating a brand new 32-year cycle. Although he remains in his shadow until the end of the year, we will gain the ability to overcome any roadblocks and harsh cardinal T-squares experienced during his retrograde when stationing direct.

Continue to ground your inner fire and use this time to fuel new goals and projects.

November 15, 2020

Scorpio New Moon (23 Degrees Scorpio), Phoenix Rising

November’s New Moon in the alluring and sensual sign of Scorpio is the dynamic transformation of “what was” to “what truly is” as we learn the art of letting go.

There is something powerful about the space we gain when we let go and release the space, which allows us to bring more light in and is ripe for potential and new possibilities. This New Moon is about healing from past conditioning influences and emotional trauma that blocks your intuitive nature.

This energy suggests a need to make peace with your emotions and explore the deeper side of self. Scorpio energy invokes our highest vision’s wisdom and the place where the soul’s light may rise. We have been through an impactful year that has helped the collective consciousness evolve.

It is time to let your power shine through, do not be afraid of who you are. There is power in every piece of you!

November 21, 2020

Venus in Scorpio (2:22 PM ET), the Awakened Heart

The doorway to our awakened state and higher consciousness opens as Venus travels into the underworld of Scorpio. We must release fears and pain trapped around our heart space, restoring our sacred heart vibrations and infinite connection to source.

One way to release those fears is to review the areas in which you obsess over intimacy and power in your relationships. Find the root cause of needing to be in control or the tendency to manipulate others. Check the ego’s defense mechanisms that cloud your judgment and cause suspicion.

This transit has the ability to transform your heart into its awakened state, bringing forth new channels of abundance and wisdom. Let the energy awaken your sensual side and let your magic soar to new heights.

Sun in Sagittarius (9:40 PM ET)

The Sun shifts into the Mutable sign of Sagittarius activating higher wisdom and a final opportunity to finish out the game right. The physical wisdom provided by Sagittarius gives us the ability to release our attachments and move beyond this realm.

Sagittarius is the Fire sign that transmutes the previous cycle and grants us the energy to start again. This season sparks a wonderful peak of abundance and optimism.

November 30, 2020

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (8 Degrees), Confronting Self

Before we say goodbye to 2020, we have to kick off eclipse season with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, in the Mutable sign of Gemini, activating our mental body and diamond self. Gemini represents the cosmic light that beams, revealing all that opposes duality. It brings our attention to the conscious light of the relationship between spirit and matter.

This Full Moon is about making peace with our lower self and healing our ego, bringing the mind-body connection into play as we ground our minds in our hearts. This cycle awakens Universal vision and marks the ascension point where the heart reveals the truth.

November offers us dynamic shifts that will help us gain the power and strength to close out the year on a higher vibration. It is a busy month, and while things are moving quickly, it is important to remain grounded in your actions, curb your impulses, and bring balance to your inner fire.

Everything we do from here on out sets the wave for our soul’s expression to come forth in 2021.

Remember that Magic is Flowing Through You

This season is a time of alignment, miracles, synchronicities, and an opportunity to finally shed lifetimes of baggage and karmic debris. We have started so many brand new cycles this year, and as we finish November and December, we will finally see our hard work and dedication pay off.

Follow these essential tips for November to capitalize on this new energy:

  • Practice breathwork
  • Ground and hydrate
  • Mediate
  • Sing and dance
  • Be present and surrender to hear divine communication from higher realms.

Happy November rising!

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Stay tuned for our monthly transit article, which will detail all transits upcoming in November 2020!

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