Your November Numerology Forecast

Posted on October 21, 2021

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If you’ve been seeking some spiritual vibes, then November is the month for you because, according to numerology, the spiritual vibes are going to be absolutely amazing this month. Mystical, otherworldly connections and synchronicities abound this month, so open that Third Eye chakra and get ready for the magic!

A deeper connection to the Universe helps you create a foundation of gratitude, centered energy, and blissed-out blessings for the future.

November is a month to break out the Tarot cards, spend some time with Mother Nature, and get back to your spiritual roots.

According to numerology, November is a 7 Universal Month (1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7).

October was a month of balance and creativity, and November is a month to sink into the mystical wonders of life and refresh your relationship with the powers that be. In numerology, the number 7 is a number of depth, of mystery, and of awareness.

So, let’s crunch the numbers to learn more about what this month will bring and what it means for your own Personal Month number!

How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

There are quite a few important numbers in numerology, and that can be intimidating at first. But, while your Personal Month number might be a bit different from your Life Path number, it’s actually quite easy to calculate. To get your Personal Month number, all you need to do is add your Personal Year number to the current month number and reduce it down.

Your Personal Year number is simply your birth date, your birth month, and the current year added and reduced.

For instance, if your Personal Year number is 9, you would add that to 11 for the month of November:

9 + 1 + 1 = 11

Most double-digit numbers are reduced to a single digit in numerology, but 11 is a Master Number, so you can leave it there.

Your November Astrology Answers calendar is here! Check it out now.

Your November 2021 Numerology Forecast

Personal Month 1

The number 1 in numerology is connected to the ideas of cycles, ego, and the self. In your case, this month might be about figuring out how spirituality and depth fit into your idea of yourself. Evaluate the role that life’s mysteries play in your life and whether that role is currently fulfilling. Perhaps you’re craving more connection to the Universe than you currently possess?

How long has it been since you’ve felt moved by the world around you?

Maybe it’s time to take a step outside with a new sense of wonder and amazement.

Personal Month 2

In numerology, the number 2 represents femininity, grace, and a strong intuitive force. This month, tap into that deep intuitive power within to discover your next steps. Your internal insight already knows where to go – all you need to do is listen.

Spend time balancing and cleansing the Third Eye chakra to develop an even deeper connection to your intuition.

Have you been tapping into that voice that comes from within?

Try sitting in stillness and opening your ears to the messages of your soul.

Personal Month 3

The number 3 is all about expression, whether in communication or creative expression. But beyond expression, there is a distinct uniqueness of the number 3 – which means your approach to spirituality and Universal connection is probably also unique. You’ll need to find out what kind of spiritual expression speaks to you this month.

Have you been honoring your personal eccentricities?

It’s time to embrace your unique view and let it guide you in the right direction.

Personal Month 4

Work, work, work – that’s the motto of the number 4. And while hard work and achievements are wonderful, that’s certainly not the only important aspect of life. In fact, spending too much time on your work projects means less time to develop your spiritual self. Maybe it’s time to put the work aside and focus on the needs of your soul this month.

When was the last time you took a deep breath and let yourself relax?

Relaxation may be just the kind of spiritual experience you need right now.

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Personal Month 5

The number 5 is all about creativity, adventure, and curiosity in numerology – and these are just the traits you’ll need for spiritual exploration this month. Turn to your imagination and desire to learn new things this month, as a new metaphysical practice may be just the thing to break you out of a rut right now. Try shaking things up – spiritually.

Has your connection to the Universe felt stiff or mundane lately?

It might be time to try a different approach; remember, the Universe is just as curious as you are!

Personal Month 6

The number 6 in numerology is compassionate, loving, and understanding. The question for you this month is whether you’re sharing that compassion and understanding with your own spirit. Do you have more patience for others than you do for yourself? Your spiritual lesson may include learning how to hold yourself in high regard.

Does your spirit feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated?

It’s time to give yourself the same special treatment that you give to your loved ones.

Personal Month 7

This is your month, as your own energy perfectly aligns with the numerological energy we’re experiencing now. The number 7 is all about depth, perception, and spirituality – your curiosity is more palpable than ever, making it a great time for new spiritual concepts and practices to enter your field of view. Let your curiosity take over!

Have you denied the truth-seeking side of your spirit as of late?

Take the time to explore your more curious musings this month.

Personal Month 8

The number 8 is connected to ideas of balance, success, and infinity. How much more spiritual can you get? Yet, your sense of authority may apply more easily to your career than your connection to the metaphysical. Maybe it’s time to separate your spirit from your achievements and focus more on the kind of food that your soul craves.

When was the last time you indulged your curious inner child?

Set the work aside and make time for more whimsical activities this month.

Personal Month 9

In numerology, the number 9 simply flutters with a sense of wisdom, experience, and completion. This number represents the end of a cycle, and that coupled with the spiritual vibes of this month might urge you to think about the wisdom you’ve already gained in this life – and consider what you’d like to learn more about. Where does your curiosity lie?

When did your curiosity last feel satisfied?

Try to infuse your life with practices and routines that expand the mind and spirit.

Personal Month 11

As the first of the Master Numbers, the number 11 is associated with mysticism and spirituality – so you’re already aligned with the energy of this month! Your desire to seek the truth of life will feel even more intense this month, which highlights just how important spiritual practices will be for you. It may be useful to consult your astrological chart for more information.

What spiritual practices make you feel most connected to the world around you?

The routines or rituals speak that to your soul are calling for you now.

Personal Month 22

The number 22 represents a deep sense of responsibility and strong values in numerology. But there’s a chance that you could be clinging to values that no longer align with your beliefs. Maybe this is the month to reevaluate your more rigidly held beliefs to determine whether they still connect to who you are on a fundamental level.

Has anything felt “off” or disconnected in your life?

Take stock of any belief or practice that no longer feels comfortable or natural to you this month.

Seeking Spirituality This November

It doesn’t matter what your Personal Month number is – there’s a good chance you’ll be feeling connected to the Universe this month. And if not, you’ll probably feel a sense of longing or lack because that Universal connection is something we all need in life.

Spirituality is deeply personal, and you only need to follow the path that feels right for you. But seeking those synchronicities are part of the fun of this life!

This month is all about testing the waters and figuring out which practices and rituals speak to your soul.

Are you ready to find yourself?

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