Can Numerology Predict Love Compatibility?

Posted on March 08, 2019

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How many of you have checked today’s love horoscope?

Let me guess, you’ve also checked your partner’s right? Questions about love compatibility rank among the most searched within the worlds of Tarot, numerology and astrology. Love is tricky, so it makes sense we would look at all the tools we can find in order to avoid heartbreak.

Today we are going to dive into love compatibility from a numerology perspective. Just like you check your compatibility from the perspective of the zodiac, so too can you check it with numerology!

Numerology doesn’t change day by day like your horoscope does, particularly when it comes to your life path number. Sound complicated? Not at all. So let’s get to it!

What is a Life Path Number?

Simply put, your life path number is used to predict your karmic destiny or life path. It functions very much like your zodiac sign, in the sense that you use your birth date to come up with your life path number.

One of the core numbers (along with personality and heart’s desire number) it’s considered to reveal why you make the choices you do, how you respond to the people you meet and ultimately, what path you choose to take in this lifetime.

Also like the zodiac signs, certain numbers are more compatible with others when it comes to love. It’s very easy to figure out, and you don’t need to be a math Einstein either. Not sure what your life path number is? Try our free life path numerology calculator.

Now let’s see how this rolls out!

Life Path 1

These highly intuitive born leaders do well with other odd numbers such as 3 and 5.

  • Happy-go-lucky life path 3s are a good match for you - they get along with most everyone
  • Life path 5’s are just lucky in general and will add some fun to your relationship

Other 1’s may be too headstrong for you, and 8’s are definitely going to irritate you - trying to control everything. You can get along with the spiritually attuned 7’s as well, but you may not find yourself elevated in love the way you really need to be.

Life Path 2

Diplomatic and sensitive 2s can find it hard to get motivated. The leaders in the 8′s and the humanitarians in the 9’s will be your best matches.

  • Life path 8’s are more business-minded than you, which would suit you quite well
  • Life path 9’s will be a good match, but you may find them too aloof.
  • A life path 1 would be very good for you, but only if you are able to accept each other’s differences

You’ll probably get along with 4’s as well, but may find they bore you to tears after awhile. 7’s will give you the same struggles.

Try to stay away from the 5’s of the world. As fun as they are, their irresponsibility and indulgences will be a little too much fun for you when you’re trying to get serious.

Life Path 3

You’re so social that the people you love the most are the creative 5′s and the lucky 7′s of the world.

  • 5′s are equally social and curious, and you’ll keep their egos in check
  • 7′s will add an air of appreciation and depth to your life - if there are two numbers that are exceptionally harmonious together, it would be the compromising 3′s with the truth-telling 7′s

The leadership of the 8′s will attract you, however, you will not be able to handle their ever-present need for perfection and control. 4′s will give you a good life, but they’ll bore you.

Life Path 4

Everyone can count on the 4′s of the world. When your tire goes flat, you call the 4′s in your life. You need someone grounded and rooted.

  • Curious and creative life path 5′s will not match well with a 4, and neither will the undisciplined 3′s
  • 8’s and 1’s will be great matches for you, as their leadership and your groundedness could even reap monetary abundance together - this will be a good home life no doubt

If you start a family with a 6, you will probably have plenty of children. You want to stay away from 9′s, as their need to travel and heal the world will clash with your need to stay rooted in one place.

Life Path 5

Never one to complain about how many partners or potential suitors you have, social and lucky 5’s may find settling with one person a bit of a test.

  • You could use some control and leadership from the 8′s and the 1′s of the world
  • Be careful with the 8′s, if you don’t give them everything, they will walk
  • Truth-telling 7 is probably your best match; they know how to be the center of attention, but will not compete with you for the spotlight

There’s a general rule that two of the same life path numbers will not be compatible, but pairing two 5′s together would be the one exception. That will be a very fun and very passionate match indeed.

Life Path 6

If you’re a life path 6, you probably wonder what all of the fuss about compatibility is about, because you probably get along well with…everyone.

  • Life path 2′s will be your best match, as they love to be partnered with peaceful people like you - their gentleness will keep your approach to life soft
  • Your next bet would be life path 8′s and then 1′s. The leadership and control of the 8′s will help you get everything done

The 5′s might be a little too scattered for you, and 3′s will drive you batty with their occasional flightiness, but as a peacekeeping 6, you’ll find a way to make it work with everyone.

Life Path 7

This is the number to look for if you are wanting to get married and stay married, but if you are seeking a 7 on marriage potential only, be careful what you wish for. This is the most committed of them all, and they’re certainly not short on potential partners.

  • You’re best matched with an inquisitive 3 who can inject a little fun into your life
  • 5′s will also be enjoyable partners and you’ll keep each other challenged

You will find 2′s too superficial, and 8′s you might find too controlling or materialistic. That’s not to say you won’t get along, but 7’s are natural philosophers and the long term haul with money-oriented folks like 2’s and 8’s isn’t the best forecast.

Life Path 8

You’re not happy unless you’re the leader of the pack - 8’s want to be in control of everything around them. You’ll need a number that prefers living on the submissive side of things if you want long term commitment.

  • 5′s are your type if you want a fling, but their flakiness and need for freedom will weigh on you - and your controlling nature on them. That could be good for them if you’re able to convince them, which you are
  • 2′s are good matches because you’ll both enjoy collecting and having pretty things
  • 6’s will do whatever you need to make you happy which is exactly what you’re looking for

Life path 4 is a very solid match for you as well, as it is a multiple of your number in itself and you already share many of the same success-oriented qualities.

Life Path 9

Humanitarian 9’s will have the most trouble finding love compatibility in numerology as you don’t just like to be alone, you prefer it, and this can make for a difficult relationship!

  • Life path 6′s will make for a harmonious life together and will share many of your same goals
  • The 7’s of the world are truth seekers that cut the bull like you do, and you’ ll enjoy this common ground together

The sensitivity and intuitiveness of the 2′s will also serve your highest self, and could even help you make a little extra bank.


Numerology is not as cut and dried as astrology can be, and so if you read your life path and found out that your mate has a life path that is way off your destiny, don’t worry. Nothing is off your destiny. You’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing right now, as is your partner. This is simply one of many pieces of your karmic puzzle!

If you want to further explore your love compatibility, take our love compatibility test to see how your zodiac signs pair bond together and report back!

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published May 17th, 2016 and has been updated for numerological accuracy.

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