Beneficial Thought: It’s Go Time! A One Year Brings Exciting New Beginnings

Posted on January 05, 2017
Updated on June 26, 2020

In the field of numerology, every year and every day has a number value. Everything we do could be quantified to a number value. The year ahead is no different. 2016 was a year 9 in the 9-year cycle in numerology. This mark’s last year as the end of a very long cycle in our lives.

Numerology is always driven down to single digits. Once the year number reaches 9, it starts a brand new cycle right back at number 1. 2017 is a year 1. If you want this to be a winning year, do so with this number one theme in mind and make it a year of new beginnings.

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How Is the Year Number Calculated?

It’s not a complicated equation; it’s simple addition. Numerology is all about adding up all of the digits in a certain expression until they are simplified down to one single digit. For the expression 2017, you add up those numbers: 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, then 1 + 0 = 1.

The calculation means that the year 2017 is a 1 year that embodies the vibration and theme of the number 1. It also means that it will be colored with its positive and negative characteristics.

The Themes of Number 1

The number of one in numerology is symbolic of the themes of leadership, initiation, intuition, and basically being the driving force of your own destiny. It’s all about being number one this year! There could also be some more endings this year, as this year also adds up to the number 10.

If we look at the tarot, the number 10 always represents endings, completion, or the end of a project or experience. Of course, with every ending, comes a new beginning. That is what 2017 is all about, are you ready to embrace this?

The very thought of fresh beginnings should be exciting to you! Especially if you have experienced a lot of endings in your life over the past 12 months. Endings are always difficult and stressful, even when they are events that we might initiate and accept.

Even positive change is stressful at first. With 2017 being a one year, all of the changes and the work that you’ve been doing over the past 12 months can lead to a clean slate of new beginnings and a brighter year ahead for you and your loved ones.

What Does this Mean for 2017?

It’s going to be a year of new beginnings for everyone! Last year was the year of endings (because in numerology 2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.) 9 is the end of a cycle in numerology. If you reflect on 2016, you have probably experienced many chapters closing and key issues in your life finally reaching a conclusion.

If you haven’t yet, there will still be some time to wrap up something you want to wrap up or bring to an end. This is particularly important because we are still under a Mercury retrograde for the first week of January. No matter what your situation is as you begin a brand-new year, you can start this one with a little more excitement and home than usual.

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No matter what happened to you over the past 12 months, in January 2017 (the first month of a 1 year) you have the power of 1 energy at your advantage. Lead the way to your own success and be determined to be number one in whatever area of your life that you want.

Why not use the energy of a year 1 to your advantage? What endings did you experience over the past 12 months and what new beginnings are you most excited about in 2017? How are you going to be number one this year?

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