Numerology & the Number 6: What June Means

Posted on June 04, 2019

It’s here! The halfway mark of the year!

We are in the sixth month of the year, and this brings with it a lot of emotions and angst. On the one hand, we are happy to see many cycles complete, such as through graduation, weddings, baby or bridal showers, and more. With these cycles ending, new ones begin. And this is why the sixth month, and the number 6, are so important.

6 is also considered a soul mate number. And from an astrology perspective, Gemini energy is predominant in June, which means, romance is going to be in the air for many Earthlings! So today we are going to look at the number 6, the month of June, and what the number 6 means for the month of June from an astrology perspective. Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

What 6 Means in Numerology

In numerology, 6 is considered a perfect number because it is the sum of all of the numbers that divide into it. That includes 3, 2, and 1. This means that 6 is perfection, and we see perfection in rare instances in life such as in true love and true romance.

The number 6 is one steady line that curves slightly. This is a symbol of the harmony and balance that 6 brings to the table.

At the same time, in numerology, the life path 6 embodies security and harmony. Those who are life path 6 are all about harmony, responsibility, and relationships.

Although 6 often corresponds with the sixth month of the calendar year, it also corresponds with the sixth zodiac sign, the Mutable sign of the Earth signs, Virgo.

Virgo is a natural caretaker, and so are those with life path 6.

Further to an astrology perspective, this also compares with the Mutable sign energy of Gemini, which is predominant in June, although we do see some Cancer energy at the end of June.

And this is just the beginning. Stay on top of your own life path number and get daily numerology readings to better understand what the numerology of 6 can do for you this month.

The rest of the story with the number 6 and June centers around the notion of soul mates. This is a ripe month for loving!

If you are trying to wrap up some relationship goals as we hit the halfway mark of the year, then June promises to be a very exciting one for you. Plant some seeds of romantic intentions now, as we are just a stone’s throw away from eclipse season that will happen in the seventh month of the year – July!

How can you attract your soul mates this June? Let’s have a look.

Numerology 6, Soulmates, & June

Let’s talk about Gemini energy first. The Mutable sign of the Air signs, Gemini, is not necessarily considered a soul mate zodiac sign, as no zodiac sign is. But Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and also by the Lovers card in the Tarot. And this does give Gemini a little bit of soul mate energy, and this is energy that you can choose to amplify in your life in different ways. Make it bigger than Gemini!

The problem with Gemini relating to soul mates is that Gemini as a Mutable sign, and an Air sign that is always on the go, is that Gemini isn’t really known for sticking to one thing for long. And you don’t want a soul mate flitting away from you.

Let’s look at how this connects to Tarot.

Being symbolized by the Twins and corresponding to the Lovers card, Gemini can point you to some soul mate energy that you can use and make bigger in your life. Do so with the number 6.

All of the 6 cards in the Tarot relate to soul mate connections. So if you are asking about love, and see a lot of 6 cards come up, the Universe is hinting at a soulmate connection, and maybe even a twin flame!

That Twins part of Gemini is what may point you to a twin flame.

I don’t want to confuse you. You could have a soul mate or twin flame that has zero Gemini energy attached. So don’t feel bad if you have met your twin flame and they have no compatibility or relationship to twin flames or soul mates.

It’s that Gemini energy is in the month of June, this sixth month, and this could amplify your potential to meet or elevate a status with a twin flame or soul mate.

This sixth month is a great month to have a Tarot reading done on love for that reason.

To sum, the sixth month is an exciting one because it opens up the possibility of love. And everybody wants a little extra romance in the Summer.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to the number 6 and the month of June, a lot of themes come up from a numerology perspective. We have the harmony and balance of the number 6, swooping in within one curved line that shows balance of yin and yang. We also have some soul mate potential cropping up, as 6 is a soul mate number and twin flame number, and the number of all soul mate cards in the Tarot, including the Lovers card.

The Lovers card is the card that symbolizes the Twins in astrology, also known as Gemini, and so choices are abundant for you this month. When you follow the light, and don’t try to be a tricky trickster for the dark side, as Gemini can sometimes be, then your soul mate potential increases.

You can elevate your relationship with them, or, find them! At the same time, the number 6 denotes the themes of responsibility, which is what many of us are experiencing this last month of the school calendar year, which is also the same time we are wrapping up many other responsibilities before we clear our calendar to have fun this Summer.

What responsibilities are you wrapping up? What soul mate wishes do you have this month? What goals can you complete this month to mark the halfway point of 2019? The world is your oyster!

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