Numerology & the Number 7: What July Means

Posted on July 02, 2019

​Va va voom! It’s JULY! And even better, it is July 2019!

July 2019 is a huge eclipse month, with a solar eclipse happening on July 2 under a New Moon in Cancer, and a lunar eclipse on July 16 with a Full Moon in Capricorn. That’s exciting energy all on its own!

But even more exciting, July 2019 is the seventh month of the year. Not only are we past the halfway point of 2019, and one month into the last half, but this seventh month also resonates on the number 7.

So today, we are going to look at the numerology of July 2019, and how we can use this in our lives while riding the waves of eclipse season.

What Does the Number 7 Mean in Numerology?

The number 7 has long been a spiritual number, and is even mentioned in the Christian Bible as a number of the Holy Trinity. Many religions and spiritual pursuits recognize and embrace the number 7 as a number of spirituality.

This is a number in numerology that uses a spiritual essence to breathe introspection, truth, and reflection into those on life path 7. This is a number for truth seekers, an with truth seekers. It’s all about truth and wisdom now.

Those that are life path 7 tend to be very spiritual or have a higher essence about them. Celebrities with life path 7 include Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, James Cameron, Johnny Depp, and many more.

There’s a mystique to those that vibrate on number 7, and a quiet confidence that is very appealing and attractive. It’s a number that showcases creativity and finds new ways to express freedoms and truths.

As such, 7 is a lucky number that embodies high truths and the energy of the Spirit and Divine flowing freely. Victory is near when the 7 appears.

The 7 is a victory card in the Tarot, as seen in the Chariot and the 7 of Wands. These are cards that represent Cancer, and also July!

Let’s talk about the numerology of the number 7 and how it can help you in July 2019.

Numerology 7 & July 2019

July 2019 is an important month for 2019. And so it is interesting, and not a coincidence, that this seventh month of the year is ripe with eclipse activity while the Sun is in Cancer. The Chariot in the Tarot is noted by the number 7, and also symbolizes the zodiac sign of Cancer.

In the Tarot, the Chariot symbolizes hard work that leads to victory, and this is something that Cancer is famous for.

And in July 2019, we have a solar eclipse on July 2, with the New Moon in Cancer. This is going to launch an epic month for your year. How do you want to win in it? By following and adhering to the principles of the number 7.

It’s all about using your inner spiritual energy to dig deep to win.

You may see some hurdles in July 2019. They are all coming to you for a reason. This is your Destiny. Eclipse activity has a tendency to impact our lives for the next six months. And that brings us to a brand new year.

This month is a game-changing month for you. It’s turning point time. Right now you are thinking of something very specific in your life that you want to change.

In numerology and number 7, in the Tarot and number 7 with the Chariot, and in the month where the New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse occurs, you are in charge. Cancer is a Cardinal sign and a born leader.

Creativity is a marker too, on top of all of these special qualities, events, and themes.

It’s about expressing yourself and your truth in your own way. Think of Johnny Depp and the brooding mystery that he exudes. You know he is always thinking. Julia Roberts too, and that Mona Lisa smile. What is she thinking?

She is thinking about creating her next success, being true to herself, and expressing that freely.

Themes of Number 7:

We know that these two iconic celebrities of our time are life path 7, and we know that vibration of 7 is what has helped them to maintain their long-held success.

We also know that 7 is a very spiritual and karmic number and the one in which July 2019 vibrates and resonates in an intense eclipse cycle. Karma is everything. And the way you maintain good karma is by being true to yourself.

It’s time to express yourself and who you are, without shame or regret. You are beautiful.

Think of these themes, along with creativity.

  • Brood a little. Don’t be afraid to keep secrets. Know what to share and when to share it. Share energy more than words or information.
  • Ask questions. If you are confused about what or who is going on around you, ask. Don’t assume.
  • Create. Find new ways to work and embellish and grow on your success.
  • Be kind. What goes around comes around in spades right now.
  • Stand in your truth. And celebrate it!
  • Take YOU time. Self-care is health care.

How are you going to celebrate your truth?

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to deciphering the mystery of number 7, some would say, good luck. This may be a mystery that never gets solved. With eclipses in play in July 2019, we are going to be having a month of mystery. So much is eclipsed from the picture, starting with the July 2 New Moon in the Cardinal sign of Cancer. The theme for July 2019 will be a karmic quest for truth.

Be kind, even in thought. When you do, the Law of Attraction will help you to resonate with number 7 in your own unique way. Who do you want to be this month? How do you want to resonate?

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