Palmistry: What Does Your Hand Reveal About Your Personality?

Posted on June 12, 2019
Updated on September 28, 2020

A person holds out their palms for a tarot reading. What do their palms say?

​If you’ve been following along with our palmistry series so far, you know the basics of what palmistry is, and what to expect if you get your palm read. Maybe you’ve decided that seeing a palm reader isn’t for you, or that you’d like to be able to do readings more frequently and in the comfort of your home - so now it’s time to practice on your own!

As we’ve discussed before, chiromancy can be a powerful tool for proceeding on your life path and healing unresolved issues. As with any new form of divination, it’s important to invest in the right tools, so be sure to pick up a comprehensive guide on palmistry if you’re going to start doing your own readings.

Here, we’ll go over the main features of the hand, and what some of the interpretations mean for your personality.

Picking the Right Hand - Or the Left!

Before you start your reading, know what your intention is - are you looking for the key to your future, or are you hoping to decipher your past? Both hold heavy influence over your personality, but won’t be found in the same hand.

Most chiromancy experts agree that it is your dominant hand that is the extension of our conscious self, and holds more information of our path forward as it is a sign of our self-actualization. Your non-dominant hand is more likely to shed light on your subconscious, and manifest information on your natural self - some even believe it can give information on past trauma.

The 4 Elements of Palmistry

Once you’ve chosen which facet of your life you want to explore first, take a good look at the shape of your hand before even addressing the lines. What shape is your palm? Are your fingers long, or short? Does your hand seem elegant, or sturdy?

It’s important to spend time getting familiar with the shape of your hand, as in palm reading there are four basic hand shapes connected to the four elements prominent in all metaphysical sciences - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Though these elements connect to astrology as well as chiromancy, they do not necessarily reflect a connection to your zodiac sign. In fact, having a palmar profile that contradicts your astrological profile may reveal subtle nuances to your overall personality. So what kind of palm do you have?

  • Air hand: Air hands are the type often described as elegant, or artistic. They present with square palms and long fingers. The hand overall is usually bony, with prominent knuckles and thin fingers. Air hands are usually dry and soft, with delicate skin. This hand type shows intellectual curiosity, a natural predilection towards analytical though and strong communication skills. Air hand types are easily distracted and fall prone to boredom easily.
  • Earth hand: An Earth hand is one you could easily imagine building or creating something. They’ll have square palms with short fingers and are often firm and fleshy. Earth hands usually present with coarser skin and are very warm. This type of hand usually belongs to somebody with a practical approach to life; they are grounded and reliable, with a straightforward approach. Sometimes Earth hands can be a little too predictable and stuck in their ways though.
  • Fire hand: Fire hands are easily identified by their long palm and short fingers- they are almost childlike in appearance. Since a Fire hand is very dry and coarse, the lines presented in their palms are usually deep and decisive. This aligns with the Fire hand personality, as people with this hand type tend to be exuberant, confident and driven. Since they have such a direct approach, Fire hands can sometimes come across as bossy or arrogant if they’re not careful.
  • Water hand: If you have a long, narrow palm with equally long, narrow fingers, then you have a Water hand. They’re almost flipper-like, which is what you’d expect. Water hands are often soft and a little moist. People with this hand shape are often compassionate, artistic and intuitive, which often leads to them being creative personalities. Being sensitive and emotional is also a hallmark of Water hands, which means they’re frequently offended, or hurt unintentionally.

Though it is not very common, some people may present different elements between each hand - which just reinforces how important it is to know which aspect of your self you’re attempting to divine through palmistry. Subtle variations between hands can be a sign that you had a major, life-altering event that changed your core personality - dividing your natural self from your destined self.

In a case like this, for example, your dominant hand can present as more earthly while your non-dominant hand is perhaps more fire. If this is the case, think back to any event that would have made your alter your personality from something impulsive and reckless to being more responsible and cautious.

It’s All Natural - Or Is It?

Another factor to account for in practicing chiromancy is the elements of your hands which have been introduced with time and experience.

Yes, serious palm readers will include things like scars, calluses, and birthmarks when determining your personality and life experience, as they pertain to your reading. Scars obviously speak to life experience, which can have a tremendous effect on our personalities, and things like calluses and blisters indicate a habitual action- likely also another facet of your personality. Birthmarks or moles on the interior of the hand are rare, so it would be meaningful to have a freckle on your palm if it were on your fate or love line, for instance.

Parting Thoughts

There’s much more information to be gleaned from a reading other than what’s simply in the palm of your hand- though we will get into the significance of each line and mount in our next palmistry article. If you’re serious about discovering the art of palmistry, take the time to familiarize yourself with your entire hand. Think about all you do in a day with it, everything you touch and create, and remember that these acts shape us as much as we are shaping them.

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