The Perfect Date for Your Lover, Based on Their Sign

Posted on August 30, 2017
Updated on August 06, 2020

Every sign in the zodiac is exquisitely unique, especially when it comes to romance and dating. Dinner and a movie have always been a classic go to for an ideal date, but why not think outside the box?

Why not plan a tailor-made, original and exciting date for your lover? Allow the stars to guide you toward the perfect date based on your partner’s astrological sign.


Aries are adventurous and bold, with a zest for life. Their big personalities call for grandiose gestures and excitement. A fire sign, they are typically passionate and appreciate the reciprocation of that passion.

Try planning a new activity or hobby they’ve never tried before, or taking them to a show held by a band they’ve never heard of. They’ll appreciate the new experience as well as the thought you put into it.


An earth sign, Taureans appreciate delicacies and special treats. Think gourmet and decadent food and wine, luscious surroundings.

An intimate, laid back setting complete with a few of the finer things in life will have the Taureans toes curling in delight.


Geminis are an air sign, they are thoughtful and intellectual. Try planning a date full of activities with new and fascinating ideas.

The Gemini might enjoy a visit to the planetarium or the screening of an intriguing new documentary. Because they bore easily, it is a good idea to keep them on their toes with mentally stimulating activity.


Cancers are ruled by the moon and fall under the category of a water sign. Emotional, deep and typically creative it is a good idea to foster these traits when planning the ideal date for your special Cancer.

A quiet, place where you two can emotionally engage and express yourselves fully is a great start. They might enjoy a lakeside picnic complete with a notepad and watercolors, or a slow stroll through the park.


Leos are a fire sign, ruled by the sun. Larger than life, the Leo fancies a good time and good vibes. They love to be the life of the party and the center of attention.

You might find they are at home on a stage, perhaps a trip to the karaoke bar is in order. Nightlife, dancing and overall boisterous activity might be the way to go with the spicy Leo.


An earth sign, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. With great attention to detail and a knack for practicality, the Virgo is not likely spontaneous or particularly carefree.

Bring this out by inviting their inner child out to play. Think of fun, light activities to share with your venerable Virgo. It could be as simple as a batch of banana pudding and a trip on the merry-go-round.


Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. An air sign, they are intelligent and seek balance. Remember this when planning the perfect date for your lovely Libra.

Lush surroundings, intimate lighting, beautiful art and idyllic settings are key. The atmosphere should be that of pleasing aesthetics and balanced energy. A candlelit dinner filled with intellectual conversation might be just the thing to bring out the best in your Libra love.


Scorpios are known for their love of sexual activity. And while this may be true, our water signed friend requires a specific seduction. They are curious and love mystery and depth.

Take them somewhere dark and edgy that they’ve never been, or explore an unknown part of the city together. An underground speakeasy or a murder mystery dinner might provide the right combination of adventure and the unknown to really bring out the best in your succulent Scorpio.


The eternal optimist, Sagittarians are ruled by fire and love a jolly, good time. Typically rambunctious and adventurous, the Sagittarius is pretty much up for anything new and exciting.

They love to travel and exploration of the unknown. A Sag would likely be willing to pack their bag and take the adventure to the next town over or enjoy a weekend trip to a new city. Keep it positive and refreshing to keep the sassy Sagittarius entertained.


Capricorns are a reliable and traditional earth sign ruled by Saturn. They can be anachronistic, often seemingly from another era.

A Capricorn might enjoy activities that seem antiquated to other, more modern signs, such as exploring a museum of history or enjoying some late night jazz. Think outside the box for the perfect date with the Capricorn, and make alternative plans.

As Capricorns can be stubborn, it is always a good idea to allow them to say “no,” and offer up a Plan B.


Aquarians are modern and original. An air sign ruled by Uranus, they are intellectual and innovative. They enjoy being social and interacting with new people, and in any case, need room to really express themselves in an open environment.

Try something completely unique and atypical. An abstract art gallery or a costume party might just be quirky enough for the alluring Aquarius.


Pisces are water signs and they tend to be creative and musical in nature, with a wild imagination. They are also hopeless romantics.

An arena wherein they can express themselves emotionally and creatively is always a good idea. Attending an open mic night might strike a creative chord within them, or simply a romantic gesture such as painting their portrait.

A poorly drawn but lovingly created sketch would likely mean more to them than an original Picasso.

When it comes to planning the perfect date for your partner, try providing situations and surroundings as unique and enthralling as your partner is. Put your heart into it and you’ll have your lover swooning.

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