Pet Astrology: How to choose a Pet by the Zodiac Sign!

Posted on October 11, 2014

When we talk about why people have pets, a number of things come up. Companionship is usually the first, and others feel a duty to save strays, some have them for protection, and others for entertainment. For the most part, those lines aren’t exactly a hard science and the biggest reason we have pets is that people simply love animals. Or is it?

You may not know it but the much maligned 6th house in astrology actually deals with this very thing. Though many have written about choosing a pet by Sun sign astrology, the truth is, in astrology’s complex algorithms, there is a house that deals with this and it is the 6th.

Now, of course you can also check your Sun sign for compatibility - but, as with any other issue in astrology, the Sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg even when it comes to choosing a pet. You can even take it a step further, and go into your pet’s astrological influences - but for now, let’s look at how each sign may impact the way you feel about our four legged friends.

Aries - Beagles

For an Aries, Virgo is actually the big influence in the zone of pets. This usually means the person is far too busy for a needy pet that requires a lot of attention. Additionally, those high standards this often brings to the table also apply to the pets you choose.

While you don’t care about the size of the pet, you probably prefer a more independent, well behaved and more self-maintaining one. However, before you run out and pick up a cat - understand that any trainable pet will bring a lot of satisfaction to your life if you have other influences in your chart that foster patience and leadership.

It is for this reason, beagles are usually the ultimate pet for an Aries: clever, independent, brave, but eager to learn - they give everything an Aries needs.

Taurus - Clean Purebred Dogs

Because Libra is the dominant influence in the bull’s pet zone, pets fall into the ‘companion’ category. You may in fact find it much easier to relate to and even talk to your pets more than people and as such, you make a fantastic pet owner!

The only downside with the Taurus mindset and pet care is that sometimes, the smells animals can make are off-putting to you. While it may seem hard at first to choose a pet, ideally, something cute will usually fit the bill and dogs are absolutely perfect.

You have a natural ability with animals, so almost anything you choose will likely be satisfying. Taurus is an absolute natural with animals like livestock, particularly, cows - but of course, keeping a cow isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Purebred, very clean dogs like Greyhounds are usually a very satisfying option.

Gemini -

Geminis usually have Scorpio as the influence in the zone of pets and when we think about this one - the image is almost always of the person with the dog they’ve had forever. Someone who feels that their pets are their very best friends, and that the trust relationship there is a sacred thing.

For you, your pet is family and as such, you prefer pets that act and feel the same way. Dogs are again an obvious choice, but cats are also well appreciated by Geminis. Yorkies are often a breed of dog that Geminis call family.

Cancer - Siamese Cat

Because Sagittarius is the dominant influence in a Cancer’s zone of pets, some people believe that the love of freedom doesn’t lend itself well to pet ownership - but this could not be further from the truth. Instead, this sign loves to have pets roam around the house freely and is also very much of the mindset that pets are family and should be treated as such. Siamese cats are a fantastic pet for Cancer natives.

Leo - Great Dane

Capricorn influences Leo’s zone of pets and this means that often, goats are very appealing. However, you try getting your security deposit back after keeping a goat in your apartment- so, you might want to think about a purebred dog - Great Danes have special appeal to these natives.

A bit more old fashioned when it comes to the pets in your care, you may enjoy larger animals. You also have a tendency to be more adept at training those animals in your care, and are very proud of the pets you keep.

Virgo - ‘Un-adoptable Pets’

Aquarius influences the pet zone for Virgo people, usually- and this means you may prefer more exotic, out-there pets. You’d probably also prefer very independent pets, and cats are usually a big favorite for this crowd.

You have a real fascination with the unusual, or that which most people would not really see as a “pet” and would very likely choose the “un-adoptables” found in shelters. This is where you would find a lot of satisfaction in your choice of pets - because you’d also feel that you were able to save a life. And that can be an absolutely wonderful feeling.


Pisces rules Libra’s pet zone and you probably know what that means. Fish. You may have a big koi garden outside with beautiful, flashy orange fish and loads of plant life or even a big saltwater aquarium would be well suited to you.

If you did go for something more fuzzy, you would likely not care about status or lineage: no pedigrees needed for you. You would just fall in love with your pet, and form a bond that would last a life time. More than likely, just as you do with people- you would have a home full of strays that you could save.


Aries is the big influence on this one and that means you can take on pets that really are challenging- but also, you would always accept them as they are, without any conditions. You generally prefer pets that are very independent, and you’re not inclined to go for something “usual”.

Ferrets and rats would appeal to you a great deal and offer you quite a bit of satisfaction in your pets. Additionally, hand rearing larger birds, such as parrots, would hold a great deal of appeal to you.


Because Taurus is the ruler for your pets’ center- animals instinctively know they can trust you and have a real love for you. You would do excellent work with larger farm animals that need training and work. You do find pedigrees important to some degree because you feel that a pet is something that is an extension of you and your love of finer things. You would love a pet that’s a bit mellow, and something pretty. Birds, especially exotics would likely appeal to you a great deal.


Tom Hiddleston is an Aquarius. Because Capricorn’s predominant influence in the zone of pets is Gemini, you should probably keep Tom Hiddleston for a pet. This is in no way because the author happens to be a Capricorn.

When it comes to animals, they make you feel younger and happier. You have always had a way with them and you are tremendously good with any animal you encounter. For you, though- one is never, ever enough. You like to have a houseful of pets and likely, you prefer that they come from the shelter or otherwise rescued.


Because the ruler of this one is Cancer, you have a genuine warmth when it comes to animals and you tend to like them more than humans. You usually opt for pets that are soft, pets that are warm, caring, and sensitive.

While you may still adore independent animals such as cats- a loving and loyal dog is always going to be the animal that gives you the most pleasure and keeps you happy. The very best breed for you would be in the retriever class, owing to their vast beauty and loyalty.


Leo is at play here so you know this means you are going to want an animal you can show off. This is going to be something of an interesting pet-ownership as you will typically opt for pets that you can not only spoil, but pets that you can be proud of when you’re showing them off.

You are also the type of person who will always be sure that your pet has the very best and nothing less- and so, you will want something that you can truly spoil. A real princess of a Persian cat or even the hairless sphinx.

In closing, you may not know this but October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month- so if you have been thinking about adding a new, furry family member to your home: now’s the time. Whatever pet you choose, you are sure to find that the love they give will be rewarding and wonderful. For more on pet compatibility, check out our calculator!

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