Pisces New Moon 4-Card Tarot Spread

Posted on February 18, 2020
Updated on October 28, 2020

Pisces New Moon 4-Card Tarot Spread shown on the Astrology Answers Master Tarot Deck.

Are you excited for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd? If so, good! Because there is much to be excited about!

As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, the Pisces fish represents a host of deep and mysterious attributes such as healing, surrender, transcendence and sacrifice. When the Moon is in Pisces, we tend to go inwards and feel a stronger connection with our emotions and inner self. We become more distanced from the physical world and more in tune with the spiritual one; and when it’s a New Moon in Pisces, all of this is amplified even more.

The New Moon is all about new beginnings – setting new intentions, achieving new goals, reflecting on the old and thinking about how things can be better with the new. Under the influence of Pisces, this newness has a strong attachment to what lies deep within us – New Moons herald new beginnings on a number of levels, such as physical, mental and emotional. In Pisces, the transformations are very much focused on the spiritual.

And that’s why it’s so exciting! Spiritual transformations lie at the core of all other transformations. Your deepest self is what influences your impact and movements in the physical realm. This is a gentle New Moon and it encourages open honesty and gentleness with oneself and others.

The Sun is in Pisces too and this empowers the spirit of Pisces even more!

With all this Piscean energy in the air, you can expect epiphanies and transformations of all kinds emerging. New Moon rituals can help enhance this energy even more. When you combine it with a good Tarot card reading, you can make the most of this New Moon in Pisces and see how this deeply spiritual and transformational time can work for you!

Below is a New Moon in Pisces Tarot spread – cards at the ready!

4-Card Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Pisces:

Question: What do I need to manifest in my life during this New Moon?

  • Card 1: The change I need in my life
  • Card 2: Why it needs to change
  • Card 3: How I can change it
  • Card 4: The obstacles in my way

Below is an example reading so you can see how this New Moon Tarot spread can work for you:

Card 1: 2 of Cups

This card indicates that a relationship or friendship in my life needs to undergo a transformation. The 2 of Cups indicates a romantic relationship or close friendship with someone.

Card 2: 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands as for why it needs to change indicates that someone has their guard up. Someone is on the defensive side. It could be in this relationship that someone feels like they are always under attack from the other or that they need to be on their guard all the time. Whatever the reason, there is a barrier between me and this other person.

Card 3: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents indicates how I can help this relationship transform. It is quite a simple message with this card: be open about how you feel. This indicates there may be a lack of openness and honesty in the relationship which is why this wall is up.

The Ace of Cups represents all types of emotion, both positive and negative. In this advice position, it indicates that everything must be laid out on the table for the necessary changes to take place.

Card 4: King of Swords

The King of Swords as the obstacle indicates a person who can appear cold and unfeeling. This indicates that either myself or the other person – or possibly, both of us – may have trouble showing emotions. This shows that in order for the transformation to occur, this needs to be resolved. The person has to try and be more willing to show their feelings and emotions.

This spread indicates the transformation very much revolves around an ‘emotional’ theme. In order to break down the barrier presented in the 7 of Wands, the courage to show one’s emotions needs to occur. The cups also represent water, whereas the wand is fire; as water douses fire, this is a powerful change that can take place if the strength is mustered to do so.


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With the New Moon in Pisces approaching, using the Tarot cards for astrological readings can bring greater insight into the situations and relationships you are in. Sometimes, we ourselves may become so used to the way things are that we start accepting things as normal; we start to accept our own frustrations, sadness or dissatisfaction as something we should simply ‘put up with.’

The New Moon in Pisces brings the opportunity to draw any issues or relationships we are struggling with into the light so that changes can be made, leading us to greater happiness and contentment. Enjoy the gentle rays of this New Moon and let the Tarot be your guide!

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