Pluto Direct Horoscopes - It Sounds Bad, but It’s Really, Really Not

Posted on September 28, 2018
Updated on May 19, 2022

It’s this simple. Take your power back. That’s what Pluto direct is telling you in your horoscopes. Once upon a time, there was a tiny planet named Pluto, discovered in 1930 by a man named Clyde Tombaugh. Pluto was considered the ninth planet from the Sun. Until, one day, in 1992, Pluto lost his planet status. The nerve!

By 2006, some scientists had enough of this back and forth bickering about Pluto, and Pluto earned its dwarf planet status again. Now the tiniest planet, Pluto makes Earth-shaking moves that impact all Earthlings.

What is Pluto Direct Really?

When retrograde, Pluto has us thinking hard about big changes in our lives. What do we want to send to the underworld for forever? Or for a little while? When direct, Pluto takes his power back, and so do we. What can we un-Earth? What can we expose or bring out into the open? What big power move can we make in our lives? Just like Pluto took his power back to earn his planet status again, when Pluto is direct, we make some of our own big moves.

Ironically enough, Pluto in Greek mythology is considered the god of the underworld, of death, regeneration, and transformation. Pluto rules the land of Hades, and is the adoring husband of Persephone, the lovely lady that rules the seasons. In Winter, Persephone stays in the underworld with her hubby, and then she makes her own big power moves when she comes out into Mother Nature to help us welcome Spring.

But in the meantime, Pluto turns direct in Fall and through Winter for a reason. He wants us to make some big moves. Some we will make on our own, and some, Pluto will help us out with. On September 30, after Persephone has had her play out in the world, she returns to Hades and Pluto goes direct.

It’s game time for Pluto. And it’s not at all scary. It’s time for all of those deep desires and secrets to come to life. That sleeping elephant in the room that you’ve been ignoring is about to wake up. Walls will be torn down when you take your power back, if you do it right. Pluto takes his power back by tearing it all down, so you can rebuild it from scratch with a smile and a refreshing new look at things. Truth is coming out, either in the form of secrets or in the form of the truths you need to examine and confront in your lives. Here is how it will play out by the zodiac sign.

Aries – Office politics are your internal power struggle.

Dear Aries, what’s been going on at work with you? Pluto direct is working your tenth house of career destiny and social status. Authority figures, public image matters, and your reputation have been a key spotlight issue for you while Pluto has been retrograde. You may have a few secrets here that you don’t want the Sun to see. Have you been in the hot seat at work or on these matters, more than several times? If so, it’s because you aren’t being authentic with what you really are destined to do. It’s time for you to put some elbow grease into this issue. You might think the power struggle is with you and your boss, or others at the office. But the real power struggle is with you and those work or reputation secrets. Too much connection with your mother may also be at stake here. Pluto direct is calling you to be true in these issues. Your fame and rising star could be at stake here. Time to do what you were really meant to do.

Taurus – Have faith that the world is your oyster.

The world is calling you, Taurus, can you hear it? You can. Oh yes, you can. But you just don’t know what to do with it. Pluto retrograde and Pluto direct in fellow Earth sign Capricorn are working your ninth house of foreign affairs and Big Picture idealism. Foreign matters have been vexing you, perplexing you, and also calling you. You want to do something about it, but you aren’t sure what. Or maybe you are, but you’re afraid to make that big change. You might be thinking about broadening your horizons through education, but are fearful of taking that big step. Family matters and foreign issues may have been really troubling you for some time. Pluto direct is going to help you find those answers. This ninth house is also your house of philosophy and faith. Have faith, Taurus. No, really. Believe that anything is possible, and Pluto helps you to tear down what you need to do to make it happen. You don’t have to stay in this rut. Really.

Gemini – Money matters matter now.

As the Twins of the zodiac, you have an uncanny knack of seeing multiple sides of a situation. Sometimes those multiple sides or options in a scenario lead you to see shadier sides of things that aren’t so aligned with norms or societal conventions. It’s easy to take the easy way out, especially when it comes to money. Pluto retrograde in your eighth house of shared resources for five months may have had some shared money matters slowed down for you, or you may be stockpiling some money secrets and keeping them from others. You may be looking for the easy way out here, but Pluto direct is going to say, nuh uh. Or, Pluto direct may show you an easier path, by tearing down your existing ideals and beliefs and leading you in a more pure direction. In this house of transformation where Pluto rules Scorpio, you are going to undergo regeneration and change in money, secrets, and a total rebirth to your existing scenarios. It will be good, if you let it. You can put some stuff behind you. Deal authentically and with purity and Pluto will unearth some exciting things for you.

Cancer – Love is a battlefield.

You love, love, Cancer, but it’s been, well, complicated to say the least for the past five months under Pluto retrograde. With Pluto direct in your seventh house of long-term and truest of true loves, you are going to feel some happy places in the romance sector. Finally. Or, a big war may crop up once Pluto goes direct and unearths some shadowy sides of your romantic experiences. Pluto direct is going to wake up that elephant in the room that has been impeding your best loving Self from being the wonderful lover, mother, father, and nurturer that you are. No matter what your love situation is now, Cancer, expect change. It may not mean a breakup. Or it could be the best breakup of your life. Rebirth. You need to take a really good stock on what you are doing in love, and how you can do better. When you do, there are some amazing insights, and enchanted evenings, ahead. It’s time to take your power back in love, the true way.

Leo – The devil is not in the details.

Pluto retrograde has been working your sixth house of work and everyday routine, Leo, and this has had you going through the drudgery of work every day without thinking about it too much. This is also your house of details. You may have fallen into a bad trap of just overlooking the little things to keep people happy, or you may be in a job that pays, but isn’t really making you love life to the fullest. This is not new to you, because Pluto has been in this house for many years. When Pluto goes direct this year, you need to pay closer attention to those details. It’s time to take care of the little things. They say the devil is in the details, but it doesn’t have to be. Take your power back, Leo. When you really start managing those little things in life and routine, life just feels better. Fellow power player Mars is in your love house through November at the same time. Pay more attention to your lover through the tiniest of things. Little messages don’t have to mean you are putting a ring on it. Picking up little jobs here or there could lead to an explosive network of fame and stardom. You’ve been ignoring details because they bore you. The devil is not in the details, Leo. The devil lurks when you ignore them. The details that are really vexing you are the ones you need to remove from your life. Pluto will help you rebuild, so that you can focus on those saucy details that scintillate you, on the job, and when you get home.

Virgo – Fun just hasn’t been fun, lately.

Have you had a tough time just enjoying life over the past five months, Virgo? If so, that’s because Pluto has been retrograde in your house of fun. What a downer! When your fifth house of pleasures gets activity, everything is fun, fun, fun for you, Virgo. But Pluto retrograde has really been pulling back the reins on that for a few months. This is the house that is somewhat shallow and superficial, and as a deep thinker, not having fun can be okay for you. But you are ready to just enjoy life a little, and it should. Pluto direct may reveal why life has been a drag for a while. Matters related to children or romance could be on the docket. Your creativity that is tapped when you just enjoy your work product could also be unleashed with some new changes. You may also have been worrying about big changes ahead. They are over as Pluto moves direct. Now it’s time to just enjoy what Pluto is helping you to rebuild. A new romance is certainly possible. Or a new plateau in an existing one is as well. It will be out of this world ecstatic for you, if you just let fun take over. Take your power back and just enjoy life, Virgo.

Libra – Home is where the heart needs to be.

Family matters and particularly those with your parents have really been on your last nerve over the last five months with Pluto retrograde in your fourth house of roots and family. But you’ve been the good child and not done or said much about it. Literally. At the same time, needs have been neglected around you. It’s led to some strife, and in your opinion, it’s not your fault. But it could be, and Pluto direct may bring some of that to the surface. Whether your parents are in this life or have moved to another plane is irrelevant to this issue. You may have been emotionally grappling with how to address the needs of your family, and matters related to your actual home. It’s time for you to see your family for what it is, and accept that. This is not to say there is anything wrong with how you’ve been doing things, Libra. This is not about deflecting blame at all. That’s important to your story. Sometimes with family, we have to just plug along and go on it as if nothing is wrong. But now, it’s time to take your power back in a positive way, and address some things by handling other’s emotions with care and sensitivity is a good way to start for you. Pluto direct will help you to tear down some walls. And if a new living space is going to help you address those needs, you are the one zodiac sign that may be tearing down actual walls. It’s time to rebuild, and refresh, and experience rebirth. It feels sooo good, doesn’t it?

Scorpio – Communication is your superpower.

Talk is cheap, Scorpio, when it’s not backed up by solid action. That usually isn’t a problem for you. But under Pluto retrograde in your third house of communication, it’s like someone hit the mute button on you. In every single way. With Pluto as your co-ruler with Mars, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this has impacted every single area of your life. Suddenly your thoughts are frozen, at work, in love, with family, with everything. Or there may be one area of your life that this has impacted. If so, Pluto direct is going to bring back your superpower of communication. You have likely put the mute button on yourself. Suddenly you see situations from an entirely new light and aren’t just yet ready to talk about that. Well, Pluto direct is going to have you talking, in some way shape or form. You’re taking your power back. You are standing in your truth. And remember that’s what you need to do. Stand in that truth. When you do, your power becomes something really amazing.

Sagittarius – Money is the root of all… well, everything, now.

Money is the root of all evil is a famous saying for many, but right now, it seems to be the one issue that is plaguing you in every area of your life. Pluto has been retrograde in your second house of earned income, which is also your house of gifts and talents, and self-esteem and confidence. So things have been slow in the money bank, and you’ve felt it in relationships, at home, at work, everywhere. You’ve probably taken a hit on the confidence level too. It may have been all you can think about. Einstein said if you’re making the same mistake over and over again, you can’t expect to be a genius. So Pluto direct is going to unearth some powerful methods of changing your money situation. It may involve doing everything differently. Everything. As a Mutable sign, you will probably be okay with a complete and radical change. It’s time to take your power back and control your finances, instead of letting this problem control you. When you do, you will see everything in your life experience a nice trickle effect.

Capricorn – Your personal YOU is supercharged.

With Pluto in your sign, Capricorn, you’ve been undergoing radical changes for many years now. Pluto retrograde in your first house of Self over the last five months has had you really thinking about that next step. This is a time of life when we undergo those questions, “Who am I really, and am I doing and being who I want to be?” You’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few months, in a work area, in a love area, or in all areas of your life. When Pluto goes direct, the Winter season is going to be anything but dormant. You are trying on a new face! You may even be doing this literally! A lot of Capricorns will do a lot of shopping and face-lifting to reinvent themselves before the holidays. But you may also just be thinking about trying on a different persona to improve one or more areas of your life. Just be sure you are showing the world an authentic persona. Pluto will then help you take your power back where you need it most. Expect a lot of attention over this. And you’ll feed off of it! It’s transformation time, and you are in charge, and supercharged to dive into it.

Aquarius – It’s the beginning of the endings of endings.

You’ve been having an intense go of it with Pluto for some time, Aquarius, having had Pluto in your twelfth house of endings and spirituality for a few years now. Pluto has now been retrograde in this house for several months, and life and your personal power energy have been in slow motion, and on the back burner. This is somewhat dangerous to some Aquarius folks now because it’s very easy to slide into morbid thinking, obsessions with death, or secrets like addictions and self-harm. But you have always felt the presence of that twelfth house guardian angel through it all. With Pluto direct, you are going to be led by that angel a little bit more and come out of this morbid slump, if you want to. In this house, Pluto direct is showing you what you have been avoiding for so long, within your Self, and within others around you. Maybe you’ve been excusing someone else’s bad behaviour? Now it’s time to address that. You are taking your power back on these deep issues, and it’s time to let go of what is weighing you down. The energy you find when you do so will be absolutely intoxicating, in a good way.

Pisces – If you rebuild it, they will come.

You’ve been fairly lucky with the way Pluto has been influencing your life, Pisces, with Pluto in Capricorn and your eleventh house of ideas and big dreams. This is also your house of social networks and friendships, and so your social life has done very well. This house is also a house where you have your big dreams, and so it’s a very optimistic energy for you. Pluto has been treating you well here! Pluto retrograde has been helping you really sort out what it is that you want, and where you are on your path to some of those big dreams. If you’ve been taking a path that is not authentic to you, Pisces, Pluto is going to show you the way. You need to rebuild something, and it may be a dream. Rely on your groups and friendships to help support you in this process. If you rebuild it, they will come. When optimism is high, it’s easy to just let Universe do the work. But, for you, Pisces, Pluto direct is saying, time to start laying some bricks on that dream. You’ll be invigorated and infused with even more optimism when you do.

Concluding thoughts…

Who wouldn’t be afraid of the planet that rules Hades and death at this time of year? It’s human. But Pluto making forward motion in your life is nothing to fear. There’s been a lot of love and war and loving war while he’s been retrograde. The war is over. It’s time to experience the refreshing breath of air that comes after all have left the battlefield. It’s called peace. Pluto direct is “blessings in disguise” time for all zodiac signs. It’s time to unleash the cocoon and become the butterfly you were meant to be. Being authentic is the only way to win this one. Take your power back. The shell of the cocoon must stay behind. Flutter by, butterfly, and own the change that Pluto has in store for you.

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