Pluto and the Summer Solstice: The Emotional Evolution

Posted on June 17, 2016

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been slowly (and somewhat erratically) making his transit through Capricorn for about the last 8 years — and he’s nowhere near finished with the old goat yet, regardless of whether we still consider him a planet or not! Still, this little planet packs a punch, and can bring quite the emotional evolution with him, especially during Summer Solstice (also known as Litha).

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Pluto’s Journey

Because of Pluto’s slow orbit, when he transits an area of your chart or makes an impact to one of your natal planets, that influence is going to be long-lasting, far-reaching and profound. How uncomfortable it gets depends on whether you’re paying attention to the changes that need to take place, ignoring your call for transformation, or just trying to cling to what wants to naturally evolve.

The moon / Pluto conjunction taking place at the Summer Solstice isn’t rare. The moon passes Pluto monthly on its usual trip around the Earth. What makes this particular alignment so noteworthy is that we have the quarter-day energy of the sun influencing us because of the solstice.

Uneasy Times Ahead

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a mutable Grand Cross between retrograde Saturn in Scorpio (which is the sign that Pluto rules), Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces, Mercury in its ruling sign of Gemini, and Jupiter in Virgo — which is also ruled by Mercury. Very interesting energy indeed! Looking into the ephemeris, it seems that things could get very volatile. Pluto’s energy is explosive, and the moon’s energy is emotional — as if the energy leading up to the summer solstice hasn’t been intense enough!

All of that mutable Grand Cross energy is going to bring some trying times — and we’re seeing the run up to that in all the social unrest at the moment. Grand Crosses bring a tug-of-war energy, and with this one being in the mutable signs, there’s a lot of disharmony between different sections of people who truly believe that their way is right, and those want to convince everyone to come over to their way of thinking.

There’s a lot of animation here. A lot of frustration in general, actually, and it has to go somewhere — which is what places importance on the emotional evolution that the moon conjuncting Pluto might trigger.

Pluto’s Passion

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and our own personal shadow selves. It’s deep, probing, and lords over our ideals and our passions. While lunar events are fleeting things, Pluto events are deep and long-lasting. It can take you up to dizzying heights or down to plummeting depths. The mutable Grand Cross will set the stage for this, and then the Moon will flip the switch that takes you on the journey. Which way are you going to travel?

To answer that, we look at Pluto’s journey through Capricorn, which influences materialism, gain, wealth, power-struggles, the law and the legal system, public status, ambition, fame, and diplomacy. It’s not hard to envision, then, that whatever the mutable Grand Cross at the Summer Solstice initiates, Pluto is likely to seize and apply towards his gain. And with the Moon involved, emotions are likely to run high, with power-plays coming to light.

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How will all of this influence you? Well, much of that is going to depend on where the transiting Pluto is in your natal astrology chart, and what other planets are aspecting it as well. What you can be certain of, though, is that during this emotional evolution, watch your temper and keep hold of your patience. While the Moon’s energy may be fleeting indeed, Pluto is going to keep score for a long time to come. Let us know how this transit influenced you personally in the comments below — we look forward to hearing your stories!

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