Positively Pisces: How to Make the Most of Pisces Season

Posted on February 05, 2020

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Whether you are new to astrology or a seasoned lover of the zodiac, you have probably heard the word season more than once when it comes to the stars. We are currently in Aquarius season, which means that many planets, including the Sun, are passing through the sign Aquarius and bringing the energy of this sign to our daily lives - like futuristic ideas, innovation, and humanitarian concerns.

We will soon pass into Pisces season, however, bringing an entirely different energy to the globe.

Each astrological season brings with it certain advantages and challenges, and this guide is here to help you navigate your way through the healing but active waters brought on by Pisces’ energy this season.

What Does Pisces Represent?

Each sign represents and is connected to unique and individual concepts. Furthermore, each sign is ruled by an element of the Earth - Earth, Fire, Water, or Air - each of which possesses their own traits.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, bringing the cycle to a close. This sign is ruled by Water, the emotional component of the zodiac’s elements. Pisces is creative and sensitive, carried by the flow of their deep, emotional waters.

Pisces represents creativity, intuition, empathy, and compassion. Pisces are concerned with taking care of their loved ones, bringing peace and harmony to the world, and self-expression in the form of artistic mediums.

While typically well-liked and even popular, Pisces can suffer from anxiety or insecurity. They are deeply in tune with the energies around them, but can misinterpret these energies, imagining that negative or unpleasant energy is a direct result of the Pisces’ presence. In other words, Pisceans are quite sensitive, which correlates with their increased intuition and sense of empathy.

Pisces is ruled by the fantasy-loving planet, Neptune. As such, there is an inherent dreaminess to the Piscean personality. A Pisces is typically very comfortable living inside their head and may spend hours on end in their daydreams.

The intuition, sensitivity, and dreamy qualities of the Pisces are but a few of the energies that you can expect to feel this Pisces season.

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What to Expect During Pisces Season

During Pisces season, there is an increased desire to make sense of the circumstances, events, and relationships around you. You may crave more harmony, a harmony that, in a sense, is unattainable. Challenging situations are bound to happen in life, and it’s important during Pisces season that you learn to go with this flow.

Increased sensitivity may make it more difficult to understand those around you or express your needs to them. You may not feel confident in your desires, questioning your motives. Self-acceptance can feel difficult during this time, making practices like meditation and positive affirmations critical. While Pisces is a dreamy sign filled with fantasy, it may feel more difficult to trust in a wonderful reality. You may feel like spending more time in your head than in your waking life.

It can also feel increasingly hard to hold onto your faith in the Universe, worried about what the future may bring. Yoga can provide a sense of connection to the Universe that will help you regain your trust in its infinite wisdom.

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While there are a few challenging aspects, like increased anxiety and sensitivity, this Pisces season will also bring many wonderful gifts. Most people will experience an increase in empathy, meaning that the sense of global community and connection will expand. We will feel more connected to our global neighbors, concerned about their wellbeing. And this sense of caring and understanding will be returned. Harmony is increased when Pisces energy hits the air.

You will likely experience a surge in imaginative abilities, with your mind creating new and exciting concepts or ideas each day. Your creativity will likely soar, and this influence can even lead to a creative breakthrough. Pisces season is a time to keep all of your creative supplies out in the open and ready to access at a moment’s notice - as you never know when inspiration will strike.

Pisces season is also a great time to explore your spirituality, as your connection with the magic around you is enhanced and painted with a glossy layer of love. Pisces energy has a romantic quality, bringing a sense of deep love into our spiritual practices. Meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, rituals, tarot, astrology, and journaling are all activities that benefit from the Piscean energy.

Physically, Pisces is connected to dance, and many Pisces are drawn towards this form of creative exercise. Pisceans may find yourself drawn towards bodily movement, craving a rhythm to vibe to.

Making the Most of Pisces Season

Due to the increase in intuition, this is a time to follow your heart. Open your mind and listen to the beating of the life force within you.

If you are drawn towards writing, do that. If you feel like dancing, put your favorite song on. If you want to dive into the ocean, take a trip to the nearest beach. This is a time to listen to the song of your soul and let yourself be led by its melody.

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