The Quarter Moon ‘Crisis’ & What It Means

Posted on January 31, 2020
Updated on November 25, 2020

A quarter moon displayed in a dark blue sky above the mountains.

While the Full Moon and New Moon often get all the attention when it comes to lunar events, the real savvy astrologer also tracks the first quarter Moon and last quarter Moon. The quarter Moon is the halfway point essentially. The first quarter Moon is the halfway point between the New Moon and Full Moon and the last quarter Moon is the halfway point between the Full Moon and New Moon.

Now, if that makes your head spin, stay with us, we are going to break this down and show you just how valuable this quarter Moon is.

First, what is important to know is the energy of the two periods just mentioned. For those that aren’t familiar with Moon cycles, the New Moon is when the veil is thin between the physical world and the Divine, and it’s during this time we can grasp our highest spiritual inspiration for what we can begin in the new cycle. For two and a half weeks, we move towards the Full Moon.

Each day, more of the Moon is illuminated and our energy builds for our goals. When we reach the Full Moon, it is a time of culmination when we see things move forward and blessings arrive as well as a time of release. Then we descend into darkness for two and a half weeks as there is less of the Moon illuminated each day as we approach the next New Moon.

The “Crisis” of the Quarter Moon, Explained:

Now that we have established the placement of the quarter moons, we can now more easily understand why astrologers refer to this midway point as a crisis.

The Square Aspect:

Essentially what is happening is there is a ninety-degree angle between the Sun and the Moon at this time, which is why we see half of the Moon. This angle is called a square. A square always represents a challenge but this doesn’t have to mean the outcome is bad.

How prepared you are to face the tension that is inherent in a crisis will greatly alter your experience of a quarter Moon crisis. Even if you’re not actively trying to manifest something in the lunar cycle, on this day, you may feel like you need to finally make a decision or something may come into your life that feels like a challenge. It is a turning point, a moment to face your fears or let them win. We will also have people around us going through some sort of a mini-crisis because tensions are running high. Small things may get blown out of proportion because we are feeling more stressed too.

The First Quarter Moon:

The opportunity of the first quarter Moon is to embrace the first obstacle that shows up to your goal or welcome the first sign of things moving forward. We do not have control over what shows up, but our control lies in how we respond. Do we give up on our goals or persevere? Do we let our minds become negative, or trust in the magnetic power of positive energy? On the first quarter Moon, often plans can go awry as we will also often see on a Full Moon, but more than likely you’ll notice you feel a bit more on edge from this energy pushing you out of your own comfort zone.

The Last Quarter Moon:

During the last quarter Moon, the crisis may feel a bit different. We may feel like we aren’t moving forward because it is not time to expand, but to go within and prepare for the clarity that will arrive on the New Moon. We may start to process the emotions that need to come forward for us. We enter the darkness to meet our spirit and go within. Our creative energy is not peaking and we aren’t necessarily seeing how to connect the dots to move forward in the outside world because we need to prepare ourselves and take care of ourselves in the present moment to become fully aware of what is going to arrive intuitively.

Know What Sign the Quarter Moon Is In

To be better equipped on a quarter Moon, you want to understand first of all how the Moon affects us all. It is our emotions that are most strongly affected by the Moon. The Moon is the closest to us, so it travels faster relative to the other planets and affects us more potently.

The reason our emotions are always changing is that every two and a half days, the Moon moves into another zodiac sign and beams us the qualities of that sign, emotionally. The quarter Moon energy will highlight the very energy of the sign that it is visiting in our own psyche. This means if we know the elements of signs, we will also know what type of crisis might arrive in our minds.

Moon in Earth Signs

For example, Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) often focus on the home, jobs, money, plans, family, and fixing things. You could expect your boss to call a meeting to address organization, efficiency, or perhaps you’d get an interview scheduled for a potential new job. You may be struck with the need to organize your garage or you may come home and your partner already is.

Moon in Water Signs

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) however, often focus on emotions, healing, intuition, spiritual pursuits, and artistic expression. This could mean we are extra emotional and that people around us may also be bursting into tears or talking about some past memory seemingly out of nowhere. It could also mean you get stronger intuitive insights about how to achieve or tweak your goals. Be patient with yourself and kind to yourself if you hit an emotional wall and soothe your soul to let yourself heal.

Moon in Fire Signs

A quarter Moon in a Fire sign (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) will often bring out anger or we can transmute it into passion to drive us forward. We also would want to be aware that everyone around us was getting blasted with Fire energy so we wouldn’t want to not enter into altercations. The confidence of the Fire element could push you to really hit the ground running towards your goal or to finally draft your letter of resignation.

Moon in Air Signs

A quarter Moon crisis in an Air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) could have people feeling a bit ‘all-over-the-place.’ It could also bring new ideas, help you feel more outgoing and ready to branch out, or bring some anxiety because of the boost to our mental sphere. We could also expect people to be more communicative, long-winded, and even flirtatious. Of course, each sign has it’s own unique energy as well which can help you understand how the crisis theme will unravel. Just remember, it’s temporary, and the world is not ending even if it feels like it is.

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Too many people miss out on the significance of the quarter Moon and its opportunity for us to see our own patterns more clearly. If we can use the way we respond to the crisis to better understand our own patterns and fears that are holding us back, we can become wiser. Additionally, if we are prepared for something to move forward, we are more likely to actually see the opportunity right in front of us.

In summary, be prepared for people around you to be freaking out about something. Take the extra time on a quarter Moon to find your zen whether that means driving slower, taking more frequent breaks, listening to soothing music, or just taking deep slow breaths. In order to keep up to speed with the planets, use our handy Astrology calendar. And to best understand when the past will come back to be healed in certain areas of life or why things don’t seem to be moving forward during lunar cycles, you’ll need the Complete Guide to 2020 Retrogrades.

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