Reiki for Spooky Season

Posted on October 29, 2019
Updated on October 26, 2020

There are certain times of year that are perfect for spiritual healing and chakra clearing. The veil between worlds thins during this time because of certain astrological events that ancient cultures, tracked which is where the holiday Samhain originated. This ancient celebration inspired the modern holiday of Halloween which is a prime time to connect with spirit and deepen your intuition.

And that, friends, is where Reiki comes in.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that restores your body’s energetic ecosystem so that you can be free of lower vibrations that cause stress and unhappiness. The stress from life creates negative energy which can attract grumpy spiritual energy or creepy ghosts. When we clear our energy field and aura, we can contact the frequency of love and peace where the more angelic messengers of the other dimensions reside.

How Reiki Can Help You During Halloween

Our perception of our lives, the potential we perceive within ourselves, and the very way in which we engage with the world around us are all determined by one thing, our energy.

When we are younger, we learn from our teachers in school, and if we are lucky, we learn from spiritual guides as we develop our intuition. When we raise our vibration, we can learn from our soul and evolve into people who really invoke positive change in this world. That can be in small and large ways and the Reiki energy will help align you with your soul’s path by helping you see through a lens of compassion.

Here is what you can expect Reiki to help you within the real world which may help you decide to sign up for a session.

First, is it can help you see where your diet or lifestyle is draining your energy. That’s a subtle awareness about the little choices you make that suddenly just shifts when you get Reiki. It’s as if it becomes easier to take care of yourself which leads to feeling better, more optimistic, creative, and confident.

Secondly, it helps us see the unconscious thoughts that are creating self-sabotage. For example, if you’re pining after someone who just isn’t worth your time, Reiki can raise your frequency to suddenly realize this and let that person go. The spiritual healing is the most practical thing you can do for yourself in all honesty.

Your Chakras Hold Your Power to Succeed

Your seven main chakras are the energy centers of your physical body as well as the traffic controllers for your emotions and ability to manifest through your soul. Reiki helps clear your chakras that may be blocked due to old memories, prolonged stress, or environmental energy (negative people).

When you get a Reiki session, you may feel subtle energetic movements in your chakras and it will help you get in tune with your body. We spend so much time thinking that we often miss out on the messages our intuition is constantly sending us through our body that will make our lives easier.

Your chakras hold the key to your success in life because when they are functioning well, you can have healthy relationships, clear thinking, and insights into how to live for your highest good. They lead to a strong connection with your intuition that will help you see the path to the resources you need which can make life a whole lot easier. The intuition, when functioning, helps you see what is a good choice or a poor choice in advance so you can avoid blindly putting yourself in harm’s way (which usually means a job where you are overworked or a relationship where you’re not respected). The chakras and Reiki are a big part of living a life that is balanced, empowered, energetic, and full of love.

Additionally, your guides can start to communicate more clearly with you while the veil between worlds is thin. Your guides can help you and reach you the easiest when your frequency matches theirs. Reiki helps you match the highest possible vibration guide by clearing that negative energy and helping you make choices to sustain that positive energy.

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Closing Thoughts…

So how do you get Reiki? Well, there are a few options. You can either book a session in person with a local practitioner. Look online for people in your area or ask around for recommendations. You can also find Reiki certification courses, which usually take an afternoon and are very affordable. This gives you an attunement to the energy so that you can do self-Reiki and heal yourself. Long-distance Reiki is offered by Reiki Masters who are certified in level three Reiki. You can also check out our Reiki stones and read about how to use Reiki stones to clear your chakras.

Reiki doesn’t discriminate against people who are new to the metaphysical world, have made mistakes in their life, or feel no natural intuition. It is for everyone and all can benefit from it. It is a gift from the Universe to help you heal and to help you see that you are connected to everything. It helps you feel the ultimate truth which is that we, at our very core, are pure love and pure energy. It is something that will change your life, empower you, and heal you. If you’ve never tried Reiki and are skeptical, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it opens your eyes to a new reality.

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