Reiki Stone Healing: 5 Long Term Benefits You Can Enjoy Today

Posted on May 21, 2018

Healing Reiki Stones.

There are many tools you can use in conjunction with your astrology answers when you need more health and wellness and less stress in your life. There′s meditation, chakra healing and cleansing, and work with divination tools like Rune Stones, Tarot, and chakra pendulums. Today we are going to look at a method that improves your quality of life in health and wellness that actually combines many of these different methods: healing with Reiki Stones!

When you combine a tool like Reiki stones with others (like your weekly horoscopes), you may find that you experience more and more peaceful days every week. And who doesn’t want that? Reiki stones offer a number of long-term benefits that make them the perfect addition to any tool kit for health and wellness.

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki comes from the combination of the Japanese word “Rei” which means supernatural, and the Chinese word “Ki” which means energy.

We know that our bodies are composed of a series of energy centers and energy wheels. Each of those energy centers has the capacity to send healing energy all throughout our bodies. These energy centers are known as chakras. Unfortunately, these energy wheels also have the capacity to send negative or sick energy all throughout our bodies. That’s why we always talk about working with those chakra centers to keep them healthy and humming. And this is what the healing art of Reiki does.

Reiki realigns and redistributes the energy in our bodies in order to restore health and healing. And since many of us like to have something in our hands so that we know and feel like we are doing the work needed for healing, many Reiki practitioners use Reiki Stones in their laying on of the hands.

But…here′s the good news! You don′t need to be a Reiki practitioner in order to experience the long-term benefits of Reiki healing. What Reiki Stones do is combine the spiritual energy, with your actual energy fields and centers.

Here are more long-term benefits of Reiki you can begin including in your life right now.

1. Long term stress relief.

Using Reiki stones is a very easy way to relieve stress in your life. It’s a New Age method, but scientists use it too. Because when you use them to reduce stress, you experience almost immediate effects. The stones help you to redistribute the energy in your body more appropriately, and the effect is instantly calming. Imagine what it feels like right after you had a massage. You feel good right? For a long time?

What if you had a massage every week? Or every other day? You can use Reiki stones as often as you want, and achieve that same euphoric sense of relaxation when you do. The more you do it, the more you establish long term stress relief.

The stress relief from Reiki healing is a deeper form of stress relief than every day methods. Not only do you feel better, you also feel well! And for many, that is a huge breakthrough in their every day lives. Once you experience it, you’ll naturally want to do that again as much as possible. It’s like getting your own spiritual massage as often as you want. That realigns your mind/body/soul connections to bring long term stress relieving benefits.

2. Pain relief.

Use of Reiki Stones for healing is an art that is relaxing in itself. Even if you aren′t using it for health and wellness, the art itself is a practice that is instantly calming. If you are dealing with chronic pain, you will experience some pain relief with the use of Reiki stones. Remember: this can in no way replace your current medical routine if you are experiencing medical problems.

Reiki does works in conjunction with your current treatment plan to help you find healing and pain relief. When you are in pain, your body naturally tenses up. This creates more toxins in your body that accumulate on your pain receptors. So, you have a tensed up body, which is painful, and an accumulation of pain toxins on your pain receptors.

Reiki stones help you redistribute those pain toxins, and eventually even eliminate them. A study out of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that Reiki did in fact help with chronic pain, and has been used effectively with cancer patients, women undergoing hysterectomies, and to relax patients undergoing colonoscopies. It is also very effective in pain management for headaches and migraines.

So you will feel some pain relief immediately when you undergo Reiki healing, and this will accumulate over time along with whatever pain relief treatment plan your doctor prescribes. If pain relief is the only thing you need from Reiki, it’s one benefit you can begin noticing right away.

3. Immune system strength.

Although our bodies have many organs and systems, one of the most important ones is the immune system. Our immune systems need to be healthy, otherwise we would all be sick all the time. If you are the kind of person that picks up every little germ or bug, you may want to consider Reiki stone healing. It′s the equivalent of taking an extra dose of Vitamin C every day for your immune system.

Reiki can′t fix a critical problem, but it can give your body that boost it needs to fight off what is ailing you. Reiki stones work to supplement the immune system by strengthening all of those energy wheel houses you have spinning, or not spinning, in your organ systems. These wheel houses are connected to your chakras, and, as we have discussed many times before, when those are working, all systems achieve their optimal state.

Improved immune system strength is a long term benefit that ensures optimum health and wellness both physically and spiritually. Assistance in this area is something that many report being a long term benefit of Reiki Stones.

4. Improves cardiovascular blood flow… can even stop bleeding!

Cardiovascular blood flow is important for survival. If blood isn′t flowing properly, it can′t reach our brains, our hearts, or other critical organs. Poor blood flow is frequently why people have heart attacks and aneurysms.

Reiki stone work clears negative energy not just from your energy wheel houses, but also from the pathways to them. The cardiovascular system is the only system that provides a pathway from point A to point B in the body. Reiki stone healing is going to help to keep your blood flowing when and where it needs to. This is another reason it can be so effective for women that have just had a hysterectomy.

Some people that are chronic bleeders through injury or illness have even reported that Reiki stone healing has helped them to stop bleeding so intensely. Again, it cannot be said enough that Reiki stone healing is not a magical healer that replaces your medical treatment. It is like a spiritual vitamin boost that makes you stronger at every level, than your current condition.

5. Better sleep.

Reiki stone healing is a type of healing that works to unblock pathways, so if you have problems sleeping at night, Reiki stone work should help. Here you will train your mind and your body to relax and work with the healing energy of crystals and your own chakras and energy systems.

When you engage and align all of these systems, you don′t just feel better physically, you feel better spiritually. When you sleep better, you have a better day the next day. If you can use Reiki stones to help you sleep better every day, you’ll have more frequent better days. Sleeping well is thus another long-term benefit of Reiki stones, and could even help you to be more successful at work the day after you use them.

But most importantly, sleeping better contributes to your spiritual path as well. Feeling better spiritually is often the most important resource needed for those that need more sleep. We’re back to that whole mind/body/soul connection pyramid that needs to be in good working order to be stress free and successful in every area of your life.

Concluding thoughts….

And there you have it! 5 long term benefits of Reiki Stone healing that anyone can start experiencing today. These are little matters of health and wellness that, along with your Daily Horoscopes, can help you to have more peaceful and successful days. And don’t forget, we also offer Health Horoscopes now that can help you to ensure you are making the healthiest choices to keep that mind/body/soul pyramid humming week to week. Reiki stones are just one more tool in the tool kit that will help you to do just that. With these long term benefits of Reiki stones, backed by scientific research, there’s no reason not to add them to your tool box today.

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