How to Give Your Chakras Some Love Using Reiki Stones

Posted on March 22, 2017

There are many tools at your disposal when it comes to self-improvement and working to heal yourself. Most of those will help you work on a specific issue, but there aren′t many that will work on your entire being—the physical and ethereal body—so that you bring all aspects of yourself and your life into balance. Energy healing will do that, particularly if that healing is focused on aligning the chakras.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are wheels of energy that run from the base of your tailbone to the crown of your head. Each one influences a different part of your body and is represented by a different color. This is where reiki stones are very useful. Each one resonates with a specific chakra and you don′t have to be a professional reiki practitioner yourself to start getting the benefits.

How to use Reiki Stones to Heal the Root Chakra

The most simple way to work on your chakras is to start at the bottom and work up. The root chakra—sometimes called the base chakra—is at the base of your tailbone, and its color is red. It rules your fundamental needs such as hunger, thirst, and reproduction. This area is also connected to your past lives.

To begin healing this chakra, use the red reiki stone here. It will help you reduce stress and cope with better with daily life. You need to place the stone near the top of your legs, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to balance this chakra. When you heal the root chakra you will begin to feel calmer and the world won′t feel like so much of a pressure cooker.

How to use Reiki Stones to Heal the Sacral Chakra

Up from the root chakra lies the sacral chakra. It′s just below your navel and its color is orange. This chakra governs the way that you interact with other people. This is where you get the flutters in your stomach when you enter into a new relationship, and where your nerves jangle when you′re stressed. When this area is unbalanced, you may be too shy and reserved, or you could also be too loud or extroverted.

To get this chakra back into alignment, select your orange chakra stone. You need to place and or hold it over your pubic bone while you take deep healing breaths, and focus on its warm color. Imagine the color orange filling your aura and focus on the pubic area for the most benefit.

How to use Reiki Stones to Heal the Solar Plexus Chakra

This energy center is just where it sounds like it is, right behind your navel. Its color is yellow, so the yellow reiki stone is used here. This area deals with your self-esteem and helps you find your authentically empowered self. This area governs your confidence and sense of self-worth. When it′s out of balance, you might feel like others are manipulating and controlling you—or maybe you′re the bossy one who′s doing the manipulating!

The yellow chakra stone helps you to align this area. You will know its working when you are able to feel have no trouble acting like yourself around other people. you won′t be tempted to be manipulative or bossy to get what you want from life or other people, it will flow to you by being yourself.

How to use Reiki Stones to Heal the Heart Chakra

This is the chakra that is where your heart center is. It is the bridge between the upper three chakras, and the lower three chakras and its color is green. This is the chakra of love, but it′s not necessarily the ego-centered romantic love. This is the area of kindness and compassion and forgiveness. It′s where the soul grows. Its color is green, the color of healing and balance.

When this area needs attention you often feel vulnerable. Perhaps you give too much of yourself, and end up getting hurt. Maybe you don′t share enough of yourself with others, holding grudges and being intolerant. Use the green chakra stone, held over your heart center while you breathe in deep cleansing breaths, will help you to bring this area back into harmony and health.

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