Relationship Tips for Capricorn

Posted on December 18, 2016

It’s your time to sparkle, and you’ve got a lot to offer to a partner as the holiday season rolls into the new year. You appreciate the traditions of the season but you aren’t really much of a party animal, you like your own company. You won’t go out of your way to seek attention, but if it comes along you’ll not be to be too shy about receiving it.

People have come to know you’re dependable, and once you let them get to know you a little bit better, you’re going to be very much loved. Here are some hints in our sign-by-sign that will help you navigate your relationships with the other star signs.

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Capricorn Strengths in a Relationship

You know what you want and you plan ways to get it. You go through your life at a fairly even pace, accomplishing something and then moving on to the next step, rather than careering from one issue to another.

You’re logical and usually won’t let your heart rule your head. This practicality, while not particularly exciting, does tend to get things done. You’re not known for being a maverick; you like tradition and you follow the well-worn path to your achievements.

You’re reliable, trustworthy, and people come to you seeking advice and counsel. This is because you are level-headed and take everything in your stride.

You tend to get uncomfortable when feelings start to run deep in relationships. Try not to become emotionally distant and withdraw when you start to feel the prickles of attachment.

You’re a good lover - if somewhat on the tame side. You take your time in the bedroom like you do with anything else, and that can create great depths of ecstasy.

Capricorn Challenges in a Relationship

When it comes to relationships, a shortcoming you might have to overcome is to be more open with expressing your affection for your partner. Although you believe there is a time and a place for your passion, you will need to make it a point to publicly display your affection for your lover sometimes to make them feel valued.

It takes someone special to bring you out of your inhibitions so that you truly experience desire. You will need to find someone who compliments you and brings out your emotional and fun-loving side.

One thing your partner will not appreciate is that you can be a professional when it comes to holding a grudge when you feel someone has done something wrong.

Remember that forgiveness part of the equation when it comes to healing a rift between wronged parties. Don’t be so stubborn! If you learn to let go of arguments, resentment, and forgive more quickly, you will have a more peaceful relationship.

Capricorn Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn / Aries

You’re both very determined when it comes to getting what you want, but your approaches are so very different and you could find you’re constantly butting heads. You want to plan things out and do things the more traditional way. Your Aries partner is more likely to want to rush off on a tangent - as most fire signs do to some degree.

You may clash socially, too. Aries is far more gregarious than you are. You’ll need to reach a compromise. You ned to teach Aries to slow down, while you learn to be a bit more impulsive. It’s not impossible, but you’ll have your work cut out for you!

Capricorn / Taurus

You’re both earth signs, and that will get you off to a good start. Neither one of you are prone to extremes, nor are you particularly excitable. While that’s a blessing when times are challenging, you’ll both have to lighten up and lose your inhibitions when things are going your way.

Your pragmatic approach to life brings stability, but it can also lead to boredom if you’re not careful. You’re both loyal and genuine. This relationship, while not particularly passionate or breathtaking, does have everything required for it to endure.

Capricorn / Gemini

You’ll initially be drawn to Gemini’s gregariousness, and they will find your stability refreshing. Although, it may not be enough to create a long-lasting romance. Gemini is impulsive and impractical, that doesn’t sit well with your sense of tenacity and tradition.

The steadfastness and integrity that first turned Gemini’s head your way could soon bore them. You’ll have to throw caution to the wind now and again if you want to stay in this air sign’s favor. You might have to teach them a bit about responsibility in the process.

Capricorn / Cancer

They say that opposites attract and that’s very true for this relationship. Cancer makes an opposition to you on the zodiac, which opens the door for you to find a place to meet in the middle. You’re logical and reasonable; Cancer is emotional and feels their way through life.

You both have a love of tradition and fairness. If you can focus on that and work outwards, then this has the potential to be a very warm and stable romance for both of you.

Capricorn / Leo

This relationship is going to be challenging for both of you. You’re attracted to Leo’s innate charm and allure, but their hunger for attention will soon tire you. A Leo isn’t particularly careful or thrifty and that grates on your sense of financial responsibility.

Leo looks for compliments and flattery, and you simply won’t know how to give them all they need to be happy. It will be a steep learning curve for both of you. If you can find a way through it, then there’s plenty of loyalty and commitment here to make this relationship work.

Capricorn / Virgo

If this were a business partnership, it has all the hallmarks of success. You’re both very dependable and like things done in a certain way, You’ll agree on a lot of basic principles and core values, due to the fact that you’re both earth signs. However, you need some flexibility and patience when dealing with Virgo.

They take things in their stride and adapt far easier than you do. As a Virgo, you’re also very work-oriented. You’ll have to remember to take time out to be frivolous now and again if you’re going to keep the sparks between you alive.

Capricorn / Libra

This is possibly a very powerful partnership. You’re both cardinal signs, so you both are going to have to learn to compromise and adapt. You’re naturally reserved while Libra loves to lark about socially. You take things very seriously, but Libra is lighthearted and wants to play.

You will stubbornly stick to what you believe to be right, while Libra will oscillate and adapt in order to keep the peace. If you can find your common ground and work with though it, then there’s great potential. You provide a solid foundation for romance to bloom and Libra stops things from getting stale.

Capricorn / Scorpio

Both you and Scorpio are so reserved when it comes to exposing your raw feelings that you may have trouble getting this courtship into the bedroom! Neither of you are looking for something that is empty or trivial.

You’ll both take your time in trying to figure out how much to reveal to the other and what the other person really wants. Once you feel comfortable with each other this relationship can get as steamy as any other! Watch out for Scorpio’s temper, it can explode if they think you’re not as sincere as they are.

Capricorn / Sagittarius

You’re drawn to Sagittarius’s lightheartedness and independence.These qualities could also undo this connection. While Sagittarius craves the limelight, you’re too reserved for all of that. Sagittarius needs independence and the freedom to act on a wild hair, while that is out of character for you.

You’ll have a hard time understanding this person. You’ll have to open up and be willing to share your Sagittarius partner with friends and family if you want this romance to last.

Capricorn / Capricorn

Everything that has the potential to cement this relationship together also has the potential to suffocate it, so be very observant! You’re both practical, pragmatic, and stubborn; that tenacity can easily turn into grudge-holding and emotional impasses.

If you turn that stubbornness into a dedication to making this relationship work and you can create a match made in heaven: loyal, devoted, honorable, and respectful. A similar sense of humor will need to be fed. Once you’ve done that, you should be on the way to a deep and sincere commitment to each other.

Capricorn / Aquarius

You bring out the best in each other, and you also bring out the worst in each other. Aquarius is innovative and original. This can help you see things from a new angle. You bring your logic and reason into the mix and Aquarius appreciates that greatly.

You like to do things in a traditional way, and that’s not something that Aquarius finds easy. They’re more eccentric and innovative. While it will be easy for you to do things together, you’ll both have to learn how to pay adequate attention to each other for this relationship to endure.

Capricorn / Pisces

There are many differences and opportunities to bring out the best in each other. Pisces need care and the feeling of feel security, and you need to be needed. You have the ability take Pisces’s dreams and apply a practical approach so that they become a reality. This water sign will adore you for that ability.

Pisces’ sensitive nature is a bit of an enigma to you. They’ll know how you’re feeling before you do, but you may inadvertently upset them by not understanding their feelings to the same depth. Once you find a way to really communicate with each other, this has the makings of a great connection.

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Capricorns can make patient and cool-headed partners and will rarely let their emotions get the best of them. Although, if you are offended by your special someone, you might hold onto the slight for quite some time. You need to learn to let things go.

You might also have to compromise and learn to be more adaptable and spontaneous to keep the home fires burning. If you can do this you will be a loyal and dependable spouse.

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