Romantic Venus in Trickster Gemini: How to Navigate Love

Posted on June 07, 2019

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From June 8th to July 2nd Venus will be moving through the Gemini zodiac sign. Welcome to the wild wild west of love folks with this ultra curious energy. For those in committed relationships, keep your energy focused on things that will not create problems for you. For those who are single and ready to mingle, well let’s just say, it’s your time to shine. The playful and flirtatious Gemini will land us in conversations that pique our interest and that could spark romantic inklings in unexpected places.

So, to our loyal readers, here’s a heads up: before you kiss the frog, take some time to really think the situation through before you dive right in. This can certainly be a fun time to get out and socialize in new situations and meet people, but you also want to be aware that people may not be quite so committal at this time either. Tread with caution in new love so you don’t commit to someone before your heart and head agree on the decision.

All in all, there is some serious new love vibrations in the air, so breathe it in and know the type of energy you’re in store for with our astrological assistance!

Venus, the Planet of Love & Pleasures

Venus is the planet that affects our physical attraction and influences the way in which we allow ourselves to enjoy life through our senses. It is the planet that influences the way we indulge and even how we are attracted to the people around us. This planet is known to be able to affect even the most reserved and responsible person because we are all susceptible to her seductive energy. This planet is also the ruler of beauty and aesthetics so it can help us in the area of art, design and fashion as well. Each time the planet moves into another sign, our preferences are filtered through the zodiac sign it is transiting to a certain degree.

We want to be aware that our desires are influenced by this planet so that we can keep tabs on our impulses and not be overcome by them. If you want to use this energy and not be used by someone else’s unbridled passion, get clear with what your goals in love are so you can’t be sidetracked by a temporary Mr. or Ms. wonderful that may try to sweep you off of your feet.

Venus by herself is sensual and wants physical connection, and when you add in the energy of Gemini, you can end up with a hot mess if you aren’t careful! Here’s what you need to know about trickster Gemini influence in your love life.

The Tricky Gemini Twins

Gemini energy is intellectual and attracted to interesting minds. Under this influence, you may find you’re more attracted to wordsmiths and those with a large vocabulary. You may also find you are interested in multiple people under this influence because of Gemini’s insatiable curiosity. Gemini can be someone who is deceptive so make sure if you say something, you stick to your word so you don’t get yourself in a pickle. People may be casting their love fishing lines out to multiple people so don’t feel lucky if someone starts laying it on thick. Be cautious and watch their actions over time and see if they are worth yours. People tend to be a bit dubious with the Gemini energy.

Gemini energy isn’t all bad by any means. In fact, the playful curiosity can help you get out of your box and start dating if you’ve been looking for some gumption. The symbol of the twins also helps amplify the twin flame or soul mate type of energy which means it is high time for you to be open to finding your own passion with another. The New Moon in Gemini on June 4th also helps plant those seeds of inception in our hearts as well. Pay attention to the people you are drawn to now and be willing to at least get to know them. Don’t pass up a chance to open something new while the planets are aligned.

5 Tips for Navigating Venus in Gemini

  • Get Out & Mingle!

Venus in Gemini can help those overly serious people have some fun. Get tickets to a show, go out for dinner or visit a local festival. Do something that involves more than you binge-watching shows from your bed because the time is ripe for adventure dear friends!

  • Have Fun with Your Wardrobe

Both Venus energy and Gemini energy support a bit of diva behavior so go ahead and get that haircut, buy that flashy jacket or wear something bold. Let yourself be expressed through color, texture and accessories.

  • Others’ Interest May Be Short-Lived

Don’t have any bit of desperation and remind yourself that people aren’t always as they first seem. Your happiness comes from being a good person and making a difference, not from the inflating compliments of a stranger. You don’t need someone to be happy but don’t be closed off either. People may be following their whims and not able to sustain what they start at this time.

  • Keep Your Impulses In Check

You may find yourself attracted to people during this time more than others. Think before you act so you don’t do something you will regret.

  • Take Time Getting to Know People

Like we said, it’s okay to have your heart open. But to guard it, take things slow so that you see if there is compatibility. Build up a friendship and make sure they treat you like the royalty you are.

Closing Thoughts…

It’s always important to know the major planetary events and the movements of all the major players in the sky to get the full picture of the energy available to us at any given time. Mercury will turn retrograde on July 7th and stay that way until July 31st, which can keep things from moving forward. So, if you feel like your love life is charging full-speed ahead during the transit of Venus in Gemini, expect it to take a meandering path for most of July so you’re not caught off-guard.

To see how the entrance of Venus into Gemini will affect your zodiac sign, check your free daily horoscope. Once you read your daily horoscope, read your daily love horoscope as well!

We are rooting for you to find that twin flame connection, just be wary that the Gemini kind of love often fizzles out just as quick as it ignites, so be careful with your heart and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

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