Rose Quartz: The Best Heart Healing Crystal

Posted on February 24, 2020

Rose quartz in a wooden bowl.

Rose quartz consistently proves itself as a favorite among crystal enthusiasts and there is a reason why. This powerful and nurturing crystal has extraordinary benefits, especially in the realm of love and relationships.

Many lightworkers and energyworkers believe crystals take on personalities of their own. A black tourmaline piece can sit quietly in the corner like a brooding teenager who seemingly has little to say, but once you engage them in meaningful conversation, out comes the ferocity and strength, ready to repel anything and anyone that wishes to do them harm. Angelite is like that one friend you can always turn to and rely on, who will drop everything to help you and leave you feeling positive about the future, no matter how low you felt when you first started chatting to them. Aventurine is like that pep-talking teacher at school who pushed you to do your best, endlessly motivating you so you could achieve your goals.

In the same vein, rose quartz reminds me of some kind of cheery, beaming fairy godmother, bringing sparkles of love and joy into our lives.

The intriguing thing about rose quartz is that it actually looks and feels loving. The pink beauty of rose quartz inspires affection and warmth simply from looking at it and harnessing its energy when it is in your hand is even more wonderful. Legend says that Cupid and Eros brought this stone to earth to restore love to all mankind.

Anything to do with love and rose quartz is right there by your side, encouraging and inspiring you to remember that there is no greater power than that of love. This delicate pink stone motivates love for others, love for self, love for the natural world and love for all of humanity. Despite its gentle aura, it is one of the most powerful crystals there is.

So how can rose quartz help you? Read on to discover more about the fairy godmother of all crystals!

Rose Quartz’s Healing Properties

Most crystals have healing properties to some degree, but rose quartz is particularly good for healing areas of the heart that have been damaged. Relationship break-ups, infidelity, bereavement, separation, unrequited love - anything where the heart has taken a beating, the gentle and soothing energy of rose quartz can help restore a wounded heart to its original status. The rose quartz is especially good for healing the Heart chakra.

Encourages Love for Self

Self-love is one of the most important types of love and sadly many people struggle with loving and appreciating themselves. This frame of mind often presents itself as a blockage, disabling people from reaching their true potential. A lack of self-love can lead to self-loathing, low-self-esteem and also attract unhealthy relationships, because others who also struggle in this area will be drawn to you as your vibrational levels will be similar. Rose quartz can promote greater self-love and an awareness of your positive and endearing qualities, raising your vibrational levels in the process.

Encourages Openness in Relationships

One obstacle that features often in relationships that are imbalanced and out of sync is a lack of openness. This can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Fear of expressing oneself
  • An emotional or mental blockage within the body
  • An (often self-perceived) inability to express oneself
  • Apathy or disregard for others’ feelings

Rose quartz is so healing and encouraging that it helps people push through the obstacles that face them in relationships and teaches people to be in harmony with one another. The more open you are with your loved one, the stronger your bond will become. The crystal of love uses its energy to push for greater receptivity and honesty, dispelling fear in the process.

Rose Quartz Increases Love for Humanity & the Planet

This crystal helps to teach us that the more we feel love for our environment, the animals and mankind as a whole, the more we can raise the vibrational levels of the planet and push ourselves forward towards a brighter and fairer future, one which is based on love and compassion, as opposed to materialism and self-gain.

Rose quartz is very good for anyone who feels disconnected from their fellow human beings, which can sometimes happen as a result of feeling too much pain witnessing the suffering of another. Rose quartz enables a person to be strong enough to withstand the horrors of the world, while being caring enough to take action.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius and anticipate great change coming our way, rose quartz is one of the most potent crystals we can use as we encourage greater love, not only between each other but for the animals and environment that we have been tasked with caring for.

How to Use Rose Quartz

It is not difficult to use rose quartz in your day-to-day. Simply wear it around your neck or wrist; or put a piece of it in your pocket. Sleep with one of them under your pillow so that the loving vibrations can reach your subconscious mind as you sleep. Keep clusters of it in your home to keep your domestic environment bright and peaceful. The energy of rose quartz will naturally expand its rays to you and your atmosphere, promoting joy and love while dispelling negative energy.

Of the many, many stones in the crystal world, I count rose quartz as a genius in its own right. In the words of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence, nor imagination, nor both together, go to the making of genius. Love, Love, Love. That is the soul of genius.”

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