How to Build Your Bank Account, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on June 06, 2017

Everyone wants to save money, whether for a rainy day or a shiny new toy. We all have financial goals and desires, however grandiose or seemingly attainable. Saving money can be a daunting task at times, especially in this economy.

Every astrological sign has its own strengths that can be beneficial to effectively save money. If you capitalize on these strengths you are more likely to be able to sock some money away and see that bank balance grow!


Aries, ruled by fire, which can be impulsive and spontaneous. These are some of the qualities we love about Aries, no doubt. When it comes to saving money, you should be aware of this tendency. You’re risky and impulsive.

You appreciate instant gratification, and as such, you should set goals for yourself when it comes to saving money, as well as rewards for yourself when goals are met. You will need to learn how to control this impulsive nature to reap the benefits.


Taurus is an earth sign that is dedicated to hard work and stability. This can sometimes lead to a stagnant career placement. Regardless of whether or not you are actively advancing in the workplace, you can save money by reducing your worldly pleasures.

We know you enjoy your decadent desires, Taurus. However, you would be well suited to practice restraint when attempting to save up. Try to keep your expenses in perspective and try not to overindulge when you can’t afford it.


As an air sign, Geminis are prone to an aversion to decision-making; but have a tendency toward impulsive buys. You may, at times, find yourself giving in to your whimsical nature. This can cause issues when attempting to save for your goals.

Try taking at least a week to contemplate the value of a larger purchase before giving in. it will give you time to understand if you really need it or if it was simply and impulse buy. Take a friend to be the proverbial ‘angel on your shoulder’ if you have an issue with heat of the moment purchases.


Cancer, the sign of the crab, you’re concerned not only with your own financial stability but that of those around you. Your friends and loved ones are of utmost importance to you. Not only that, but you are willing to accept jobs that are undesirable to you in order to take care of your family.

You aren’t typically the type to splurge, but you are willing to spend money when it counts. Trust your intuition when saving, and remember to save a little for yourself. You can enjoy your money while still being responsible, too.


Gregarious Leo, you enjoy the finer things for yourself. While we certainly appreciate this trait, it can pose a problem when attempting to save money. You have expensive tastes, but this doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of saving money.

You need to prioritize and consider what’s essential when making purchases. It might be a good idea to make yourself a budget and stick to it until you reach your financial goals. Also, keep some money to go out and socialize. We wouldn’t want that lion caged up!


You’re practical by nature, Virgo, because you’re an earth sign. You are generally responsible and grounded, saving money shouldn’t be an issue for you, but you often selflessly take jobs that aren’t high in pay.

Your desire to serve others is admirable, but don’t be scared of opportunity or risk when it might bring you amazing monetary benefits. Don’t be afraid to chase a more lucrative dream to settle for a monotonous job with an assured paycheck.

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While you’re an air sign defined by your balanced nature, you find great enjoyment splurging on your loved ones. Personal treats and luxuries are a blessing, and although you enjoy them with all of your heart, you’d do well to conserve when you need to save.

It’s splendid to spoil yourself and others, but remember your ultimate goals when attempting to retain the money that you work so hard to obtain. You are a master of knowing balance, use this in your approach to saving that coin.


You are competitive and instinctual by nature. You can also be aggressive in business, which can take you far. Due to the secretive nature of your sign, there’s a significant chance that you have money saved as it is. Do you have a stash that your partner doesn’t even know about?

If you do it might be time to come clean about any spending habits or extra money with your partner. Being untruthful about finances will only lead to strife in your relationship. Fighting about money is one of the leading causes of relationship discord.


Sagittarius is a fire sign and ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence. Chances are, money isn’t exactly hard to come by for you, and you probably enjoy a gamble here and there. Although you may not always be practical when it comes to money, you typically have a harmonious relationship with money.

You are optimistic about your financial future, and generally, don’t worry when it’s low. You will need to remember that not everyone can deal with financial uncertainty like you can. Apply a sense of responsibility when attempting to save money.


Capricorns are an earth sign ruled by Saturn, which can instil an extremely disciplined mindset when it comes to many factors in your life. Your ambition and hard work will surely assist you in the process of saving money. You may even be considered too frugal.

You are the type that probably started thinking about saving for retirement at 20 or 25 years old and your investments are generally locked into long-term, conservative ventures. Trust your instincts and true nature to save efficiently.


Although represented by the water-bearer, Aquarians are an air sign. You have the potential to work very hard if you are mentally stimulated by that work. You are modern and inventive, you are always coming up with new ideas.

You are typically drawn to charities or non-profit work, you enjoy not only innovative concepts but act as a true philanthropist. Use your original ideas and concepts to propel yourself further in your career, while practicing conservative restraint when saving money. Especially since the careers you are likely drawn to may not be lucrative.


Saving money can prove difficult for Pisces, the water sign ruled by Neptune. You are tender-hearted, you find meaning in life that goes beyond monetary gain but if you need to save money, you should be prepared.

You may benefit from hiring the services of an accountant or a financial advisor, as you’re not wont to conduct financial dealings yourself. It can help you to keep yourself on track if you have a professional doing it for you.


Every astrological sign has traits and attributes that will propel them toward success. Your particular sign can indicate if you will do well at saving and handling money or if you might need a little help in that department.

All signs need to make sure that they analyze their spending habits, prioritize big purchases, make a budget, and If you need help to manage money make sure you hire a professional to do that for you. Use the energy of your zodiac sign to help lead you to financial success.

Make sure you check out the daily horoscopes to keep on track with money and your career.

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