Season Of Miracles:  3 Steps to Manifest the Life of your Dreams

Posted on December 13, 2014

Everyone has a vision of their greatest hopes and dreams coming true. If obstacles were non-existent, where would you like to be with your life right now? What would your life be if you could create it yourself? What do you really want this holiday season?

The sad truth is, many people try to avoid thinking about their ideal life because they’re afraid of disappointment. But avoiding positivity is actually the worst thing you can do! Let me explain ...

Manifesting the life you want is totally possible. But only with the right attitude.

If you keep telling yourself “life won’t get any better”, guess what? It won’t. But when you envision where you want your life to go, you have a much better chance of getting there.

Since this is the season often known for miracles, why not make the most of it? Simply follow these 3 steps to start down your road of life fulfillment right now!

Step 1: Write it Down ... Without Holding Back

Think about how you’d want your life to be if you had NOTHING that could stand in your way. Don’t think small here. Don’t think about how you get there. Think about it as if you really have complete control over everything that happens to you. Now get some paper and literally write down your goals, dreams, and desires without holding back a single thing. And when you write it, phrase it as if it’s already happened.

Step 2: Get All 5 Senses Involved

Say for example you want a new car. Write down “I love my new car!” or even better, make a vision board. Stick a picture of the car you want on a piece of paper and write next to it “Love my car!” If you have more dreams, get a poster board and make a collage out of it. Have some fun! Then either look at the picture or close your eyes and envision it being real. Imagine the new car smell and the sound of the engine, feel the steering wheel in your hands. Even think of the taste of the summer air as you drive down a country road with the windows open. Just meditate on all this for a minute or two.

Step 3: Make a Commitment

Every day for 15 days, read your visions out loud, look at your pictures and act as if it’s already real. Don’t think about why it wouldn’t happen. Don’t think that it “probably won’t” happen. Don’t even think about how to pull it off. Assume and know in your heart that it will happen.

Expect Everything

Once you clear yourself of all your limitations, good things will start happening. This is the law of attraction. It is a LAW because it works no matter what. Whatever our subconscious mind believes is created. So stop attracting so many obstacles and negativity and start attracting what you want in life!

What does your ideal life look like? What goals will you achieve? Activate your own Miracle today and let us know in the comments below!

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