Your September 2021 Energy Forecast

Posted on August 19, 2021
Updated on April 14, 2022

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Halfway through with the year’s third quarter, we enter the energetic and spirited month of September. The number “9” vibrations of completion and transition, initially the seventh month, represent spiritual growth.

At the beginning of the month, we will begin to feel focused and renewed. Although we are still processing the beginning of this year, September comes jammed pack with refinement, healing, and adjustment.

Not only will this month provide us an opportunity to integrate the most recent spiritual changes, shift our lens of consciousness, but we will also journey into Autumn Equinox, the ultimate balancing of light & dark.

This month’s focus should be on uncompleted tasks, refining your goals, and finding new ways to improve your current situation. From the Virgo New Moon to the Pisces Full Moon, September wants us to dive deep within, take a good look at ourselves, find out what still needs healing, and apply forgiveness for ourselves and others.

The energy begins to slow down as the dog days of Summer give way to the cool Fall nights. Nevertheless, we have harnessed a great deal of fuel for our creative endeavors to carry us into the months ahead and even into 2022.

Fine-tuning your desires for emotional fulfillment and helping you learn that if there is something better out for you, sometimes for you to find that. You have to trust the whispers of supportive guidance from your intuition, leap, and let go.

Lessons surrounding boundaries this summer have been monumental, with more planetary shifts this month reminding us that we all have the power of authority and creation in our lives. By releasing the dead weight of the past, we can regenerate into the most brilliant version of ourselves.

From mutable oppositions to squares involving Venus, Fall Equinox, and Mercury’s finale, September is a new dimension of understanding and a beautiful transition into the rest of the year.

Let’s explore this month’s planetary conversations!

Your September 2021 Energy Forecast

September 4th, Mars Opposite Neptune (Virgo/Pisces)

Illusionary Distractions

When Mars and Neptune connect, exciting themes come into play. Themes of ambition, drive, creativity, imagination, sexuality, power, and life purpose.

Mars’s most recent transits urged us to recognize the right action of the heart, slow down, and make sure we are heading on the right path. So often, we attach ourselves to a myriad of things in the physical realm, leaving us confused in our sense of direction and life purpose. Mars forms a harmonious trine with Pluto during this opposition, while Neptune is sextile Pluto creating a mystic triangle.

Stimulated by a T-square involving the Moon, Venus, and Pluto, there is some minor conflict and pressure giving stimulus to the true expression of the heart. If you can see how attachments to your urge to survive and material desires may sometimes cloud your judgment and ability to see the real picture. This aspect will prove to be a very successful shift.

Dance, music, tantric arts, meditation, and poetry are all great ways to channel any excess energy and relieve stress during this time. Learning to dissolve attachments leads to greater spiritual enlightenment.

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September 7th, Virgo New Moon

Holistic Refinement

Today sets the stage for a significant calibration and healing of our lower body system as the Virgo New Moon aligns us with our divine light.

After the last two Aquarian Full Moons, Virgo comes in with integrity, purity, and refinement. The master/healer teacher of mindfulness and wellness for the mind, body, and soul, Virgo is the light of perfection in all of creation. It is the zodiac sign with an inquiring mind, excellent memory, and intuition.

Neptune throws some minor illusions into the mix while in a multiple-planet opposition with the New Moon, Sun, and Mars. Whenever Neptune is involved, there are lessons surrounding our clouded vision and our ability to act and accomplish goals.

A New Moon cycle suggests we are giving birth to something personally and emotionally fulfilling that will ground us in our soul’s purpose. This New Moon represents a time when you rise above past defeats and challenges and use the active mind to find new successful ways to evolve.

Recent lightning storms cleared our environment of distractions, illusions, and disempowering stories. Allow this New Moon to shift your mindset and daily routine so that you can be of better service to the world.

Happy New Moon!

September 10th, Venus Enters Scorpio

Emotional Power of the Heart

Venus wastes no time swiftly moving into passionate Scorpio. Here, we dive deep below the surface of the subconscious to release the entrapments of this physical realm in a journey to discover the alchemical properties of the heart.

Venus may have a challenging time in Scorpio, but that is because the energy tends to amplify the need for authentic and intimate relationships with others.

Most importantly, cultivating an authentic relationship with yourself opens the door to fulfillment.

Venus takes us beyond the barriers of jealousy, obsession, the desire to control, and emotional attachments to tap into our inner power and deepen our perception to become more in touch with the hidden power of sexuality and inner relationship. Use Venus in Scorpio to transmute old emotional stories into creative fuel for your projects and goals.

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September 14th, Mars Enters Libra, Sun & Neptune Light Bridge

Balancing Impulse

The Sun and Neptune form a dynamic opposition hours before Mars moves into Libra. When the Sun and Neptune connect, it’s like an interdimensional union of the personality and spirit. The awakened ego and emerging soul. Their tug of war represents the dissolving of our illusionary self-image. While this energy may make you more susceptible to confusion and deception, you can find a way through with compassion and self-love.

Libra represents the scales of balance–the diplomatic sign of truth and justice.

Mars’s graceful entrance into Libra symbolizes the moment we begin recognizing the soul in the body, mirroring the reflection of our true self. Represented by the natural opposition between Libra and Mars-ruled Aries, this energy forces us to confront how we suppress our desires and act in concern of others.

Healthy businesses, relationships, and partnerships do not require you to hide your desires to please others. During this time, focus on implementing the balance of action and rest, tuning inwards to uncover the next step. Examine all possible options and think as your higher self before you act.

September 17th, Venus Square Saturn (Scorpio/Aquarius)

Social Restrictions

Venus and Saturn clash, generating some delays and resistances in both our personal and social life.

Perhaps you may find yourself burdened with more responsibilities, leaving you feeling emotionally restricted. The focus tends to be on more practical issues and obligations you have to others. You may find yourself hashing out some unresolved relationship issues that were holding you back from progressing. The heart is taking its seat of emotional authority.

Any blockages you encounter are opportunities to elevate to higher ground and, therefore, more loving and thriving relationships.

September 20th, Pisces Full Moon

Collective Enlightenment

September’s Full Moon occurs 28 degrees in the cosmic ocean of Pisces. A whole new world of consciousness becomes accessible to us underneath this Full Moon.

Pisces is the light of the world, the cosmic ocean, and the divine oneness of the Universe. The Sun finishes up in master craftsman Virgo, providing us access to cutting-edge clarity, focus, and precision for alignment and our adjustment into Libra season and Fall Equinox.

During this time, the Full Moon conjuncts Neptune, while sextile Pluto, and square the Galactic Center.

It’s time to tap into the free-flowing, compassionate, and inspiring energy of Pisces. Flow with the changes and find peace in the very center of your being. Avoid becoming swept up in an emotional storm of confusion and illusions that will take you down a destructive path.

The heart of the Milky Way connects with this month’s Full Moon, providing us access to a new paradigm and concept of truth.

Pisces Full Moon is an emotional ending of the Summer and the preparation for a new season. Use this time to meditate, engage in breathwork, arts, and yoga. Tap into your imagination for healing and strength. Pisces seeks to remind us of unity oneness.

Astrology Answers September 2021 Astrology Calendar CTA

September 22nd, Fall Equinox, Sun Enters Libra


Wednesday the 22nd delivers us to the Autumn Equinox, with the Sun entering Libra. Autumn equinox marks the official beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The scales are in balance, resulting in an equal amount of both day and night.

Equinox is considered a time of transition, change, gratitude, harvest, and a fresh start. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor while letting go of what we no longer want to bring with us in this new cycle of growth.

September Equinox is a time of metamorphosis and transition, preparing us for winter. During this time, the Sun moves into diplomatic Libra.

Libra is the light of balance within creation, the highest realization of our mirrored self. The zodiac reveals our reflection through the various relationships we attract.

The Sun enters the sign of the scales calling us to achieve a new state of balance, asking us to bring more beauty into our lives and connect back with our core values. With the Sun in Libra, prepare for a shift in intimate relationships, friendships, and contracts. You may find yourself responding to more social events. Let your creative imagination find balance in your life.

Happy Solar Return, Libra!

September 23rd, Venus Opposite Uranus (Scorpio/Taurus)

Opposing Values

Unexpected tension and emotional events may trigger under this opposition between Venus and Uranus. They are urging us to redesign our relationship with our heart, physicality, values, and worth.

You may feel some dissatisfaction with finances and partnerships. While situations may be a bit more erratic, you may meet exciting and usual people who provide new insight. These encounters give you a chance to let go of old attachments and transform your capacity to live powerfully through the lens of love, acceptance, honesty, and truth.

September 27th, Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Scales of Truth & Justice

The messenger, Mercury, stations retrograde 25 degrees in Libra, the final retrograde of 2021, another mind-elevating shift, and a profound upgrade to our inner operating system.

Mercury retrograde in Libra represents the journey to internal balance, adjusting the relationship with our higher self through physical partnerships. This will urge the collective to find peace in our thoughts before trying to make a more significant impact on the world. You may find yourself having to cooperate with others under this energy. It’s important to know that you do not have to compromise your values or self-expression to please others.

While we will have a smoother experience this retrograde, there is significant emphasis on strengthening interpersonal communication. Expect the typical Mercury drama of travel delays, technology breakdowns, contract issues, and more. Mercury stations direct on October 18th, right after Jupiter.

Post shadow for Mercury will end on November 2nd. Just imagine, we made it through some challenging transits that brought us closer to ourselves more than ever.

Energy Tips for September

Significant planet stations take us by storm this month, launching us into a new season of abundance, healing, growth, and success. Sometimes, solitude is the only way to find the answers we seek. Carving out sacred space from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, to be alone and at peace with your thoughts.

This month’s energy oracle card is “Soul retrieval,” deep soul healing with the Goddess. This card is brought to you by the Isis Oracle deck.

Soul retrieval is divine confirmation that September represents an opportunity to make peace with the past and reclaim lost pieces of you. Pieces of your soul have become trapped in the past due to traumatic experiences and relationships. Lady Isis guides you into compassionate forgiveness so that you may reclaim those pieces and transition into a new season.

September is the turning point and transition of the seasons from light to dark. We are integrating our true expression in the dark void. September will indeed highlight the many spiritual shifts we have experienced this year.

Use this month to:

  • Seek solitude and turn inward for answers
  • Donate old things and/or give back to the community
  • Celebrate abundance and home life
  • Set goals for the remainder of the year

We are incredibly powerful and most powerful when emotions are involved – the electrifying current that shapes the future.

So, tune into your emotional awareness and practice mindfulness this month. Don’t let fear overtake you and get lost in its undertow: tune inward, trust, and flow.

Happy September!

Astrology Answers September 2021 Astrology Calendar CTA

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