Who Are the Sexiest Zodiac Signs?

Posted on November 06, 2021

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The sexiest zodiac signs have an undeniable magnetic attraction. You can feel their pull and can taste their charm. But before we dive into the sexiest zodiac sign in order, what does it mean to be sexy?

Overall, this may come down to individual preferences. Yet, the science of sexy (aka research) shows what makes someone “sexy” is frequently defined by their humor, likeability, consciousness, and even how they make you feel.

So, in the spirit of sexy Scorpio season, let’s finally dig into this topic. What are the sexiest zodiac signs?

Ranking the Sexiest Zodiac Signs

1. Scorpio

First up is Scorpio.

Now, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Scorpios are known for their sexiness! In fact, they are well-known for their energy, passion, charisma, and intensity. All of these factors draw people to them and make them appealing to others around them.

As a Scorpio, you create intrigue.

You’re quiet yet charismatic. You have energy and intensity, but it’s also layered with some darkness. In a way, you unknowingly create an aura of mystery, which definitely makes others want to know more.

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2. Cancer

Cancers love intensely.

They are emotional beings, but this isn’t necessarily bad. More so, it means they love to love and nurture. They connect on a deep emotional level, which makes them sexy and appealing to prospective partners and more.

Emotions aside, Cancers are also funny, charming, and loyal individuals. For a love match, you know you have someone who won’t stray and will give it their all when you’re in a relationship with a Cancer.

3. Pisces

Pisces make sensitive partners but are also true romantics. They give to their partners and are very considerate, making them ultra-sexy to those around them.

As far as the sexiest zodiac signs go, Pisces make great partners, which is highly attractive to others.

4. Leo

While Leos may be narcissistic (don’t worry, we still love you, Leos!), their confidence and boldness are unmatched. A Leos’ assertiveness makes them great sex partners. In many ways, they are intentionally and unintentionally sexy, ranking them as top five in terms of sexiness.

Leos are fearless, energetic, and, sometimes, intense. They pour passion into everything they do, causing others to gravitate toward them.

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5. Sagittarius

Fun and up for anything, a Sagittarius isn’t exactly scared of experimenting or freedom. In fact, part of their attractiveness is their autonomy.

A Sagittarius also has another sexy aspect: they are hard to get. But when they do fall, they fall hard, making them intense and passionate partners.

6. Gemini

While Geminis might get bored easily, this trait actually makes them ultra-sexy. They will chase after the newness and even display some unpredictability, which for many others can act as a breath of fresh air.

A Gemini can also be playful and childlike, making them fun and entertaining to be around. As lovers, they are another intense sign. They love a good challenge. And this doesn’t exactly make them easy to get in bed, but it does add some sexual stimulation, drawing many individuals into their inner web.

7. Taurus

Ruled by Venus (known as the planet of love), Taureans exude a natural sexiness. With a strong sense of self, they don’t need all the attention, which can be extremely attractive.

In truth, their loyalty and attunement with their senses make Taureans super appealing and sexy. The one problem that can arise with Taureans is their inability, at times, to communicate, which, when in a relationship, can lead to various misunderstandings.

8. Virgo

As an Earth sign, Virgos are very committed within relationships and very nurturing. This can make them super sexy to their partners or potential partners. They also have a fairly good balance between independence and dependency, making them confident and strong partners.

In many ways, Virgos are excellent at making sense of things that don’t exactly make sense to others. This offers a place of security, especially if you’re someone they care about.

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9. Aquarius

Aquarius individuals tune into others’ wants and needs.

They also like to have fun, making them a playful and caring zodiac sign to be around. In fact, they are one of the best zodiac signs to be in good company with, which makes them undeniably attractive.

10. Libra

At peace, a Libra brings a sense of calm and rationality to a room. Their sex appeal is heightened by their ability to be devoted and caring partners. Yet, it’s their attention to detail that truly gets them the attention they deserve and draws people to them.

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Define Your Sexy

Maybe your zodiac sign isn’t listed above. This doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t one sexy individual! Remember, like beauty, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. Different individuals might find different traits attractive.

Plus, zodiac signs are the end-all, be-all to your personality. So, if you’re not one of the top sexiest zodiac signs, don’t let it get to you. Know you’re sexy in your own way, always.

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