“Stalker Cards:” Is a Tarot Card Following You?

Posted on February 15, 2020
Updated on October 26, 2020

The Fool card is hiding behind some branches.

Among the other crazy phenomena that can occur with Tarot, getting a “stalker card” is one of them - or, more literally, having repeat Tarot cards in your readings. Yes, much like with all other Tarot-related things, this means something too!

Whether it’s a card that you are simply seeing often, a card that has non-stop been popping into your readings, or a card that you just cannot get out of your mind, it can be confusing and sometimes alarming to have a “stalker card” on your hands, especially if you don’t understand why it won’t leave you alone or you’re a beginner with Tarot.

If you’re questioning whether or not a card is “stalking” you, and have successfully found your way to this article, chances are that your suspicions are correct - so that’s step one! We don’t often tend to feel like a Tarot card is following us around for no exact reason.

Once you have identified a stalker card, the next course of action is to understand a little further as to why the card is following you around. Here are some reasons why you might find a Tarot card getting a little too clingy with you!

1. The energy hasn’t changed, so neither has the reading!

If a card is coming up again and again - or even further, if multiple cards are coming up again and again - it’s possible that simply nothing has changed, so there is no need for the cards to change.

This reason is likely especially if you conduct readings quite often or perhaps on a daily basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad; often, the cards are just showing you what they see, so it can’t make up something new if there isn’t anything new for it to show you!

2. The message didn’t sink in the first time.

Maybe you dismissed the card, it confused you, or you even chose to actively ignore the message. More commonly, maybe you misunderstood what the card was trying to tell you! Sometimes a stalker card appears in your life when you aren’t seeing what the card is trying to communicate to you.

If you find yourself hitting a roadblock with a card and can’t seem to understand what it wants to say, consider journaling it out or meditating instead of dismissing the card, assuming it’s nothing, or thinking you’ll automatically figure it out later.

While it’s indeed possible for you to figure it out on your own naturally, setting aside time in your day to let the message of the card sink in is more efficient and effective.

3. The card is a warning or message of something you can’t see quite yet.

When you read your cards on present situations, it can be fairly simple to see what card is corresponding to which event, feeling, person, or energy in your life. With a good grip on our own lives, we tend to be able to connect the dots since a lot of the information is already known and personal to us.

However, if a card pops up with a message about a future event, it’s possible that our intuition might have a harder time perceiving ahead. Especially if the card is trying to communicate a piece of advice, we may not know what the advice is for yet, and that makes it difficult to understand why the card is there in the first place.

To make up for this, a card might show up again and again to make sure that the message is sinking in properly, even if you don’t need its message right now. If you feel like this might be the case, write down what you feel the card might be trying to communicate as if you were giving the message to a friend, and keep it for later. You might find that it resonates at a time that you need it most - just not yet!

4. It’s time to expand your Tarot practice.

When in doubt, keep in mind that a Tarot card is not limited to a few keywords or one traditional meaning. Personal experience and your own connection to each card are important factors in understanding Tarot, and your Tarot deck may be communicating to you that it’s time to reconsider your relationship with this particular card if it refuses to let you go a day without seeing it!

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Spending some time journaling is really key here. Consider the following questions: What does this Tarot card mean to you? Are there any situations that you would have a hard time reading this card in? What’s an unconventional way for you to read this card? And how have you seen themes and messages within this card play out in your life?

Perhaps this will lead to a bit of a breakthrough in why this card is showing up for you right now in particular, but perhaps it will, if anything, just further your understanding of the card. Either way, you’ve gained something new from the experience!

In Conclusion…

Don’t stress too much about a familiar face showing up in your readings, even if it starts to get repetitive or annoying. Take some deep breaths, keep your calm, and remember that the Tarot is here to help, not hurt.

So long as you keep an open mind and don’t let the existence of a stalker card throw you off course completely, a card that gets a little clingy can’t hurt you. If anything, a stalker card is here to illuminate something important, just like with all things involving Tarot!

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