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Posted on June 17, 2018
Updated on June 28, 2018

Here’s the thing. If you want to try crystal healing, you have to approach it with an open heart and an open mind.

The history of crystal healing dates back to over 6000 years ago. It is a form of alternative medicine that harnesses the healing energies of stones or crystals. It is further thought that stones and crystals can rid the body of negative energies, which can help us avoid disease or illness.

In the midst of today’s especially technologically and medically advanced society, crystal healing faces a lot of skepticism. There is no proven scientific basis for crystal healing methods, however, some researchers and scientists have given way to the possibility that these crystals may act as a placebo. Thus, the more open you are to the concept, the more likely that they will work for you.

Another thing to consider is that we already harness the energies of many stones in our daily lives. For example, we grind up, mix, and condense certain minerals into pharmaceutical drugs. Electronic pieces in your cell phone and throughout your household are composed of stones, minerals, and crystals.

We have managed to figure out how these different stones and minerals interact with each other and with us. From these interactions, we can harness their energies for our own means.

Crystal healing is similar, yet also different. Crystal healing employs energies that we don’t quite understand. It dives deep into the ‘soul’ aspect of our being. It works if you believe it, and vice versa.

Although we can’t quite explain it, crystal healing can help you overcome tough times in your life. It can help you work through problems and come to a peaceful resolution. In turn, you will become a stronger, more positive, and better person.

So, How Does Crystal Healing Work?

You or your healer may place these chakra stones on CHAKRA POINTS throughout the body.

Chakras are focal points in the body that are thought to be the centers of spiritual powers and energies. These energy centers guide our emotions, immune function, digestive function, and all other processes throughout the human body.

The placement of the chakra stones and the type of stone used depend on the person’s symptoms and desired outcomes.

For example, AMETHYST CRYSTALS placed on the centre of the forehead are thought to help ease headaches and migraines. Amethyst is only one of many crystals that are used to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress levels, aligning your chakras. Essentially, crystal healing aims to stabilize energy imbalances that may be contributing to your negative feelings or symptoms.

If you are experiencing serious illness or unexplained symptoms, it is always recommended to consult with your local physician. Chakra stones in no way replace appropriate medical care and attention.

How Can You Get Started?

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