How to Make Your Money Wishes Come True

Posted on July 08, 2016

How to Make More Money

A little more cash — it’s what most of us wish for. From the humble paperboy you pass every morning on your way to work, to the celebrities you watch on television. It’s the real American dream, whether you’re trying to attract more money, generate extra income, or just save a little between paychecks.

The truth is, there actually is a little bit of a skill to wishing. However, for money matters, you need to be practical when planning how to make your wishes come true. It just takes a bit of practice, and here’s how to do it.

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See it, Smell it, Taste Your Success

You’ve heard about the power of visualization, and how believing in your wishes can make them a reality. But have you actually practiced these very important wish principles? It’s one thing to place wishes on the New Moon and the Full Moon every month, but they’re unlikely to happen unless you start to apply the principle of visualization.

You see, just wishing isn’t enough — if it was, no one would want for anything! In order to make your desires a reality, you have to put yourself in the tactile sensation of your money wishes. What does it smell like and taste like? Remember, you need to do this in real life, not just in your head. Wishing for things just isn’t enough. You have to be prepared to take action, too.

Forget You Ever Met the Joneses

Stop comparing yourself and your money situation to others, as you never really know what’s really going on behind closed doors. Wishing for what other people have may also introduce you to their problems. And the last thing you want is to attract someone else’s bad luck your way!

Most people today are stretched beyond their limits, and this is often true for wealthy people even more than it is for those who aren’t as far up the ladder of success. Wishing for a BMW just like your neighbor has could activate vibrations in the Law of Attraction that brings you their problems too.

Instead, be specific about your own situation and wish for the things that will create wealth for you, not repeat someone else’s wealth in your life.

Your path is yours and yours alone — it’s your sacred vibration. Start with your Life Path Number and a Numerology reading. When you are following your life path, you are that much closer to your destiny of wealth and abundance.

Find Out What Jupiter Says About You

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is the planet of luck and optimism. Jupiter wants you to succeed in a very big way. Money wishes are one thing, but they’re even greater when you are working in harmony with Jupiter’s lucky vibration. First, find out where Jupiter is placed in your birth chart (as with your life path number, if you’re uncertain where Jupiter falls in your natal chart, just ask one of our Experts to interpret this for you). Jupiter can reveal a lot about how to attract luck and beneficial energy into your life.

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Turn Your Thoughts into Things

Wishing for what you want is great. Never stop making those wishes. However, when you do this, be sure you are lining them up with the vibrations that are strong in your life. When you bring this energy into alignment, you give more power and strength to your money wishes than ever before. This is how to make money wishes come true, and this is what will make a difference when it comes to realizing your fulfillment or not.

So, how are you going to manifest wealth in your life this month?

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