Sun Enters Aries: How To Direct Your Emotional Rocket Ship

Posted on March 20, 2018

It’s time for action because the sun is moving into Aries on March 20th. In our communication, we won’t sugar coat things with this influence especially since the planet of communication, Mercury, is also in Aries. There’s a push-pull energy going on in our minds because Aries wants to move fast to get things done.

We are still in a Mercury retrograde though, so some things may not be ripe in our minds or fully clear when it comes to just how to move forward. You can use this get it done energy to organize, clean and get tasks you’ve been putting off done.

Just because Mercury is retrograde doesn’t mean we can’t move forward though. When the sun is in this fire sign, our passions are our main focus. The theme of the month will highlight our desires and how we will use raw emotions to pursue what we desire.

The caution here is to avoid being aggressive to the point of manipulation when trying to get your way, because those who step on others to climb the ladder always have that energy reflected back to them based on the law of cause and effect in the universe. There’s nothing wrong with being bold as long as we also take into account how other people are feeling.

Aries is known to have a temper but that energy is just the fire within us that needs an outlet. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to use this next month to improve your life by using the fire and directing it effectively.

Find a Creative Outlet to Keep Relationships Healthy

The sun in Aries after the cool waters of Pisces can feel a bit like being on an emotional rocket ship. We can really get ourselves in a pickle if we don’t realize how much this energy needs an outlet. We can release it by taking up a new exercise routine, improving our health or by choosing a creative outlet we feel purposeful about to direct all this extra passion in our nervous system.

If we don’t have an outlet for our passion or a cause to direct our nurturing energy towards, we risk becoming obsessive about just one person and getting into an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

Often when people have no outlet for their passion in a way that helps the world, they tend to smother and overwhelm their partner or their crush. This is obviously hurtful to both people and it can be alleviated by sitting down and getting clear with what you want to do to feel purposeful in the world.

Sometimes finding that answer can be a challenge but look to your own strengths in your astrology chart to find what you’re naturally good at, then match it with a need you feel strongly about in the world such as women’s rights, equality, human rights, poverty, art, education, health etc.

Productive Things to Keep Yourself From Being Reactive

Here are some ideas of things you can do to help you use this energy instead of turning into Cruella De Vil. First of all, spend more time focused on clarifying and accomplishing your goals instead of just hanging out, because you’re likely to pick fights with people if you’re not channeling that energy in a good way.

Remember, energy can only be moved, not destroyed. Make a list of your goals and put them somewhere you can see them. This could be your major long-term goals and then the smaller things you need to do to get there.

Next, make a mental note to capitalize on this time and cultivate a calm lifestyle that will allow you to adopt healthier outlets for your stress at all times and not just when the flames of the fire are so obviously raging that they need taming.

This means you could get an essential oil diffuser, create a calm playlist to play at home, in your car and at work and purchase soothing teas to incorporate into your diet. Staying calm is a secret of successful people because they stay healthy and creative when they hang out in the more creative brain waves states of theta and delta.

Finally, find something that sets your soul on fire. Do you have something you’re studying? Do you have a mentor? Get some books, sign up for classes, plan a trip as a gift to your own soul. When you stop suppressing your desires, you will unleash more joy and optimism that will attract success and positive experiences.

It’s only when we are living resentfully and not being true about our passion that we become angry and misdirect that energy towards our poor mothers or spouses. Like Shakira says, “There’s a she wolf in the closet. Let it out so it can breathe.”


Now you’re ready to rock! You have a full moon occurring on March 31 in the sign of Libra, which can move things forward in the areas of the arts, law, beauty, relationships, partnerships and ideas. Libra is a positive and social air sign, so expect social events, invitations and new friendships to start.

It’s a good time for love as long as we don’t repeat the same patterns we’ve played out in previous relationships. Use the Aries energy to be honest about your emotions instead of playing into the old school roles where we put on an act, trying to make our lives look like a movie.

Until March 31, you have the building energy of the moon, so use it to continue to follow up on the seeds you planted on the new moon on March 17 and anything you started at the new year. Keep reaching out, voicing your ideas and trying to make things happen now, because your creativity is thriving and you have the motivation to do it thanks to the cosmic dinner date with the sun in Aries.

Ultimately, what we do now allows us to feel more comfortable when the sun moves into Taurus, where we tend to be a bit more lazy and indulgent. Grasp the seasons as they change so your oil can most efficiently burn! Hey let’s be real, we don’t always have tons of energy - so when you do, use it to get where your heart is leading you, helping others on your way.

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