Tarot for Heartbreak: How to Use Tarot to Get Through a Breakup

Posted on March 24, 2019
Updated on November 03, 2020

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If you’re going through a breakup, you can use the Tarot to connect to your intuition to find deep emotional healing. The Tarot can help you find the blessing in your uncoupling so that you can start to see the bright side of this life transition. Tarot is a powerful transformation tool that allows you to tap into your soul’s wisdom, which can guide you to a place of peace and self-love. Heartbreak sucks - but the Tarot can make your healing process feel less painful.

You do not have to be an expert in Tarot to use it to heal after a breakup. You can always use our free 3-card love Tarot reading if you’re just starting out with the Tarot to get an idea of how the process works. Or, jump right into this article and we’ll walk you through how to use the Tarot to heal after a breakup.

Tarot for Breakups & Heartbreak

If you’re new to Tarot, you may be curious about how it works. Each Tarot deck contains 72 cards that represent life lessons we all go through. The symbols and imagery help you connect to your intuition and inner wisdom so you can find meaning even during times when you feel completely lost. Tarot reminds you that you’re on a journey in your life and will meet you right where you’re at.

How to Prepare for Your Tarot Reading

Grab a journal and try to find a quiet and relaxing place where you won’t be disturbed. Especially with emotionally painful Tarot readings, it can help to begin by taking a few deep breaths while you shuffle the cards. Breathing deeply helps to calm our minds and open us to our inner voice, our intuition. Some people swear by a few minutes of mindful meditation as a way of beginning every Tarot reading to center themselves and connect with their cards. As you relax and prepare for your Tarot reading, set an intention for healing in your mind. Be open to new perspectives that may come from this Tarot reading. Tarot allows us to see the full picture of our lives instead of just harboring in one (oftentimes) negative part.

Once you’ve done about a minute of deep breathing, it’s time to come up with a focused yet open-ended question to ask the Tarot. You will get much more healing and relief when you aren’t focusing on things out of your control, such as whether your ex likes someone else. Asking the right questions means asking how you can shift your own perspective and your own intention for your highest good. Make sure you take time to get clear with these questions or you will miss the gift that the Tarot has to offer you.

Questions to Ask in a Tarot Reading for Heartbreak:

While it may not help you feel 100-percent happy and healed instantly, you can keep coming back to the Tarot for more insights and healing each day. We often are clouded with emotion and unable to see clearly right after a breakup, so doing daily Tarot readings might be something to consider adding to your daily routine (even just 1-card pulls can be very insightful).

Here are some simple questions you can ask the Tarot to help you heal and let go of these painful feelings.

Q: What lesson must I learn from this breakup?

Draw three cards from your deck (or use our free online 3-card reading) representing the past, present, and future. That will help you see this experience in the larger scheme of your life. Sometimes we have manifested a relationship to learn how to take responsibility for our energy or to learn how important speaking our mind is. Perhaps you find you put all your energy into the relationship instead of into your career or your relationship with yourself. Whatever the lesson is, it will help you heal. Read the meanings of the cards as you reflect on this question.

Q: What can I focus on to find relief from my heartbreak?

Next, pull one card (or use our free daily Tarot reading) to ask what you can focus on to help yourself feel better. Chances are, your mind is running over the same negative memories and it’s not helping you. When the cards help you direct your emotions in a positive way you’ll find that a shift in focus can take you from feeling down to feeling up. If you’re feeling bad for yourself or angry, the cards can help you focus on loving others and being kind so you can start attracting more positive experiences. Perhaps you’ll see a new way of using your time that is constructive or it will help you think of a way to care for yourself while you’re getting used to your new-found freedom.


We know it’s hard to go through a breakup. It can be some of the worst pain you feel. But in order to get yourself back to feeling great and excited about the future, let yourself take one step at a time to let your soul help you heal. Your soul knows what you need and it just requires relaxing, opening, and allowing the healing messages to flow into your heart and mind as you use the Tarot reading to assist you. You can find a healing perspective, fill yourself with lots of love, and keep your inner fire bright, no matter what may be going on in your life.

When you’re healing, try to spend time with some strong friends who are using their creativity to help the world. This will inspire you to also channel all your love into something that will help you heal. When we give, we start to heal. You are strong, you are beautiful and deserve respect. If you were holding onto something and it was suddenly removed from your life, often it’s because something more significant is coming. You don’t need anyone to feel good about yourself and your life.

We are rooting for you!

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