Tarot & Journaling: A Magical Relationship

Posted on November 03, 2019

Both Tarot cards and journals work to help connect you to your subconscious and your spirit.

The art of working with the Tarot is that the cards can be utilized entirely on their own: you don’t technically need anything other than your favorite deck and a safe space to perform a reading. There are many tools available that can enhance any reading and help you build an even deeper relationship with the cards, one of the most effective ways is working with a personal Tarot journal.

They help you dive into the deeper realms of your being and discover the hidden treasures. Many people already use each of these spiritual, metaphysical tools separately, but there is magic to be found when using them together.

You’ll create a stronger bond with your deck, understand more about yourself, and boost your creativity.

Should You Record Your Tarot Readings?

Think of the feeling you get when you have just finished a particularly enlightening reading. It’s like the Universe has spoken directly to you and given you that illuminating piece of guidance that you really needed. It can be hard, however, to remember that feeling or the cards involved without documentation. Writing about your spread can help you remember everything about what made reading so special.

Keeping track of your readings can also help you understand the Tarot in more depth. Even very seasoned readers sometimes forget the meaning of a certain card, and there’s no shame in that. When you write a brief description of the cards and their personal or defined meanings after each reading, it helps solidify that information in your mind.

Another benefit of writing about your readings is that it can shed light on aspects you may have overlooked. Sometimes, even days after a reading, a piece of information may strike like a flash of lightning, giving you more insight into what a certain card was trying to convey. Taking a moment to jot down your thoughts and feelings about your readings will help stir up your senses and help your brain process the reading more clearly.

It also gives you a chance to decompress and talk about your feelings surrounding a situation or relationship the cards mention. You can also use your Tarot cards and readings as a journaling prompt when you’re not feeling inspired. Start with a brief reading, write about the cards you drew and what you think they mean, and see if your pen begins to flow more freely into a stream of consciousness. Amplify clarity while boosting your creativity.

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Which Type of Journal Should I use with Tarot?

As a journal junkie myself, any excuse to procure and prepare a new journal is like a holiday. If you feel the same way, use this as an opportunity to find a shiny new notebook or break out that pretty journal you’ve been saving for a special occasion. This mystical Sacred Rune Journal would be a perfect journal for documenting readings. No matter what you choose, feel free to go crazy with decorations, stickers, collage, glitter—whatever makes it feel magical and inviting.

If you want to keep things simple, you can even use a composition notebook or any blank notepad you might have lying around the house. The only thing that matters is that it’s a journal that you will actually want to use.

What Should I Write About?

There are countless ways to use your Tarot journal, and you may choose to use one method or many. One of the easiest ways to get started is by writing down interpretations of the cards. You might pull a different card each day and write about that or start from The Fool and work your way through. Try drawing a small version of the card next to your description for reference or just for fun. If you have a printer at home, you could even print out small pictures to cut and paste each card.

You might try using your Tarot journal to document your favorite spreads or create your own. When you make your own spread, not only are you sparking your own creative fire, you can personalize your reading even further. Design a spread meant to answer specific questions or address issues that are personal to you. You can use your journal as a jumping-off point for your spreads by writing out your spread first and then performing a reading with them. Use the following pages to track future experiences using this spread.

Keeping track of each reading is a great way to discover patterns in your readings like which cards you draw most often and to chronicle your life in a new, unique way. If you date your readings, their meanings, and your feelings about them, you can keep track of not only your experiences with the Tarot but with your path.

You could section your journal off into categories like interpretations, readings, and spreads—perhaps including a section for creative writing or doodles. If you’re feeling nostalgic, draw an image of your favorite card and color it in with your favorite markers or crayons.

Which Deck Should I Use?

You can use any deck you’d like when working with your Tarot journal, and you may enjoy mixing it up from time to time. If you don’t have a deck and you’re looking for a place to start, try this beautiful Master Tarot Deck, which comes with 78 gorgeous cards and a guidebook.

Working with the Tarot is a sacred experience and it should feel right to you. With these ideas in mind, explore your own creative crevices and invite your creativity to unfold and blossom. If you’re having a relaxing, enlightening, or creative time, you’re doing it right.

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