A Tarot Spread for Your Chinese Zodiac Trine

Posted on July 02, 2020
Updated on November 25, 2020

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That’s right, the title says ‘Trine’ – not ‘sign’. If you’re new to Chinese Astrology, you may be wondering what that is!

While everyone is familiar with the Chinese Zodiac signs to some degree or another, the Chinese Zodiac Trines are a different story. For the benefit of those who aren’t as familiar with the Chinese Zodiac in general, Eastern Astrology (like Western Astrology) is made up of twelve signs. Unlike Western Astrology, however, all of the signs in the Chinese Zodiac are represented by an animal, and the animal you are depends on the year you were born.

So if you were born in 1989 you are a Snake. If you were born in 1975 you are a Rabbit. If you were born in 1998 you are a Tiger. And so forth.

*Note: The Chinese calendar begins on either January or February of each year. This is because it follows the lunar calendar based on the movement of the Moon. As you can imagine, Chinese Astrology is heavily influenced by the Moon! Read up on your own Chinese Zodiac sign.

While we have twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac which bestow their own unique characteristics on us, we also have four Chinese Zodiac Trines.

These can be best described as the equivalent to Western Astrology signs which are divided up based on their element – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are the Air signs, for example, or Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are the Fire signs.

In Chinese Astrology, the Trines are divided up based on similar values and characteristics the animals share. Let’s first explore the four Trines of Chinese Astrology.

First Trine: Rat, Dragon, and Monkey

These are the “doers” of the zodiac. If you are one of these animals, you are driven, ambitious, and innovative.

Second Trine: Ox, Snake, and Rooster

These are the ones that will do whatever it takes, come hell or high water! If you are one of these animals, you are reliable, determined, and steadfast.

Third Trine: Tiger, Horse, and Dog

These are the humanitarians of the zodiac. If you are one of these animals, you are courageous, independent, and loyal.

Fourth Trine: Rabbit, Goat, and Pig

Finally, we have the last Trine – and they’re such a sweet bunch! If you are one of these animals, you are kind-hearted, self-sacrificing, and artistic.

Members of the same Trine tend to get along with each other extremely well! Now let’s have a look as to how we can try out an exciting Tarot spread to fit with your own Chinese Zodiac Trine.

What Tarot Spread Can I Do for My Chinese Zodiac Trine?

A Tarot spread for your Chinese Zodiac Trine is very much about getting to know yourself better. The Trines are determined by your unique characteristics, so this spread will focus on how you can harness the energy of your Trine to deal with whatever issue you are facing.

This type of spread is best done in conjunction with the First Quarter Moon (which is a time for pushing through fear or doubts), the Waxing Gibbous Moon (a time of taking action in terms of what you want to acquire, such as wealth, relationship, skills, etc) and the Waxing Crescent Moon (a time of thinking about what you want to achieve).

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You will need to know what your Chinese Zodiac sign and Trine is in order to make sure this Tarot spread works.

For the example spread below, I will be using the Third Trine to fit with my Chinese Zodiac animal, the Tiger, and I will be doing a general weekly spread to explain how I can harness the special energy of my Trine.

Chinese Trine Tarot Spread Graphic.

Tarot Question: How can I use my Trine energy in the next week?

Card 1: The Trine energy I can use

Card 2: How I can use it

Card 3: The outcome if I use it

Card 1: The Moon

The Moon is a card that represents imagination and intuition. The Third Trine is comprised of animals that tend to be bold and passionate, and all three animals in the Third Trine are Yang animals (masculine energy which is more focused on what it “out there”, rather than what is inside).

Meanwhile, the Moon has powerful Yin energy – a feminine energy which is focused more on intuition and what lies within.

This card highlighting the Trine energy I should use indicates that for the next week, it is best to focus on my Yin side. Being a member of the Third Trine, my Yang energy is strong, and this card indicates it needs feminine Yin energy to balance it out.

So how can I do this? Well, onto the next card …

Card 2: 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles appears in the position of “how I can use it”. This is a card of teaching and working together. This card indicates that by tapping into my Yin and feminine energy, I will be able to communicate effectively with others and work with them (usually towards a physical or material goal, as pentacles represent the physical world).

This could mean I will be able to talk to others at a deeper, emotional level, or I will be more intuitive when dealing with others.

So how can I increase my Yin energy and intuition? Meditation is a wonderful way to do so, and so is wearing or carrying crystals such as amethyst, moonstone and labradorite, all of which enhance my intuitive energy.

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Card 3: The Sun

What a great card to get for the outcome card! The Sun indicates joy and happiness – and great success!

This entire spread indicates that if I harness Yin energy to match my natural Yang, if I work with others at a deeper and more emotional level, if I harness the power of my intuition for the coming week, then good things are coming as a result of my actions.

Try Your Own Tarot Spread!

Hopefully, this Tarot spread can help you by calling upon the power of your personal Trine. As mentioned previously, when used in conjunction with various Moon phases it can be especially potent!

You can always check which stage the Moon is in,and also check out your Daily Horoscope to see how the Moon might be influencing you at the time.

Try this Tarot spread to gain a broader perspective of the Chinese Zodiac energies. You may even learn something fascinating about yourself in the process!

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