Tarot for the Twins: Which Tarot Cards Represent Gemini?

Posted on May 25, 2020

Tarot for Gemini.

On May 21st, the Sun moved out of steady, earthy Taurus and into adaptable, airy Gemini. So what does this influence mean for us?

Ideas Galore!

This is a great time for fresh ideas! Gemini is a sign that thrives on communication, travel, and language, always seeking the next mental adventure. During Taurus season, we were able to focus on practical matters with greater ease, concentrate on our health and well-being, and zoom in on tangible, real-world issues. The sign of Gemini brings us into a month of innovation, discussion, and execution!

What Tarot Cards Represent Gemini?

All twelve signs of the zodiac have corresponding Tarot cards. So which cards represent the sign of Gemini?

The Lovers

Representing the 6th card in the Major Arcana, the Lovers is one card that people who get relationship readings love to see! However, when it represents Gemini it is far more about choice.

The Lovers, while indeed being a card of pure, unconditional love, is also a powerful card for choice and decisions. It represents how two separate halves can become whole - and this is also at the core of Gemini which is represented by the twins.

The Lovers card often shows up in a reading when there needs to be a choice made between head and heart; body and soul; soul and mind. This decision-making strongly resonates with Gemini, a sign with an extremely inquisitive mind who must learn to utilize all aspects of their character – body and soul, as well as mind – in order to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

In most Tarot decks, the Lovers card shows a winged angel floating above two people who are soulmates. This angel is depicted as a messenger who comes down from the heavens to help the soulmates in their journey through life. Likewise, Gemini is the sign of the messenger, ruling the third house of travel and communication.

This shows the potential power of Gemini, where they can use their gifts of communication for the highest good, expanding their horizons in order to make their own life, and the lives of others, better.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, known as the ‘winged messenger,’ another hidden clue in the Lovers card!

King of Swords

In the Minor Arcana, Gemini is represented by the King of Swords.

The King of Swords is the master of the Swords suit.,corresponding with the Air element, representing all aspects of the mind.

You may wonder why the King of Swords represents Gemini and not the other Air signs, Libra and Aquarius. In the Tarot, some believe that Kings represent Mutable signs – this is because they are secure in their understanding of themselves and their environments, while at the same time being open to new ideas and originality. Therefore, according to this belief, the King of Swords represents the Mutable sign of Air: Gemini.

The King of Swords is an extremely powerful communicator. He is an intellectual with high standards and morals, his mental discipline is brilliant and he is concerned with fairness and equality. The King of Swords does not allow his emotions to rule him, but neither does he disregard him. The King of Swords has mastered the art of merging his head and heart as one, which is the challenge of the Lovers in the Major Arcana.

When Gemini is at their best, they too become the King of Swords, able to listen to the heart while acting through the mind. This is the person who has found a way to use their intellect for the highest good and is able to dispense justice, fairness, and equality through it.


Tarot astrology is a fascinating thing because we’re able to blend two metaphysical subjects together to gain even deeper insight into ourselves and others. As Gemini season is now upon us, let’s embrace the positive powers of this Mutable Air sign: the ability to communicate effectively, the excitement generated when exploring new ideas, the desire to expand upon existing ones, and a thirst for mental adventure!

By understanding the Lovers and the King of Swords, we can then better understand ourselves and figure out ways in which we are able to harness the power of Gemini, applying them to our own personal goals and ambitions so we, too, may become like the King of Swords!

Want to know more about how the Tarot and Astrology work together? Read more here!

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