The Best Crystals For Developing Intuition

Posted on April 08, 2018
Updated on November 03, 2020

We didn’t want to bring you another article about the best crystals for developing intuition - those articles already exist! Instead, let’s look at how we can help you see why developing your intuition can be the most empowering, life changing and happiest giving task of your life on earth. Let’s start with that!

Intuition is a function of the entire soul, mind and body, speaking to you through each chakra and telling you unknown and unseen information. This faculty is well documented and with diligent practice you can develop it. How does it help your life? It helps you read people and know who to trust; to decide if going on that date will help or ruin your life.

Intuition is the gateway to your soul and other spiritual beings who can help you break through the limits of the mind that say, ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I’m not good enough,’ or, ‘I’m too old for that.’ Intuition is the voice of your soul, the eternal spiritual self that knows what is best for you to pursue.

Intuition can show you how to heal your wonky perceptions of your life and how to upgrade your happiness to help the world be a brighter, more enjoyable place for everyone. It’s a game changer.

Now that we are clear about your potential to develop superpowers and a whole lot of happiness, let’s give you some tools to develop that skill!

Best Crystals for Intuition

Labradorite - This will help bring spiritual energy into your body so your consciousness stays elevated above a fear based state. If you feel like you’re influenced by the energy around you, this will help you by shielding the aura. It enhances intuition and psychic visions.

This crystal has been used by healers extensively and is a favorite because of the assistance it offers. This can help protect you from psychic manipulation and is great for empaths.

Amethyst - There’s no doubt that opening to intuition puts us through fears of changing and coming out of the metaphysical closet once we experience our soul and psychic abilities. This crystal enhances intuition while calming the nervous system to reduce anxiety.

Amethyst emits negative ions that cleanse your aura of an abundance of the positive ions that come from electronics and stress your nervous system.

Citrine - While some people may not see this as an intuition developing crystal, it heightens your creative energy, allowing your third eye to open. The third eye needs to have an active imagination to let the channels of truth flow. This crystal will help get that creativity flowing while also helping you manifest your desires.

This is also a crystal known to attract money.

Phenacite - This is a high vibration crystal that will help raise your own vibrations to access intuition. Some crystals are so powerful you can feel it in your body when you hold them and this is usually one of them - which is why it’s also rare and expensive. Try it for yourself.

Moonstone - This helps you connect to the creative side of your brain, bypassing the logic side which sees only in limited information style perceptions.

The logic brain wants you to think you are isolated and need to compete. Moonstone will help you use the power of emotions to attract miracles to you and heal yourself on an emotional level so you can move past limited thinking. This crystal also helps protect you from physical attack in your dream state.

Malachite - This green crystal will also help you bypass the logic brain. It’s great for healing your heart, which may be blocking your energy from moving to your upper chakras. This can help you transform your darker emotions into a healed state of expansion, allowing you to vibrate at a higher frequency and access intuitive capacities.


Crystals help raise your vibration and cleanse negative low vibration emotions that block a clear channel to the high frequency you need to tune into to use your intuitive connection. When we activate our intuition, we start to get feelings and visions of our purpose.

We also increase our ability to focus on the visions we create. This is where it becomes very important to ‘be careful what you wish for.’

When your intuition starts to open you will experience life in a whole new way where you realize you have power. The best advice is to always have a pure intention behind what you visualize and make sure it feels like it’s for the highest good.

Then, make each word a prayer and not a random spear creating your reality, whether you like it or not. We are co-creating our reality and nothing is written in stone. We write about developing intuition so you can be empowered, independent and follow the path that in your gut feels like the only possible right thing to do.

We are all connected on a soul level and using crystals to raise our vibration can only help us bring more peace and prosperity to our lives.

Again just to be clear, raising our vibration means moving the energy up from our lower chakras - where we are only concerned about sex, money and material things for ourselves - to the upper chakras where our consciousness expands to feel compassion for all of humanity.

It is here that our passions are driven by something greater than ourselves, providing us with self esteem that cannot be stripped from us no matter what we look like.

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