The Best Times to Meet Your Soul Mate: Love-Charged Transits of 2019

Posted on January 20, 2019

It’s another year, another fresh page, another tabula rasa of new beginnings! Are you single and ready to mingle? Every new year presents exciting opportunities and breathes fresh optimism into the hearts of the enlightened looking for love. It’s time to start thinking about soulmates again!

Pisces season is just around the corner! As the Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisceans are considered the most romantic and compassionate of all. And Pisces loves their soul mate talk! So today we are going to look at how you can use this tabula rasa of new beginnings in 2019 by discovering when the love-charged transits are this year.

Are you ready? Grab a cup of coffee or your favourite serenity tea and let’s sit down and work this out. I’m breaking this down by the season, and not by the zodiac sign. These transits are great for all of us, and you can use your Daily Love Horoscopes to find out more specifics on how these transits will dial up your love game in 2019. You can also download our free monthly astrological calendars right here!

We’re going to specifically look at what love planets Venus and Mars are doing, how some of the Full Moons will impact your soul mate quest, and yes, those retrogrades that bounce you some karmic boomerangs that are full of nothing but love, sweet love. So let’s get to it!

Note for Our Southern Hemisphere Friends:

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the names of the seasons will be opposite. Our Summer will be your Winter, and our Spring will be your Fall. But the transits won’t change at all. When we have transits you will have them one day ahead. I will not only note the names of the seasons but the calendar dates as well, which of course will be the same for you also.

Winter 2019 – December 21, 2018 to March 20, 2019

The Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn launched Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. That season goes until Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, which is the season launched by the Cardinal sign of the Fire signs Aries.

Let’s have a look at the transits during this time frame that will help you find or attract your soul mate, no matter where you live in the world.

  • January 21 – Full Moon in Leo, Total Lunar Eclipse:

On this date, we have matters in our life coming to completion and creating radical change in our lives. The endings here are more significant than traditional Full Moon endings. But this is happening in Leo, the zodiac sign of flirt and love. So if you are looking for your soul mate now, amp up the fun factor and put behind you what is no longer working for you. The day after this one, we have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, and there is plenty of Full Moon energy left to play with. Venus wants to help you attract someone special now, and Jupiter is going to have you feeling very, very lucky. Time for a big move. What will it be?

  • February 14 to March 31 – Mars in Taurus:

Here we have the lover planet and warrior planet Mars entering Taurus, the Fixed sign of the Earth signs. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Mars’s lover, and even though Taurus is an Earth sign, they are very sensual and love to attract some sexy things in their life. Mars will be in this sensual and sexy sign from Valentine’s Day until March 31! Taurus is slower moving and cares about commitment. This is a good thing for soul mates! Follow that drive and passion that Mars is sending your way, and prepare yourself for making this relationship stick. It’s easy to find love now, but warrior Mars could interfere with some tests despite this lovely little Valentine’s Day gift from the Universe. It’s easy to find love, it’s work to keep it. Work it like a Taurus and you’ve got this.

  • March 5 to March 28 – Mercury retrograde in Pisces:

If you follow any of our writings on Mercury retrograde, you’ll notice I talk a lot about this being a big breakup time. But it’s also a big bounce back time. If you break up during Mercury retrograde, don’t freak out! Those breakups usually come back. But Mercury retrogrades are also about blasts from the past. I’ve often called it feast or famine time when it comes to love. Soul mate energy is so abundant now, and with this Mercury retrograde happening in Pisces, wowza! There’s not just a little romance to go around. There’s a lot! So you may have some decisions to make here. Nostalgia matters now, because your soul mate is someone you’ve had an experience with in a previous life, right back to your first lifetime when you chose your soul circle. So retrogrades are powerful soulmate periods. This lovely transit is going to take you right into Spring which will be the awesome sauce of your Spring fever.

  • March 6 – New Moon in Pisces:

During this retrograde period of Mercury and right before Spring launches we have this woozy romantic New Moon in Pisces. It’s new beginnings time! The new beginnings in love are all up to you. Plant the seeds now, and watch the romantic blossoms arrive in about two weeks time.

Spring 2019 – March 20, 2019 to June 21, 2019

In both hemispheres, the Cardinal sign of the Fire signs Aries launches Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. That season goes until Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Of course, Spring fever leads us into Summer lovin’ so expect a lot of action at this point of the calendar year. The Universe is happy to kindly oblige with some treats for soul mate love.

  • March 20 – Full Moon in Libra:

We have the Sun entering Aries this day but Aries is not as soul mate oriented as Libra is, so this Full Moon transit is going to be your biggest focus when it comes to soul mate love. That’s because Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which rules the seventh house which is your house of true love. You want to pay attention to your Daily Horoscopes all year long, every day, to see when you have seventh house activity. That is soul mate love time. But in this specific transit, we have a Full Moon in Libra this seventh house of love and commitment. Libra as a Cardinal sign is an initiator, and Full Moons are about closures. So you are launching some endings here that will bring some romantic matters to a close. That could mean anything from breakups to minor things like ending an ongoing fight you’ve been having with someone. It’s time to wrap it up. And if there are toxic people in your life, they are preventing you from meeting your true soul mate. Time to make some cuts now, but also look ahead to how these cuts can help you to make some room for new beginnings as well. Also note that it’s officially Spring on this day as well, so it’s Spring fever time. Use it or lose it, baby!

  • March 26 to April 20 – Venus in Pisces:

Here we have lover Venus working with the romantic Pisces. Venus is the planet that helps us to attract things and opportunities in our life, and Pisces is the sign that is romantic and compassionate. Forgiveness breeds romance now! It may be time to forgive yourself as well. Pisces is slower energy so don’t expect much to happen out of the blue. But we are still in Mercury retrograde, so there is some excitement to be had. Oodles of love to go around with so much Pisces energy. Follow the cues, Venus is helping you to attract some wonderful things now.
  • May 15 to July 1 – Mars in Cancer:

Now we have the warrior planet entering the domestic Cardinal sign of the Water signs, in a transit that is going to last through the launch of Summer. Cancer is the Cardinal sign that launches Summer, and the Water sign that is all lovey and dovey about domestic matters. It’s all about the roots for Cancer, the foundations of love, and building longevity in romance. When you are looking to attract romance and soul mates now, Mars is going to give you the drive and passion you need to stoke those fires of domesticity. It’s the kind of time where if you bring baked goods to a lover, they feel cherished and appreciated for your efforts and thoughtfulness, and it feeds some little seeds of love to help them stand the test of time. Combine this energy with the ingredients of Spring Fever and Summer lovin’ and the outcome of this recipe is pure soul mate magic. Nurture, nurture, nurture. Bring out your Mama Bear now, friends, and love happens.

  • May 18 - Full Moon in Scorpio:

Here we have more closures on emotional matters, and Scorpio closures are going to be intense. As the Fixed sign of the Water signs, when Scorpio says goodbye, they’re also saying, you are dead to me. That’s the Pluto influence of Scorpio. Scorpio does not hang on to that which no longer serves. Now, Scorpio is also a Fixed sign so it could take them a little while to get to the “dead to me” state. But when Scorpio makes that decision, it’s time to go and no amount of whining in the world will change their mind. If an ending happens TO you in love, accept and move on, and do not, I repeat do NOT, bring out your obsessive needy side. We all have one. And if you create the ending or closure now, make it a clean break and very clear to all parties. It’s going to be emotional. Prepare. Trust. Scorpio endings are the ugly cries of the world. But sometimes that just needs to happen, baby. If it does, the Universe is saying there is something better, out there. Know your worth. Uphold your worth. Stand in your truth. It’s not all bad. When you stand in truth, miracles happen. At the same time closures could mean that you see relationship statuses change from dating to engaged, engaged to married. It is Spring after all. Take note of what happens now, your soul mate deserves the best possible you. And so do you!

Summer 2019 – June 21, 2019 to September 23, 2019

In both hemispheres, the Cardinal sign of the Water signs Cancer launches Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. That season goes until Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. We’ve treated our Spring fever with some romantic blasts from the past, thank you Mercury retrograde. Now, Summer lovin’ is in full swing and it’s time to just…enjoy. Remember that Cancer energy is abundant now as Summer begins, so nurture, nurture, nurture, those fires of love. Let’s see what we have here.

  • July 1 to August 18 – Mars in Leo:

Well isn’t this a fun surprise! We have love from lovable Leo almost all Summer long! Mars as the warrior love planet enters the fun-loving and very romantic Leo starting July 1 and through the mid-point of August. You are inspired and driven to have fun now. The Universe wants you to pay attention to this. Get your flirt on and don’t say no at this time. Time for that new haircut, a few new wardrobe staples that show off your awesome everything, and just shine, baby, shine. When you pursue love, love finds you.

  • July 3 to July 28 – Venus in Cancer:

Again with the reminders about nurturing that domestic center. When you do this, you attract wonderful things. Venus is the attraction planet, and when you follow the vibes she is sending, she has little magical surprises in store for you at the end of her happy rainbow. Love feeds love, and it’s all about planting the seeds of family now. It’s okay to bring soul mates to family gatherings now, which will be abundant this time of year. When you do, you see and feel the love multiply. That’s what it’s all about, baby. And also, it’s wedding season! It’s the time of year when soul mates are found at weddings, when everyone is feeling ooey-gooey good romantic mush. Today. Hear those bells ringing, lovelies, and don’t say no to any invitations if you are single. When you feed the family roots, Venus will help you to attract some beautiful love. You’ll see!

  • July 19 to August 1 – Mercury retrograde in Cancer:

Love enters the slow lane again folks as Mercury goes retrograde in another Water sign, the Cardinal Water sign Cancer. Remember Cancer is already slow-moving and Cancer plays for the long haul in love. So love enters the slow lane. Mercury retrograde has already slowed down some communication, and Cancer is working on nurturing who she wants to play for keeps with. Boomerang love happens too, remember. But Cancer is nostalgic as well, ruling the fourth house of roots and foundations. Add that nostalgic component to Mercury retrograde nostalgia, and there’s a lot of past energy in play. Use it! And don’t be impatient now. Let love percolate and see what soul mate things happen during this very saucy summer.

  • July 27 to August 21 – Venus in Leo:

Here we have the love and attraction planet Venus in the saucy Fire sign Leo. Leo loves to play. Leo loves to flirt. Leo does not always like to play for keeps, but you can still hook them by being your natural self. Leo doesn’t like fakes or liars, but LOVES flattery. It can be exhausting to stroke someone’s ego constantly. That’s one reason Leo doesn’t always keep lovers, and it’s not Leo’s fault. Some zodiac signs just get tired of the constant need for attention. But if you love someone, it’s not work. And loving Leo is so super easy. When you flatter your lover during Leo season you are telling them you appreciate them, and Venus is helping you to attract just the right people to do that with. Go for it! Get that flirt on! Make this Summer lovin’ the Summer lovin’ of a lifetime.

Fall 2019 – September 23, 2019 to December 22, 2019

In both hemispheres, the Cardinal sign of the Air signs Libra launches Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. That season goes until Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere., Summer lovin’ is behind us, and we want to use the Fall energy to harvest some real soul mate blessings. For that, we have the lovable zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio, who will bless your love life through the end of the year. Libra is going to bring the harmony and rational love, and Scorpio is going to bring the emotional intensity and show you a love like no other.

We don’t have a lot of transits to work with during this time, but the ones we do have are very exciting. We’re going to look specifically at what Venus is doing in the Fall, as she is the attraction planet. If you don’t have your soul mate yet and want to by the end of 2019, use the energy of Venus. Stay on top of those Daily Horoscopes as well to see how she can help you to attract soul mate love every day during the Fall and into the holiday season. So let’s see what Venus has here.

  • Venus in Libra – September 4 to October 8:

This is an exciting transit because Venus rules Libra, and as previously discussed, Libra is the relationship sign. So here we have the attraction planet in the relationship sign. This is the best time of the year to begin setting out the seeds of attraction if you are still single. And if you are attached, stoke those seeds of commitment. Libra is all about harmony and peace, so this is not the time to bring out your drama queen. It’s the time to be the Secretary of State in love, and just stoke the fires of peace. When you do that, you send signals to your soul mate that you are the peacekeeper and will not be a dramatic relationship to work with.

  • Venus in Scorpio – October 8 to November 1:

After the peaceful vibes of Libran Venus enters the more intense zodiac sign of Scorpio, who is the Fixed sign of the Water signs. Where rational and pragmatic peace resided in the harmony relationship sign, now we have some intense emotions. And Scorpio is a little obsessive and when the shadow side prevails can get a little Single White Female. But that’s when Scorpio loses their love. And anyone else. Don’t do that! Instead, cater to all of the wonderful things that Scorpio is. And that is a heart full of loving and giving that sometimes feel like the love is so much you don’t know how you got so lucky. When you do that, Venus helps you to attract beautiful things, regardless of your relationship status!

After Venus enters Scorpio, she will be in Fire sign Sagittarius until November 26. This is a lucky time for attraction, and one to focus on play or travel with your lover or soul mate. You can find love even when travelling! Then Venus will return to the Cardinal sign of Capricorn until the end of the year. That’s when you will focus on getting grounded in commitment. We’ll look at how that impacts your Winter 2020 in next year’s forecast. Be sure to let us know how that goes!

Concluding Thoughts…

This is a lot of information! If you are on the quest for a lover that is a soul mate this year, print this page up or bookmark it on your desktop beside your regular everyday calendar. Keep an eye out for these transits, and really pay attention to the signals and cues the Universe is sending you during these dates. If you journal, print this and keep it in there for reference throughout the year. There’s a lot of soul mate energy available to you this year. Are you paying attention?

Be sure you are keeping up with our Daily Horoscopes and Daily Love Horoscopes for the specifics on how these transits will touch your romantic affairs. Love and be loved this year, Earthlings. And report back! We want to hear every romantic detail. Well, almost everything. Wishing you the most loving year of your dreams.

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