The Dark Pixie Astrology: Mars in Gemini Influences, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on March 29, 2019

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​Energetic, passionate Mars tours through the sign of Gemini March 31st – May 15th, 2019. As an Air sign, Gemini rules the mind; and the ideas you come up with and plans you craft fall under the domain of this sign. Mars is the planet of action, so when the red planet is in Gemini, you want to take those ideas and plans and do something with them! No longer a time to just think, the effect of Mars in Gemini is to act on your ideas.

This Mars in Gemini transit is especially strong as Mars will be the only planet in an Air sign for much of the tour in Gemini. You may feel the push to act on your ideas even stronger than a usual Mars in Gemini transit. It becomes incredibly important for you to make the most of the energy and do what you can to make your ideas tangible reality.

Let’s take a look at what each zodiac sign can expect over the coming weeks!

Aries: Keep Busy

Without enough to do, you can go a little wonky! As the sign naturally ruled by Mars, Aries always needs to keep busy, so while Mars is in Gemini, take on lots of smaller projects you can finish quickly.

Tackle the ideas you can make happen in the short-term, and come up with plans you can act on quickly. This can also be a great time for learning, so if you’ve had something of interest you’ve wanted to dive into, you can during this transit.

Taurus: Take Time Choosing

With Mars leaving your sign, your energy may slow down to your normal pace, and you can take your time in taking action. Taurus doesn’t like moving too fast - knowing that once you do act, you see things through to the end - so you can take your time choosing which ideas you want to get started with.

This Mars in Gemini transit can be helpful for focusing on ideas that involve your finances, like pursuing an idea to make some extra money.

Gemini: Begin Now

Since Mars is in your sign, you get the surge in energy and drive that comes with this planet. That’s a good thing since Gemini doesn’t like to be idle for too long, so you can focus on lots of ideas and plans.

It’s great energy for working on something brand new, a new beginning, and setting yourself on a new path for the next 2 years. Pick an idea or plan that excites you, that you can take initiative with, and get moving fast.

Cancer: Intuitive Guidance

Cancer, you can trust your instincts during this Mars in Gemini transit - which can be strong anyway - but they may feel especially strong now. You can pursue spiritual projects and explore spiritual ideas, and work to strengthen intuition.

If you’re uncertain about which ideas to work on, your inner guide can help you out with a strong connection. You also may want to work on ideas to finish something, wrap something up, let something go, or move on from something.

Leo: Ideas for Change

This can be an excellent time to work on ideas for change. Leo may not be the most open to change as a Fixed sign, but you can feel open to change during this Mars in Gemini transit. There must be some change you’ve been thinking about for a while.

You can also focus on ideas that are way outside the box, outside of your comfort zone, out in far left field (or out of the park!). Think wild and free and take initiative with unconventional ideas!

Virgo: Think Long-term

Hard work may be a Virgo thing, but the little things can tangle you up. During this Mars in Gemini transit, you can take a step back and see how all of the pieces fit together long-term.

It’s great energy for working on ideas for your long-term goals and putting together long-term plans. Your view can be super practical, and you can feel more connected to your goals. You may even hit a high point early.

Libra: Go Big

Got big ideas? Now would be the time to take some action with them. Libra usually wants to take a measured, thoughtful approach, but you can feel so good during this Mars in Gemini transit that you have a little extra courage to take a chance on yourself.

You can feel bold and brave, so make the most of it. You may want to pursue travel, expand your life and mind, and if you’ve got a book in you, it can be a good time for writing.

Scorpio: Get Obsessed

The ideas you focus on during this Mars in Gemini transit might be the kind you can throw yourself into and get obsessed with. That is pretty typical Scorpio, so you can handle it well.

You can dig deeper and investigate something you need more information about, and work on solutions to serious matters. With extra passion, you may want to work on ideas for transformation by taking something old and bringing new life to it.

Sagittarius: Involve Others

Gemini is your opposing sign, so ideas you pursue during this transit may involve other people, and you can work on being a better partner and communicator. Sagittarius may be the I-need-space type, but you can still have solid relationships and connections with some effort.

Working with others may bring out new ideas that you hadn’t thought of before, and you may find you have an easier time pursuing ideas when you have help.

Capricorn: Practical Ideas

There may be plenty of plans to craft for your ideas during this Mars in Gemini transit, and you can get quite detailed. Capricorn loves long-term planning, and you can see all of the little pieces.

Your usual practical outlook can seem even more practical, and you can pursue practical ideas for improving your routine or regimen, increasing productivity and efficiency, or advancing your work projects.

Aquarius: Be Creative

Creativity can run high while Mars is in Gemini for you, and you can focus that energy on projects that require a creative approach, or on something mundane that could use a little life.

Aquarius tends to be open to new, different approaches, and that can help you find more inspiration and feel motivated to pursue what you enjoy most. Ideas that are heartfelt and make you feel good can get more attention.

Pisces: From the Ground Up

Any venture needs to have a strong foundation in order to succeed, and that may get a lot of your focus during this Mars in Gemini transit. Pisces tends to be in tune with the subtle energies all around us, and you may sense that this is a time to strengthen existing foundations, working on ideas from the ground up so you can make their foundations solid.

Your attention may be directed most to ideas involving your home (improvements, renovations) or family.


No matter what ideas you take action with while Mars is in Gemini, you’ll likely gather the information you may need to get informed before taking action. If you have a hard time making a choice, bounce ideas off of the people in your life for advice.

Gemini likes lots of information and various opinions, and since they’re the sign of the Twins, think about working on two ideas simultaneously if you can’t choose just one!

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