Beneficial Thought: The Gracious Way to Channel Mars in Libra and Win

Posted on October 26, 2017
Updated on October 28, 2020

Do you know what John D. Rockefeller, George Bernard Shaw, John Lennon, and Bill Clinton all have in common? Besides being famous and successful of course, these celebrities all have Mars in Libra in their natal charts.

If you really think about it, you will notice that each of them all have this sort of quiet elegance and grace that plays to knock it out of the park every time. That is Mars in Libra. When you combine warrior planet Mars with justice warrior Libra, you can sometimes get a little bit of both war AND peace.

If you channel it right, you can knock it out of the park too just like these quiet winners of days gone by. Today we are going to talk how to win like a Rockefeller, with Mars in Libra.

What is Mars in Libra?

Here we have the aggressive and passionate warrior planet Mars that plays to win, in the docile, gentle, kind and compassionate justice fighter Libra. This is a great transit because the quiet and airy nature of Libra dampens down the aggressive warrior in Mars.

What essentially happens under this transit is that you begin pursuing things in your life with purpose.

That could be a relationship, a job, a success story, anything really. Whereas normally Mars is just playing to win, when Mars is in Libra, he plays to win because it’s the right thing to do. For everybody, so there’s a higher ordered sense of fairness and justice to the work that is performed when Mars is in Libra.

However, Mars is gonna be Mars. In your daily horoscopes, you are getting cautions to keep that temper in check when Mars arrives on the scene. If you can find a way to win quietly and elegantly, like Rockefeller or the Clintons, you too can engage your inner warrior to win, in a way that meets your big picture goals in mind.

What to Expect with Mars in Libra

You are likely to see the most problems in relationships than in any other area of your life when Mars is in Libra. These could be work relationships or romantic ones, but you are dealing with the love planet Mars and relationship minded Libra. Sometimes Libra tamps down Mars energy a little too much under this transit.

When that happens, warrior Mars becomes passive aggressive Mars.That’s never a good thing, because when that happens, now not only do you have a problem with someone, but you have the added problem of them (or you) being passive aggressive about it. That’s no way to win.

Assertive Mars would say for example, “Can someone help me unload the car?” Mars in Libra might say, “Gosh, I get so tired after unloading the car. I really wish I didn’t always have to do it by myself. My nights get so wrecked after that.”

That’s an extreme example obviously. Hopefully, nobody’s night has ever been “wrecked” because they had to empty their own car, but you get the picture. Mars in Libra can be VERY passive aggressive, and you aren’t going to be channeling your inner John Lennon or John Rockefeller if that’s the approach you are taking to life.

Libra likes to balance everything out as well. It’s rare to get a straight answer from a Libra on a big matter. Even if they know the answer right away, they like to mull it over, or even look like they are mulling it over. Most of the time, Libra is literally just that indecisive.

They are taking things off one scale, putting it on another, and doing it back and forth until they have satisfied themselves with the appropriate outcome. This too can be frustrating if you need answers that will help you to succeed in life, or even just that day. Again, you have to channel it all with a smile to win when Mars is in Libra.

Mars in Libra Tip Sheet

With Mars in Libra from October 22 to December 9 of this year, here’s how to win under this transit as you wrap up 2017.

• Don’t be shy. Libra is a very sociable sign, and Mars is the energetic competitive one. Saying no to opportunities is not a great idea right now, whether they are romantic or professional. You may even see romantic blips in the work zone! Embrace the things the universe sends your way right now.

• Just because aren’t saying no doesn’t mean you have to say yes just yet either. Spend some time mulling things over. Fools are not rushing in, and winning, under Mars in Libra. Give everything time while you adjust to embracing these new possibilities.

• Be open. Libra has a way of holding everything inside, until one day they erupt. With Mars in play, those eruptions are going to be volcanic, so don’t hold it all in. Be open. Express your feelings with the kindness, peace and harmony of Libra. You’re allowed to not like things, but you aren’t allowed to be mean about it, or withdrawn. Being withdrawn will send opportunities away.

• Reconnect and reunite. If there has been an estrangement in your life with a family member or loved one, this is a wonderful time to reconnect. Just make up with them! If you are trying to get a lover back, this is a wonderful time to bring back the peace and harmony that you once shared.

Remember, don’t be passive aggressive and don’t be closed off emotionally. Come from a place of peace and harmony with Mars in Libra. When you do, your inner grace rises you to the top of your game.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to winning, channeling Mars energy is always a great idea, but it’s very easy to go overboard when dealing with the warrior planet. This is why Mars in Libra is such a wonderful transit for success. Libra dampens down that competitive energy, and enters the game with a graceful smile.

The only thing you need to be careful of is having your competitive edge dampened down too much. Don’t be your own worst enemy, and play to win, but play to win fair. Channel your inner Rockefeller or Clinton. Where do you think you are going to need this most?

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