The Best Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on October 26, 2018
Updated on October 12, 2021

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Trick or Treat! It’s that time of year again when we all look forward to the tradition of dressing up and scaring each other.

The history of Halloween is tied to the Celtic tradition of Samhain that spans from October 31st to November 1st. Samhain was considered the most important time to remember the dead because it was believed that the borders between the worlds of the dead and the living become thinner. Many of the Halloween festivities we participate in today are based on ancient Samhain rituals - including the still popular tradition of dressing up in a Halloween costume to go trick-or-treating!

Some people’s costumes are inspired by pop culture references, celebrities, and characters from popular TV shows or movies. Others choose to use the event to make a pointed or satirical political statement, roasting key players in the media, or simply speaking out about the health and environmental impacts of Halloween.

Still, others use the occasion to experiment with makeup, fashion, or even to tap into a side of their personality they only feel comfortable showing once a year.

What Halloween Costume Should Your Zodiac Sign Dress In?

Whatever your theme or destination is this Halloween, if you put some thought into what the best costume would be, you’re guaranteed to make a splash. Instead of suggesting just one costume for each sign, we’ll look at ideas and themes you can use to choose your costume for the year based on the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Aries Costume: Superhero

Rams are the fearless leaders we all follow willingly – especially when it comes to sports and competition. In the heyday of the superhero movie – and with more to choose from than ever – now is the perfect time to dress up as your fave action star!

From the ground-breaking Black Panther to the empowering Wonder Woman, or the upcoming Captain Marvel and the antihero Venom, we have a broader base than ever to choose from – supes no longer just fit into the perfect codpiece anymore!

Taurus Costume: Food

Bulls are creatures of the senses – gear your costume towards one or more of them! It could be really fun to go as your favorite food (Think how delicious you’ll look like an ice cream sundae) or play with your naughty side and think about how your garb feels to other people – go in all faux fur or smooth latex.

Go as a hot dog and try to smell like one too! Throw everyone off – Taurus is not often thought of as a weirdo, but Halloween is a chance to go outside that comfort zone you tend to get stuck in!

Gemini Costume: Heist Character

Social butterfly Gemini loves to mix it up – and sometimes, yes, to stir the pot, just because they can. The sign of the twins is terrific at bringing people together and they enjoy being in the mix with a great group of people. Take a cue from one of 2018’s most popular ensemble cast films, Ocean’s Eight, and have some fun choosing which of the jewel heist characters best suits your personality!

Cancer Costume: Cartoon Character

Emotional, nurturing Cancer is all about family, so why not go in a group with your nearest and dearest? Look to classic Halloween families like the Addams or give a nod to the futuristic Jetsons or the prehistoric Flintstones, depending on your taste.

Cancers are known to be sensitive, caring, and shy, so if you want to go completely against the grain.

Leo Costume: Royalty

Grabbing the spotlight is definitely in your wheelhouse, so look no further than the news for some costume suggestions! Some of the biggest spotlight-grabbing stories in 2018 have been the birth of the royal baby, Prince Louis (also the name of the famous French Sun King and we know the golden Sun also rules Leo), and the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Tip your hat to your regal side and dress as one of the royals yourself, or throw impersonation by the wayside and make yourself up as your own version of what royalty should look like. Have some fun practicing your best royal wave.

Virgo Costume: Musician

Respect is uber important to the sign of the virgin, so this Halloween, consider paying homage by dressing in honor of some of the folks who are no longer with us. We lost the incredible music icon Aretha Franklin this year who gave us the empowering anthem ‘Respect,’ and Burt Reynolds, the studly, mustachioed star of 70s classics like Cannonball Run (younger generations may know him from his famous spiced rum and butter ripple shot).

Virgos always maintain a certain level of taste, so stick to honoring their memory – no zombie variations, please.

Libra: Mythical Creature

You are the sign of the scales and finding balance and harmony is probably pretty close to your heart. Showcase the beauty you find in acceptance and even collaboration between ideas, people, and beliefs.

You can go literal and dress in opposing colors or textures, you can go the Harvey Two-Face route and split your appearance, or find a gorgeous blend between two or more ideas and be a unicorn and a fairy! Whatever you choose, this could be a really beautiful personal expression.

Scorpio: Spy or Detective

Scorpio is the sign of mystery, sex, secrets, death, and rebirth. This is the zodiac sign that can search out any detail, no matter how small – one should never lie to a Scorpio! Combine your intensity with your sexy side and add a dash of your probing ability to be a devastatingly devilish detective.

We’re not talking Batman or Sherlock here necessarily; look for inspiration in the 70s classic Charlie’s Angels, the magnificent 80s time capsule that is Magnum P.I. or even the timeless paranormal duo Mulder and Scully.

Sagittarius: Risque Humor

Sagittarius is a bit of a wildcard – you are the one who will try anything once. It’s not uncommon for the sign of the archer to have a twisted sense of humor. The raunchy costume definitely has a place, and who better than the quirky and adventurous Sagittarius to push the boundaries?

Go for a tandem butt costume with your bestie or partner (each of you goes as a butt cheek, and you wear one big pair of undies over top), or just be totally out there and go like a headless chicken or a giant sex toy. See what kinds of conversations you inspire!

Capricorn: Scary Paranormal

Tradition rules in the land of Capricorn, so why not embrace that and throw it back to a classic Halloween costume like a ghost… but modernized! With all the creepy new shows like Haunted, The Haunting of Hill House, and the ongoing television gem American Horror Story, ghosts aren’t just Casper-like shadows covered in white sheets anymore.

The specters of today can scare the candy right out of you, so give someone a real classic jump scare by turning into your own paranormal activity!

Aquarius: Historical Figure

You’re the weirdos of the zodiac, but you’re also the inventors, the risk-takers, the dreamers with the capacity to take a crazy idea and make it into something tangible and amazing. Why not go as a famous entrepreneur or whiz kid?

There are many to choose from – what’s your fave invention? Throw on your favorite black turtleneck and go as Steve Jobs, maybe Elon Musk (he has a freaking rocket company), or one of the granddaddies of invention – we can thank him for swim fins and bifocals: Benjamin Franklin.

Pisces: Reality Star

Creative Pisces tend to be drawn to worlds of fantasy – it helps you escape the harsh everyday realities that can overburden you when you aren’t able to affect positive change. The sign of the fish is also known to be helpful and caring, rushing to the aid of others, sometimes at the risk of their own emotional health.

Turn the tables just this one night and go as a high maintenance and unreasonable drama king or queen a la The Real Housewives of Insert Your City Here, or even better – go as a Dance MomAries


Choosing a costume comes down to a lot of things - how much you plan ahead, how much you want to spend, and what your motivation is to get one. Are you heading to a party? Hosting one? Just opening the door for trick-or-treaters? Participating in a contest at work?

Great costumes take some thought and planning, but sometimes what you throw together last minute at a thrift shop can be a scream too. Whether we hit the nail on the head or not with our suggestions, we hope you get out there and have some spooky fun! Tell us if you liked any of these or what you’d choose instead!

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