The Soul Star Chakra: The Chakra You’ve Been Ignoring

Posted on October 17, 2017

The chakras have received quite a bit of attention in recent years, however, we tend to focus on the seven main chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. And while it’s always beneficial to keep these chakras balanced and aligned, there’s a chakra you may have been overlooking, the point at which love and spirit join forces and move into the body.

This is known as the Soul Star chakra. It is the first of the transpersonal chakras, those surrounding the body located on what’s called the “stellar pathway.” Associated with the crown chakra, the soul star chakra exists just above the crown, and represents the divine, spiritual energy that encompasses the universe.

The crown chakra and Soul Star chakra are so closely related, that there exists some confusion as to their specific purposes; while the crown chakra is associated with the spiritual forces of nature, it is more ego-driven. Where the crown chakra allows us to understand and connect with our spiritual nature, there is an essence of separation from the world around us.

The Soul Star chakra, however, allows us to see the swirling, cosmic connectedness between ourselves and the universe.

When our Soul Star chakra is in alignment with the rest of our chakras, we will feel a sense of purposefulness, and glean a profound conception of our place in the universe, our gifts and talents and our zest for life. An excitable Soul Star chakra can leave us feeling restless and frivolous, yearning for grounding.

An underdeveloped Soul Star chakra can cause feelings of purposelessness or anxiety about our life’s path. It is even said that a well-balanced Soul Star chakra has the potential to allow us access to our memories of past lives.

Also known as the “seat of the soul,” this chakra allows us to transcend and evolve our inner wealth, connecting us with divine, loving energy. There is an element of release with this chakra, letting go and letting the divine enter and transform your life.

This chakra reminds you to surrender to the celestial, heavenly forces beyond yourself, and to trust your path. It is a call to calming, loving and wildly divine experiences and feelings.

There are many ways to activate and balance your Soul Star chakra. Crystals are one of the most effective means for balancing the chakras, and there are quite a few crystals associated with the Soul Star. Indigo and blue Kyanite are both great crystals to use with the transpersonal chakras.

Selenite, a truly mystical stone, is a great stone to use when balancing the Soul Star chakra, in addition to having mood boosting properties.

The Soul Star chakra is associated with the color white. To activate this chakra, imagine white rays of light connecting the crown of your head to the light of the sun and beyond this galaxy. Imagine your soul connecting with the divine energy of the cosmos, and basking in its glow.

Yoga is another fantastic approach for balancing the chakras. While practicing yoga, imagine a white light shooting straight into the ether, from your crown chakra. Envision sending your spiritual energy out, extending it to the universe, allowing the two to forge a connection.

Then imagine the energy of the universe being given right back to you, entering through the crown of your head.

Practicing gratitude, for your soul’s previous transitions and evolution, is a great way to get in touch with your Soul Star. Your cosmic union with the world around you, and your unique and special purpose are something to be grateful for every day.

Practice loving yourself, loving your life’s path and all the experiences that have come with it.

The Soul Star chakra is a hidden gem in the cosmic connection between our energy and our souls. Life is all about finding and maintaining balance whenever possible. Balancing and activating your Soul Star will leave you with a sense of purpose and a deep, meaningful connection between your spirit and the spiritual energy of the universe.

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