Top 5 Myths About Aquarius

Posted on February 14, 2019

Aquarius is the second-to-last sign of the zodiac, the sign that bridges businesslike Capricorn and sensitive Pisces. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign ruled by Uranus, and those born during the sign are known to be innovative and independent.

However, they’re also known for being stand-offish, pushy, and isolated - yet those perceptions are not always reality! Aquarians have a lot more going on under the surface and what you’re seeing is often just an odd way of expressing a totally different thought or emotion.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways Aquarius is misunderstood.

Myth #1: They Act So Conventional

Aquarians are rightly seen as having a streak that is innovative or lets them be ahead of their time. Yet many Aquarians also seem to have this very dull, day-to-day conventionality that makes them seem kind of square. It’s not that they’re scared or uncool; it’s that their risk-taking is calculated.

If they can see the negatives outweigh the positives of a certain move, they become very stubborn about not taking that risk. Again, it’s not because of fear or blandness - it’s because they know it likely won’t work out well.

For example, your Aquarian friend might like having a stable 9-5 administrative job, not because they’re afraid to set out on their own or too nervous to join a startup, but because for them, the risks of those ventures outweigh the stability that their office job affords them (there’s that Fixed quality showing up).

Sure, they can be open-minded, but this Air sign doesn’t want to leave its entire future up in the air, so to speak.

Myth #2: They Know Best & Will Never Let You Forget It

Aquarians have a reputation of being insistent on doing things their way or telling you what’s right and what’s wrong - and it can seem really pushy. They may seem that way, but they’re not actually trying to preach at you or control what you do. They’re trying to show you how important they think a particular point is.

Aquarius doesn’t always realize that people don’t automatically jump into debates or deep questions, and that tendency to snap out an “opinion” on Aquarius’ part can seem hurtful. For example, you’re minding your own business and working on a project. Yet here’s Aquarius, giving you a look and a mood that say your choices aren’t appropriate. You’ve got to speak up and let them know this isn’t a debate. They will respect you for it.

Myth #3: Aquarians are Cold People

Sure, that Aquarian said hello to you and shook your hand. But then they kept the conversation short and didn’t seem that interested in going any deeper than small talk, right? Don’t be offended. They’re not cold; they’re sizing you up and just not being very good at hiding it.

Give them time; however, don’t push anything. Aquarius is associated with the 11th House of Friendships -and they can light up a room - if they care about the people in it. If you continue to make friendly overtures and they continue to rebuff you, take a hint because you can’t force them into any sort of friendship or relationship.

Myth #4: Aquarians Want to Be Alone - Always

That cold tendency may also make the Aquarians out there seem like they want to be alone. ALWAYS. That’s not quite true. People who have Aquarian Sun signs or heavy Aquarian influences in their natal charts do like their alone time and need to recharge.

Even if they aren’t introverts, they have the need to not be around people for a while. They need their space, so again, don’t push interactions with them. If they like you, they’ll eventually talk to you more.

Myth #5: Aquarians Only Think of Themselves - Everyone Else Takes a Backseat

Aquarians seem to embody the concept behind airplane oxygen masks. They take care of themselves first and then deal with other people, even if those other people seem to be in trouble. This gives them a reputation of being very self-serving, but that’s actually not the case.

Aquarians are known to be very altruistic, taking the idea of community very seriously and wanting to contribute in their own way. Independent Aquarius can definitely take care of themselves, but they will help others when needed too.

Concluding Thoughts…

How many Aquarians in your life did these myths just describe? Remember to give them a chance. Protect your boundaries, but realize that Aquarius has quite a few boundaries of their own.

While knowing someone’s Sun sign can give you insight into who they are, we still shouldn’t judge a book by its cover - there’s so much more to learn! If you want to learn more about compatibility throughout the signs, check out our Love Compatibility calculator!

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