Make Love & Romance Sizzle with Passionate Venus in Virgo

Posted on September 28, 2020

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As the planet of love and pleasure enters Virgo, you may be wondering how our graceful Venus fares in this grounded and practical Earth sign!

On October 2nd, Venus enters earthy Virgo and this brings a more stable energy to our relationships.

Harsh words, cold shoulders, and explosive conflicts can now be soothed and settled by the practical energy of Virgo which encourages us to say, “okay, let’s sit down and talk about this.”

In line with Saturn direct on the 29th of September, it’s time to throw away our temper tantrums and be reasonable. Venus in Virgo enables us to see things from a more rational point of view and not be over-saturated with emotions.

Don’t forget to review your astrological love compatibility as this transit arrives!

About Venus In Virgo

This transit brings on very interesting qualities and energies. This is a time to relax and bask in the joy of fine arts, clean spaces, and earthy tones. Being an Earth sign, Virgo is connected to that rooted center of our globe’s core.

Venus helps our relationships in many ways and Virgo is all about being practical and realistic. There is no better time to find workable solutions in your relationships and figure out positive ways of moving forward.

Venus is relatively comfortable in Virgo and it makes for a rather pleasant atmosphere - the type where you can sit down over a cup of tea and biscuits and discuss things in a mutually harmonious way!

Are You Single? Get Ready

If you happen to be single right now, keep your eyes peeled for signs of a spark in existing or new relationships.

This transit is curious and anxious to bring together the elements of love and communication. There may be someone who has been eyeing you for a while that finally confesses their crush, or you may be the one with the crush to confess.

This is a great time to get that energy out in the open and begin addressing it.

Fears of rejection, shyness, or not feeling good enough are stabilized under this energy. Virgo is not over-saturated with emotions. It focuses on what is practical and doable, and when it comes to fear and insecurity, you need a bit of Virgo to help you along and encourage you to get your act together!

Virgo is critical but fair and will point out a flaw if it recognizes one.

“What are you afraid of?” says Venus in Virgo. “Don’t be silly. Focus on what is achievable. Your insecurities are all in your mind!”


4 Tips for Using Virgo In Venus Energy

Remember, Virgo is an Earth sign and the seductive prowess of Virgo is very much based on earthy, tangible things.

We see it in the Tarot’s Knight of Pentacles, a very Virgo individual indeed! Unlike his romantic counterpart, the Knight of Cups, who woos you with love songs and a rose in his mouth, or the fiery, dashing Knight of Wands who sweeps you off your feet and drives you off into the sunset.

The Knight of Pentacles’ idea of romantic wooing is to fix your washing machine and buy you a new fleece to keep you warm during winter months.

So, when romantic Venus enters Virgo, it’s the practical things that count!

1. Come Clean

Virgo loves to clean and organize, so take this opportunity to add some nice touches to your home to boost the romantic vibes.

Maybe add some new curtains, pillow covers, or candles to set the mood. Change out harsh lighting with soft bulbs that create a romantic ambiance, and make the place smell good so you actually want to spend time there. This will help override your need to get on your partner’s case about not being perfectly clean or bug them about unfinished home projects.

Take the initiative to make your home fun by adding positive energy to the space.

This transit is all about coming clean and it has the potential to truly heal injuries that have previously existed in our relationships, showing us the way to open communication and forgiveness. These energies need to unfold organically, so avoid the temptation to force a connection.

Allow your relationships to take their natural courses. Even though it can be hard, sometimes we need to move on from connections that no longer serve us.

2. Take Things Slow

Virgo is known as the meticulously organized sign, and one that never rushes into anything. As the Mutable Earth sign, and symbolized by the Hermit in the Tarot, Virgo thinks everything over about a thousand times before it actually happens.

Venus in Virgo wants you to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the ride.

This energy slows Venus down considerably, as she is usually all about the magic and sparkle when it comes to love. Now, however, it’s time to come back down to earth and focus on what’s tangible and achievable.

Reflect on what is best for your highest self at all times. Disengage from your fears, insecurities, and worries about your imperfections. Just be real.

Slow down on the flattery compliments, up the ante on authentic appreciation, and give as good as you want to get in love. Virgo is so very helpful, all the time. When you help your partner, they remember why they fell in love with you in the first place, and sometimes just appreciating is helpful enough.

3. Make Lists & Plan

In order to channel the detailed-oriented nature of Virgo, it’s a perfect time to make an extensive list of all the little and big things that you adore about your partner. Look through a lens of love, not scrutiny.

To channel your need to plan your entire life (which is such a Virgo tendency), you can harness that energy into coming up with some fun day trips, date ideas, and even intricate recipes to make together at home.

This will override the Virgo anxiety about an uncertain future which, if left untamed could make you overreact if you don’t know where the relationship is going or when it will move into something more serious. Instead of forcing your partner into changes you want, focus on planning fun things that will bring positive energy into your relationship right now.

4. Be Genuine

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign and about as real as it gets. Virgo can spot a fake a million miles away. Many times in love, and certainly when Venus is in the flattery-loving Leo, flattery gets you everywhere.

This is the opposite for when Venus is in Virgo. Fakes and insincerity are going to be real turnoffs to all zodiac signs when Venus is in Virgo. Be real.

Virgo energy often makes us get nit-picky. Virgos don’t criticize because they’re being mean, but often because Virgo people have high standards. They aren’t saying to you, “I think you suck.” They are saying, “You rock, and because I care, I think you can be even better than the amazing you you are.”

Say things that you like and appreciate about your partner.

Try to let go of any judgmental tendencies right now. We all make mistakes and we are flawed. We can’t exactly expect others to accept our flaws if we refuse to do the same for our loved ones, so try opening your heart and mind to the good and bad aspects of your friends’, family, and loved ones’ personalities.


How Will Loving Venus in Earthy Virgo Affect You?


Your natural fiery nature is stabilized by Virgo’s grounded energy, Aries.

This transit will enable you to push through any intense emotions and prevent any explosions from occurring in your relationships with others.


With your ruler in fellow Earth sign, Virgo, this is a positive time for you to make amends with anyone you have fallen out with, Taurus.

Your natural charm is enhanced and you are particularly good at persuading others with your winning ways and friendliness at this time.


Venus in Virgo enables you to come across in a practical way, Gemini. It’s a good time to work with others in order to renovate the home and build on your relationships.

Conflicts of interests can be put aside and you are able to empathize more easily with others.


With Venus in Virgo, your emotions are stabilized and you will feel more able to create a daily routine without distractions or doubt, Cancer.

You are able to convey your thoughts to others in a clear, concise way that can generate some great teamwork. Heartfelt moments can lead to deep, pure love.


You’re very focused and determined during this transit, Leo. Whatever realizations you have discovered, with Venus in earthy Virgo you are able to put your plans into action.

Others will feel inspired by your ability to get things done. You are able to find compromise in your relationships with others and work on creative projects together.


A wholly positive time for you, Virgo! With Venus entering your sign, you are able to work towards your goals with great precision.

During this time, you have powerful influence over others. You are able to heal your own relationships and even the relationships of others.


You’re less philosophical and more practical during this time, Libra. This is a great time to continue with a creative project or set up a new health regime.

Write a book, create some art, visit museums, plant some flowers, or show someone how much they mean to you. Your ruler, Venus, wants you to reconnect with the earth and its beauty.

Your Daily Love Horoscope is waiting for you!


You’ve been in a state of powerful contemplation and it’s time to get down to business, Scorpio.

Business ventures and relationships will benefit from your insight and wisdom, and in turn you will see things from the other point of view and reach a compromise.


You’re able to make amends within relationships and let bygones be bygones now, Sagittarius.

Venus in Virgo helps you understand the past and how it relates to the future. You are more willing to seek compromise and harmony now.


With Venus in a fellow Earth sign, this is a great time for making long-term plans, especially within your relationships, Capricorn.

You are able to adjust more easily to changes and concentrate on long-term goals, working with others to achieve them.


Your intriguing goals and ideals will benefit from concrete action now, Aquarius.

You are able to formulate workable plans to make your relationships the best they can be. Goals are clear to you now and you are invigorated with new enthusiasm to achieve them.


You are able to shine a light on problems within relationships and make sense of why things have happened the way they have, Pisces.

Rest assured that things are going to get better; you are able to work with others now to create harmony and joy. Virgo brings you a grafter’s energy that gives you the stamina to stick to your goals.

Be Open to Love!

All successful relationships require a degree of compromise. Venus in Virgo helps to bring just that! When the planet of love mixes with the sign of practicality, we have a nice earthy grounding that enables us to see things from others’ points of view and find workable solutions.

Remember that Virgo may come across as critical at times, but it comes from a place of love and a desire for things to be the best they can be. If we can get beyond the criticism and recognize it as a means of expression, then we are able to appreciate the great love that this sign and planet together are keen to bring out of us.

Mutual harmony, compromise and understanding - this is what this transit enables us to bring to the table.

If ever there was a time to start building on your relationships or working through issues, this is the time to do it! This goes for friendships, business relationships, family relationships and also the relationship you have with yourself too.

Be honest but fair - find this balance and great things will undoubtedly come.

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