Use Your Unique Gifts to Create Abundance

Posted on December 09, 2016

Do you know how spectacular you are? Do you know that you are a genius? Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” We have Venus in Aquarius transit beginning this week, that will last for the next few weeks. Its wonderful energy can help you to identify what makes you spectacular!

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The Magic of Venus in Aquarius

Venus is the ruling planet of love and money and it enters the sign of genius and higher level thinking. Aquarius is all about thinking (and doing) outside the box. Aquarius is not an emotionally-centered sign, it is one that thinks their way through life. It uses the most unconventional methods to solve problems and create success. There is no better time of the year for you to do just a little bit of work to discover what it is that makes you unique - because you are spectacular.

If you do not believe this, it is because you have not discovered what it is that makes you amazing and unique among the 7.5 billion people on this planet. I’ll give you an example to demonstrate my point. If you are a skilled sales person trying to learn how to knit blankets to sell at a county fair, you might find yourself feeling very ‘stupid’ or unskilled when you can’t complete a beautiful blanket. You will feel far more fulfilled if you use your gifts of sales and interpersonal connection to sell the blankets at the county fair, rather than trying to do a task that makes you feel ‘stupid’.

I would never tell you to always stay inside your comfort zone and not try to learn new things. I am referring to times when we judge ourselves, or other people, by their gifts and talents. You might feel miserable when you don’t measure up, or develop a sense of superiority when you have skills that are rewarded by society. We all have something special to share with the world. Your job is to find out what it is.

Even Einstein Had Bad Days

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest metaphysical physicists in history and he believed in both God and science. He thought there was a unique metaphysical element that connected the Universal plane with the Earthly plane. He spent his whole life trying to quantify it. He filled wastebasket upon wastebasket with his mistakes. Until one day, his work did not land in the trash bin; it landed on the Nobel prize list. Here we are today talking about him to help you find your own particular brand of genius.

There were many days when Einstein did not feel special or that he was a genius. We all have those days. As much as he is a giant in the history of science; Einstein probably had many days where he didn’t feel worthy of understanding a cat’s needs, never mind those of the human or metaphysical world. Having those days simply means that you are human. Having those days does not mean that we are not on the road to something worthwhile and important.

If you are a fish trying to climb a tree, it will be very easy for you to argue that you are not brilliant and gifted. Fishes were not meant to climb trees and there lies your problem. It’s not that you are ‘stupid’, or have no gifts and talents to offer the world. I will say it again: you are spectacular! You simply have not discovered the environment where you will thrive. Once you figure out your talents and where you belong, you need to correct your direction and stop being a fish trying to climb a tree.

Concluding Thoughts

As the law of attraction states: what you focus on, grows. Turn off the mental soundtrack that tells you that you are not spectacular. Do not permit this in your head, the heads of your loved ones, or in your daily choices. Put a mute button on that. Find the environment in which you will thrive. If you are spending your whole life believing that you are ‘stupid’, you are depriving yourself of the abundance you deserve.

You deserve abundance and there is enough to go around for everybody. You will find it when you understand what environment makes you spectacular, allows you to tap into your inner genius, and share it with the world. Ask yourself: What talents, skills, and activities make me feel powerful? Which environments do I thrive in? Where do I feel happy and fulfilled? Go be the genius you were meant to be.

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