Your Venus in Cancer Horoscopes: Bring Feelings Back to Relationships

Posted on August 06, 2020

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Venus enters Cancer on August 7th, and we are pretty excited! Venus has been in Gemini since April 3rd thanks to being retrograde in this sign for a little while. This has made Gemini the dominant energy for love and relationships over the last few months.

Venus normally spends about 1 month in a sign, so we’re in desperate need of a break. The new sign is more than welcome - it’s a breath of fresh air!

If you’ve been feeling a little stuck on the same themes in your relationships and with love during this period, now you know why. It’s because Venus has been stuck in Gemini for 4 months, keeping us stuck with it too. Onward we go!

With Venus finally moving forward into Cancer, you may start to see some shifts in your relationships, some changes with your loved ones, and a difference in your approach to love. Hopefully, all for the better (wink wink).

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What Does Venus in Cancer mean?

As the planet of love, Venus governs all relationships and the people in your life. Venus is our connection to one another, and is a sensual, attractive planet.

Gemini is an Air sign and rules the mind, so while Venus has been spending all of this time in Gemini, the dominant focus for relationships has been on communication. We’ve had to work a lot harder at trying to open up communication, keep it flowing, and listen better.

On the other hand, Cancer is a Water sign and rules emotion, so Venus moving into Cancer means the dominant focus shifts from the mind to the heart. All the overthinking can get thrown out of the window, and now is the time to focus on what you feel.

With Cancer, we can get to the roots, to the core of issues, and use that to strengthen emotional connections. We can work to be more emotionally understanding and supportive, and seek support from those we care about in return.

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Venus in Cancer in the Natal Chart

If you were born while Venus was in Cancer, this means you have Venus in Cancer in your birth chart. As a Venus in Cancer native, comfort, support, and loyalty are incredibly important to you in your relationships.

You likely need someone who makes you feel confident and secure in the relationship, and this allows you to thrive. You can be a great cheerleader when you feel supported by someone, and can help them through absolutely anything.

Don’t know your Venus sign? Use the free birth chart generatorto find out!

The Venus in Cancer Man

The Venus in Cancer man can be incredibly romantic, and makes an emotional connection a priority. They’re not the typical male, putting flashy looks and superficiality above all else, and instead tend to go for someone real.

They can avoid confrontation to a fault at times, and it can be difficult for them to let go of someone once they’re grown attached. This does mean they are dedicated and protective though.

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The Venus in Cancer Woman

The Venus in Cancer woman can be incredibly adept at understanding the emotional needs of their partner. They can sense what their partner is feeling most of the time, and this can help strengthen the bond when they find someone comfortable with their emotional sixth sense.

They may be a little needy at times, and can get hurt quickly and easily, so a delicate touch is required. This does mean they are very considerate of you though, and try to be cautious with your feelings.

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Venus in Cancer Compatibility

Fellow Water signs Scorpio and Pisces may have the best astrological compatibility with Cancer. This trio of signs connect most emotionally, and Scorpio can show the devotion Cancer craves, while Pisces can reciprocate the emotional intuition Cancer has.

Taurus and Virgo can go pretty well with Cancer too. As Earth signs, they’re more grounded, which can help ease some of the emotional ebbs and flows of Cancer. Taurus can show Cancer how to take things in stride, while Virgo can show Cancer how to be more practical.

Aries and Libra may struggle at times with Cancer. Neither wants to get so caught up in the emotions of Cancer, and the hot temper of Aries can easily hurt the sensitive Cancer, while Libra’s cool temperament may be interpreted as uncaring to Cancer.

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Venus in Cancer Love Astrology Horoscopes

Now let’s get down to business and lay out the Venus in Cancer horoscopes for the zodiac signs!


Venus in Cancer elevates emotions for you, Aries. It can be a lot easier for you to be more open emotionally with your loved ones, and the more you open up, the more you get the support that you’re looking for.

If single, emotional understanding can be your number one requirement in someone who is courting you, so focus on that. If in a relationship, focus on the core issues so you can strengthen the foundation.


Venus in Cancer merges your feelings with your words, Taurus. You can find the right words to say, expressing yourself more openly and honestly, and can feel better understood emotionally as a result. Keep it flowing.

Focus on someone who listens to you and supports your ideas and emotions, if single. Bring in some variety to improve what you’re feeling with your partner, if in a relationship.


Venus in Cancer allows you to slow things down in your relationships, Gemini, something you probably need pretty desperately. You can take your time in love, and not feel the rush anymore, wanting to keep things slow and steady, especially if single.

Ground your emotions in your relationship, if you’re in one. This can help you come together with less drama.


Venus in your sign helps you step out of the shadows and take some action in love, Cancer. If you’re in a relationship, you can bring romance in, work on reconnecting in a more playful way, and take initiative with your partner.

Be more open to meeting new potential love interests, if single. Being emotionally authentic can make you much more attractive to others.


Venus in Cancer can make you quieter in love, Leo. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to plan for some quiet time alone with your partner, no prying eyes allowed, and you can express yourself emotionally better when it’s just the two of you connecting.

If single, you may not feel up for pursuing anyone, and instead can opt to sit back and see if anyone comes to you. Try to be more discerning with anyone who does since you’ll likely be feeling much more sacrificing and supportive.


Venus in Cancer can help you take a step back and work on changes in love, Virgo. If in a relationship, steps you can take to improve the foundation of friendship between you can be of great help, and you may find that opening up emotionally is the way to go.

You may want to try the friends-first route, if single, and can test the waters to see how you do with someone intellectually and emotionally. You may be more guarded when it comes to rejection, and this can help prevent that from happening.


Venus in Cancer makes you take your responsibilities more seriously, Libra. If in a relationship, you can take care of your partner, and work on slaying some relationship goals together so you grow closer emotionally.

If single, try not to focus so much on trying to find someone who meets certain expectations that you ignore the person who is your best emotional match.


Venus in Cancer can bring some adventure into love, Scorpio. It doesn’t have to be serious all of the time, and if in a relationship, you can opt to do something bold, daring, and different with your partner. This strengthens your emotional connection, and you have fun doing it.

The bolder you are, the more you may attract others to you, if single. You may prefer to focus on positive emotions, but make sure you’re not ignoring ones that are important just because they seem unpleasant.


Venus in Cancer makes love much more serious for you, Sagittarius. Your emotional bonds can lead to stronger intimacy and a much deeper connection with your partner, if in a relationship, and this can make you feel surprisingly strong emotionally.

You may seem more emotionally intense with others, if single. This can help weed out the ones who aren’t serious, but it may also scare away some good ones, so work on moderating.


Venus in Cancer finally brings your attention back to relationships, Capricorn. The last few months may have kept your attention focused on work and all sorts of little things, but now the people in your life get your attention again.

If you’re in a relationship, work on strengthening your emotional commitment to your partner and showing how invested you are. If single, focus on those who aren’t scared of commitment and are willing to open up.


Venus in Cancer focuses on the little things in love, Aquarius. You can get down to the details and understand what work needs to be done, if in a relationship, and this can help you eliminate little issues that have clogged up the emotional gears and kept you from really connecting lately.

You may be a little pickier when it comes to who you allow into your orbit, if single, and this can help protect you emotionally. Just make sure you’re not being too walled off.


Venus in Cancer signals the start of a lovely period for love and romance for you, Pisces. If in a relationship, you can plan for some romantic times together, even if it’s just something simple, and that can ignite the emotional spark between the two of you again.

If single, you may want to keep your options open, looking out for someone who can sweep you off of your feet. You can be even more emotionally supportive and understanding than usual, if you do find them.

Get Excited For Venus in Cancer

Venus is in Cancer until September 6, so for about a month, and this gives a period to get into the feelings of relationships and reconnect emotionally. Get out of your head, don’t overthink everything so much, and let emotion guide you.

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