Venus in Cancer: What to Expect from Venus in Water Signs

Posted on June 02, 2018

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and money, and she rules over the astrological signs Libra and Taurus. We look to the placement of Venus in our birth charts to understand how we approach and behave in our relationships (romantic and otherwise). Right now, and until June 14th, Venus is in the sign of Cancer, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at the effects of Venus in Cancer and Water signs in general.

Venus in Water Signs

Water signs represent our emotions, their ebb and flow and their effect on our inner reality. Water is associated with depth of emotion and spirit, with the changing tides of our feelings and the way we can sometimes get swept away in the current.

When Venus enters a Water sign — Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio — it affects the way that you not only react to and experience love, but the way you express that love to those around you. These transits often encourage deep feelings of love that shake the soul and rattle your core. You might be overtaken with romantic feelings for your partner, suddenly realizing how much they mean to you and contribute to your overall happiness, or you might suddenly be overwhelmed with respect and appreciation for a family member who has does a lot to help you out in life. This is an excellent placement for soothing wounds in relationships simply by infusing a sense of appreciation for one another.

Water is an expressive element and Venus is a friendly, loving planet, so expect a sort of Mutual Admiration Society to form in most aspects of your social life. This is a gracious, gregarious vibe that encourages good, positive energy to flow from yourself to those around you, like the flowing tides of the ocean. That is, unless there are elements of resentment or jealousy between you and anyone in your social sphere.

Water also represents sensitivity and moodiness. Emotions shift and flow like the tides, sometimes building and forming huge, almost violent waves. Keep this in mind if you feel overwhelmed with emotion and perhaps volatile feelings when Venus enters a Water sign. Your emotional pendulum might swing from one end of your mind to the other quite frequently, as may the emotions of your friends, family, and colleagues. Try to come from a place of understanding, both of your feelings and the feelings of others during these times.

Venus in Cancer

This is a transit that promotes feelings of comfort, like cozy days spent on a rocking chair in the warm sun with a glass of sweet tea. There is a sense of domestic bliss and a peace within the home, as this transit amps up our preference and delight for the simple pleasures in life.

There is an energy of familiarity, loyalty, and deep admiration for your loved ones. Cancer is a sign of dedication, and Venus is the planet of love. The marrying of these two forces creates an energy of respect and love for our friends and family, and can promote deep connection and harmonious communication.

Cancer is a sign of showing, of action. This transit encourages us to act in service of others, volunteering our time or going out of our way to show our affections for our loved ones, and even mankind as a whole.

With this energy, however, comes an air of caution. You might feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful energies of the Universe, a feat that is mightier than most of our psychic shields can withstand. Instead of focusing on keeping everyone safe from harm, focus on gratitude for the comfort and safety that there is in your life, and try to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Behind every discomfort or heartbreak is a lesson or a secret blessing, so try to remain calm in the face of pain and remember that there is meaning behind every circumstance and event in our lives, whether or not we see it at the time of impact.

Venus is a sensual planet that demands love, beauty, art, harmony and passion. Surround yourself with good friends, fabulous food, exceptional works of art, mellifluous music, and loving vibrations when Venus enters any Water sign to express your gratitude for her influence as well as offer your energy to her presence. Venus will work to encourage experiences that allow you to reclaim and express your emotions, tapping into your deep well of creative, imaginative, loving, and curious feelings.

When you allow this influence to help you properly express your emotions, you lessen the likelihood that your emotions will become hard to handle or even out of control.

So sit back, feel the love, and let Venus work with the element of Water to create magic in your life.

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