The Most Powerful Way to Clarity During Venus in Gemini

Posted on July 06, 2017
Updated on March 10, 2021

Happy July, friends! Are you getting your Summer lovin’ on yet? That’s the Venus in Gemini transit for you. Venus has entered Gemini this week and you need to be prepared! You can feel confused, scatter-brained, and it’s very easy to feel all over the map during this one.

Venus in Gemini is actually great energy to gain some clarity. When you pair this with chakra work, particularly the third eye chakra that deals with clarity and insight, you can see right through to the end of your summer with better than 20/20 vision. This is precisely what we are talking about today.

What is Venus in Gemini?

Venus travels through the zodiac all year long and takes the time to spend a few weeks visiting every zodiac sign. This time of year she’s spending some time with Gemini. Gemini is an air sign that is more rational than emotional, spontaneous and flexible. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, so its energy is witty and very chatty. It also has a reputatio for being, well, mercurial.

This transit means we have the planet of love and money, Venus, working in the zodiac sign that is airy, mutable, and sometimes a little all over the place. Gemini’s frequently scattered thinking, or inability to focus on one thing at a time, means it gets a bit of a bad rap. Gemini’s good traits are sometimes seriously under-rated.

You won’t meet someone more spicy, sensual, and flexible than Gemini. This is not the sign that won’t text you back when you are waiting for news unless they are hiding something. Overall, Gemini is very communicative, very romantic, and is always loving to try new things.

Gemini sees things through a rational lens as well. If you are trying to appeal to Gemini’s emotional side, that won’t work. This is what makes Venus in Gemini so fun. In this transit, you will see two energies combine to allow you to take both a rational and emotional approach to all things love.

Venus rules money too, and who doesn’t want a little more clarity on the money front? When Venus is in Gemini, both love and money matters get a lot more clarity, because it’s literally like a big spotlight was shone on your biggest issues in these areas of your life.

You’re also going to see sexy dialed up a notch, in everything. Gemini is the zodiac flirt, and Venus is nudging this along beautifully. We are entering a fun, flirty and flexible time. It will also be very revealing. This time is also thought-centered, not heart-centered. This means you can use your brain to make those big love decisions.

The water signs are going to freak out about this, but don’t! Today we are arming all zodiac signs with that little extra trick up your sleeve to help you see the light during Venus in Gemini. That means working with your third eye chakra. This trick will give you the extra advantage to see all people in your world with a sixth sense.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra, so technically you can call it your sixth sense. It is invisible energy located between your two eyes, which is why we call it the third eye. This chakra rules your ability to see beyond what is currently in front of you, enabling you to think and see more clearly. It gives you a better view and grasp of the big picture.

When your third eye chakra is in good shape, your psychic skills are more honed, your gut instinct is humming along just fine, your dreams are more active, and you have a stronger sense about life in general. That stronger sense is this beautiful thing called clarity.

You don’t need to be psychic for this to work well, you just need to have an unblocked or cleansed third eye chakra. Anybody can do it starting today, and if you take care of this regularly, you’ll be able to use this ability whenever you want. Who wouldn’t want more clarity during Venus in scattered Gemini? Here are some tips you can start right now.

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How to Cleanse & Clear Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the color indigo, and sometimes meditation on this color is enough to align it. There are a number of things you can start right now to help keep your third eye chakra strong and healthy. First, get used to listening to that inner voice of yours. Ask yourself a question you don’t know the answer to but is easily verifiable immediately.

Don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t work right away. Keep doing this for everything you are uncertain about in life. File away the mental snapshot, and then wait for the validation. Sometimes the validations are spot on and sometimes the mental image you get is just a symbol.

You can also do this through phone calls or texts - I do this all the time. I hear my phone ring or ping alerting me, then before looking I try to determine who it is and whether or not it’s important. The first feeling you have is always the right one. This is a great way to practice using your third eye, and anybody can do it.

Other ways to activate, cleanse, and unblock your third eye are to use the stars themselves. Star-gazing and basking in the sun are great ways to clear the cobwebs out of your third eye. Sometimes we lay out under the stars just to clear our head, or step outside during the work day just to get sun on our faces and empty our minds.

Lastly, healing crystals and essential oils are very effective in third eye clearing. Anything purple in the crystals or oils families works, like lavender oil or amethyst crystals. A little dab of lavender between your eyes while meditating works wonders in clearing the third eye. Some people also put their amethyst on this place too when meditating. These are all great exercises for your mental well-being and also help you clear out your third eye.


These are just a few tips to get you started on clearing that third eye chakra as Venus enters Gemini. You can start practicing these things right now. You don’t need to be an astrology guru or psychic to do it, every person has the power of gaining insight and clarity within them.

Don’t play around with these methods, either. If you don’t use them to genuinely learn how to get more in touch with that instinct of yours, it can backfire. So when things get a little scattered during Venus in Gemini, you are sitting there cool, calm, and collected. You will have complete clarity.

What third eye chakra exercises appeal the most to you?

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