Venus in Gemini: Relationship Communication Tips for the Zodiac Signs

Posted on April 02, 2020

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Venus, the planet of love, moves into Air sign Gemini today. This starts a whole new period for Venus that’s especially important because Venus will retrograde in this sign, which means Venus is in Gemini all the way until August 7. Venus usually only spends about one month in a zodiac sign, so we’ve got some seriously prolonged Venus in Gemini energy now!

As the planet of love, Venus wants us to connect with one another. Venus is love, affection, romance, and highly sensual.

As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini is the sign of the mind, and governs communication and engagement.

Venus in Gemini in the Birth Chart

If you were born with Venus in Gemini in your natal chart, you’re someone who feels this position innately in your relationships. You likely need lots of mental stimulation with the people you’re closest to, and for you, love is best expressed through words. You’re big on words!

You can think up grand romantic scenarios in your head, and this can sometimes keep you from taking action as the image in your mind is more palatable than whatever the physical world has to offer you. You may be let down often because the real world doesn’t match what you think it should. The best romantic relationships for you are ones that marry the two, and bring together what you envision in your mind with what you can experience physically.

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Venus in Gemini Woman:

The Venus in Gemini woman is highly sociable, engaging, and full of life. She’s curious about the world and everything in it, and craves variety. She loves fun conversations, has a great sense of humor, and needs lots of mental stimulation. She doesn’t want to get bored in any way, and boring the Venus in Gemini woman is a sure way to send her packing.

Venus in Gemini Man:

The Venus in Gemini man is spontaneous, adaptable, and flexible. He loves spending time with friends, out in social gatherings, and may seem like a Cassanova with his way with words. Occupy his mind, and he has less of a wandering eye. A mental connection matters more than anything else to the Venus in Gemini man, and he wants someone who can match his personality.

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Venus in Gemini & Venus Signs Zodiac Compatibility

Venus in Gemini is the most focused of all of the signs on mental connection, even more than the other Air signs of Libra and Aquarius.

Gemini has mental energy that flows all over. Libra and Aquarius can understand this though, and have an easier time with it.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the Fire signs, and they can keep up with the energy of Venus in Gemini.

Where they diverge comes with action, since the Fire signs want to take action. This can be a good pairing though if the Fire sign is willing to take the initiative and Venus in Gemini is willing to follow.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs, and they can struggle with Venus in Gemini because Earth signs are very practical.

They may see Venus in Gemini as erratic and unreliable, and Venus in Gemini may see them as boring - the worst thing of all to a Venus in Gemini!

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the Water signs, and the Water signs are ruled by emotion.

Venus in Gemini is ruled by the mind, so there can be some issues with getting on the same page. Water signs want to connect emotionally, while Venus in Gemini wants to connect mentally. Venus in Gemini can find the Water signs interesting though, especially mysterious Scorpio.

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Relationship Communication Tips for Your Zodiac Sign:

So, what can you do to make sure you’re connecting mentally and communicating openly during this long period with Venus in Gemini? Read on:

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Communication is number one for you during this period, and you can work on old communication issues or try to talk about something you have before. You may lack mental patience, and this can bring out lots of fights and miscommunications, so try to get some control over your mental energy. Having an outlet for your mind can be helpful.

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Mental energy may be slower during this period, and you may want to give yourself plenty of time to make your point, to talk things out, and to understand what others are saying to you. Do watch for stubbornness, which may be at an all-time high! Open your mind and really listen to the people you care about and trust.

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Venus is in your sign, and you can focus on how to connect and reconnect. You may bring people back into your life, and you can talk about things that should’ve been talked about a long time ago. In existing relationships, you may want to speak first so you can get things off of your chest and then allow for others to have their say without interruption.

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You may be less inclined to share openly during this period, and keep a lot of your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Try to make time for those you care about and trust to be open with them privately, without anyone else getting in the way. You can feel more comfortable being open behind closed doors, and can speak up about things from the past or dive into your subconscious.

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Try communicating in new and different ways. Shake things up a bit with your communication style, and listen to a diverse group of opinions. Your friendships may get a lot of attention during this period, and if you’re in a romantic relationship, you may want to work on the foundation of friendship.

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Communication during this time may be focused only on what needs to be said and nothing more. There may be less patience for verbal fluff, and you want everything said to have a purpose. Try to make sure you don’t shut people off just because you don’t think they’re making a point. Be thoughtful with your words.

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You can feel more open to sharing big stories and big ideas during this time, but may struggle with the details and little picture. Don’t ignore those things, otherwise you may miss something you need to see. Also, watch what you say during this period because you may be more likely to make promises you can’t keep. Be realistic with your words.

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This period may have you even more focused on serious matters, and you can tackle serious subjects with those in your life. You can take what you say very seriously, but this may come across as a little too intense at times. Try to give those in your life a little breather so they don’t feel like you’re suffocating them mentally. Let them have a say, and don’t just impose your will.

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Open lines of communication in your relationships can be incredibly important to you during this period, but not only for you or only for them. It only works if the lines of communication are open for both of you equally. Have balanced give and take, otherwise the lines of communication may become closed off.

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You may be inclined to pay closer attention to the little things in your relationships and with the people in your life, but this may lead to being picky, to picking others apart, or to being even harder on yourself. Try to approach the details from a place of constructive action, so you can use the information but not be too caught up in perfection.

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Ignoring the serious problems may be a problem during this period, but you want to enjoy yourself so much and just focus on the love that you don’t feel much like dealing with anything serious. This can lead to bigger problems though, so don’t paint such a rosy picture. Recognize what’s there, and address it quickly. This is the best way to give yourself lots of time for love.

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This is a period where you’ll want to focus on merging what you feel with your words, and expressing how you feel can be more important. You may stumble over your words at times and struggle with finding the right words to say, but others can sense what you mean, and you can sense what others mean.

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A Little Sweet Talk Goes a Long Way!

We’ve got 4 months of Venus in Gemini, so buckle up!

Venus will be retrograde in Gemini May 13 - June 25, so this is the hottest time for this energy.

Make time now to get prepared so it’s not so bad for you, and come out of the retrograde stronger than before. By the time Venus finally leaves Gemini in August, your relationships can be communication powerhouses!

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