Ways for Taurus to Update Their Living Spaces for Taurus Season

Posted on May 15, 2019

In this recurring monthly series, we’ll discuss ways for the various zodiac signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home.

Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy!

As the first Earth sign of each year, Taurus season brings a grounded, homey energy that inspires us to focus on our personal spaces - spring cleaning was just made for this sign. Known for being a bit of a hedonist, Taurus likes their creature comforts and makes sure to surround themselves with only the best.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive; Taurus should try to be equally inspired by their practical, serious side when taking on big projects like renovating or redecorating as they are their appreciation for the luxe and lavish. Check out some of our tailored suggestions based on home living trends, and see if you get inspired!

What’s In for Taurus?


Given the precision and care it takes to apply wallpaper, this trend is an undertaking for Earth signs only. While the word ‘wallpaper’ may conjure up visions of outdated florals and messy glue, modern wallpaper is a stylish alternative to paint and is even available in a temporary form - great for our Tauruses that are still renting.

With designs featuring metal foils, subtle textures, and rich color schemes, wallpaper is a great option for Taurus to make a space luxurious without breaking the bank.


Bold without being obnoxious; versatile, and stylish in an understated way - these are all things this trendy shade has in common with Taurus. While some might balk at mustard yellow, it is a distinctly balanced tone that complements a vast array of colors and styles.

Ensuring that it has a soft, warm brown undertone and isn’t verging into chartreuse is the key to making this earthy shade perfect for an Earth sign. Start with something small, like a cushion cover or shower curtain to taste test this hue.

Vintage Furniture

Regardless of personal aesthetic, vintage-inspired furniture suits Taurus. Their stable and dependable nature helps them endure everything life throws at them and still come out looking good - something they have in common with timeless vintage pieces.

Whether you have the money to invest in an original, find a great imitation, or treat thrifting like an art form, the energy projected by a Barcelona chair, Noguchi table or Florence Knoll Sofa is perfect for this Fixed sign - durable, reliable, balanced.

What’s Out for Taurus?

Hidden Storage

We’d never encourage anybody to start leaving out clutter, but Taurus has a tendency to try to project a pristine image, and secret things away - both their belongings and their feelings. While hidden storage is functional and tidy, it also leaves a lack of warmth in the home.

Try creating a display album instead of keeping all your snaps tucked away. Leave out that cozy quilt Grandma knitted - even if it doesn’t go with the décor. Burn a few accent candles…sharing your authentic self is always stylish!

Geometric Patterns

There’s something about the structure of a geometric pattern that appeals to Taurus’s sensible world view. However, relying too heavily on these prints is at war with this Earth sign’s covert sensual side; they may have the mind of a strategist, but the heart of an artist.

If you’re a fan of geometric accents, update it so the patterns you’re choosing are more organic & less rigid. Look to Finnish design house Marimekko for inspiration on how to combine your soft and structured sides!


Though it’s usually Fire signs that are known for being extravagant, Taurus has a surprising luxe streak; it’s not that they want to show off, they just want the best of everything. While gold accents were once a lavish design choice, they’ve started to lose their luster.

Cost effective fixes like swapping outdated cabinet hardware and refurbishing furniture accents for modern materials is an easy way for the Bull to stay on top of the design game - without having to shell out a ton of coin, gold or otherwise.

With these fresh design ideas, you’re all ready to revamp your living space Taurus! Use that amazing Earth energy to stay focused, and you’ll be done your project in no time!

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