Weekly Astrology Overview: June 29 - July 5, 2020

Posted on June 29, 2020
Updated on November 25, 2020

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of June 29 - July 5 beautiful souls!

As we get into the swing of Cancer season and bid last week goodbye, we have three main events for this week’s astrology overview. With the Sun moving through Cancer, we are focused on our interpersonal relationships and self-care. Our intuition is strong, and we are more in touch with our emotional side. The Moon is in a waxing phase, so it’s a great time to be working towards our goals and doing our manifesting work.

What can I expect this week from the stars?

First, off this week, we have a Jupiter conjunction with Pluto, and both signs are in Capricorn.

This can help open doors for success and career growth. We feel optimistic about moving towards our long term vision and putting things in motion.

Next, we have Saturn, which is retrograde, moving into Earth sign Capricorn. That means the very systems that our society sits on are coming into focus, whether it’s schools, banks, businesses, or governments. During Saturn retrograde, we are able to restructure them to better serve the whole.

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The second main event this week is the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Sunday, which will really bring changes in the fabric of institutions. We will likely see changes in jobs, houses, and financial plans that are a result of the energy from eclipse season.

If you’ve been working towards something, this Moon might deliver it with a big red bow. Additionally, energy will be intense, so it’s best to not react to unexpected things. Pay attention to the cosmic forces as they rearrange our society. This could lead to a more evolved way of living and interacting with the planet, and our own values.

July 2020 astrology is still thick with retrograde energy, just like June 2020 astrology, so similar themes will carry over.

We have Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter retrograde folks!

You might as well enjoy the ride and let life teach you what you’re supposed to learn right now. This might be one of those weeks where we really get to see what we are made of, and be proud of our natural human urge to help each other above all else.

Planetary Locations During June 29 - July 5, 2020

Sun: Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Mercury: Cancer (May 28, 2020 - August 4, 2020)

Venus: Gemini (April 3, 2020 - August 7, 2020)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 - January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 - December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Aquarius (March 21, 2020 - July 1, 2020), Capricorn (July 1, 2020 - December 17, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 - August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for June 22 - June 28, 2020

Monday, June 29

Sun: Cancer - We feel sensitive to what people say, and want to be kind to strangers. We are in love with love and want more of it. We seek comfort foods, family time, and cozy snuggles.

Moon: Libra - We are focused on our friends, and want to put our best foot forward when it comes to standing up for what is right. It’s a good day to research, as our analytical minds are firing.

Tuesday, June 30

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Scorpio - It’s time to ask the questions you really want answers to. We are able to handle conversations that are a bit more emotionally rooted, and find them interesting.

Transit: Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. You feel ready to take a risk and might find that the resources you need are right in front of you.

You are able to use your energy to get where you want to go in a big way. You may be looking at a big step like considering college, buying a house, or kicking off a new business.

Wednesday, July 1

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Scorpio

Ingress: Saturn enters Capricorn. Saturn will be in Capricorn until December 17, 2020. This influence helps us set up our lives for long-term success, whether that means focusing on our budget, fixing our goals so they can actually bring us stability, or actually putting in the elbow grease to get to the next step of our journey.

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Thursday, July 2

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Sagittarius - Change is welcome on a day like this. We look to find a new book, restaurant, or inspiring film to spur our creative minds.

Sun: Cancer

Friday, July 3

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Sagittarius

Saturday, July 4

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Capricorn - Work, work, work. This seems to be what everyone is doing today. We might as well use the energy while we have it! There pressure building though, so take breaks to relax.

Sunday, July 5

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Capricorn

Event: Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Full Moons tend to mess with plans, so don’t be surprised if this happens to you. We are going to see a culmination of many months of global restructuring, and some final decisions being made in terms of banks, schools, loans, corporations, and laws.

We can finally start to see how to make sense of our future plans, and find a more stable footing. It’s a time we may see amended forms, laws, and policies that just might change history.

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