The Animal You Most Relate to Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on June 08, 2020
Updated on June 09, 2020

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You’ve probably got a favorite animal, but what animal is most similar to you based on your zodiac sign? Every animal on the planet has its own set of personality traits and by learning which animal your sign reflects, you’ll learn even more about yourself than you thought was possible.

Each zodiac sign displays characteristics of a member of the animal kingdom. If you’ve always felt an odd kinship with cat, then your zodiac sign may be the reason why! Or if you get a special feeling of ‘home’ every time you see birds hopping around in your garden, again your zodiac sign may have something to do with it.

It’s important to remember that your Sun sign is just one aspect of your entire natal chart. You also have the Rising sign, Moon sign and lots of other planets and aspects floating around there.

You will also have a ‘dominant’ sign. For example, if your Sun sign is Gemini, but you have Scorpio rising, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio and Scorpio Moon, then Scorpio is likely your dominant sign and you’ll relate to the animal under Scorpio, as well as Gemini.

So which animal do you most relate to based on your zodiac sign?


Aries may be represented by a ram in the zodiac, but when it comes to animals of the natural world, this sign is more like a big cat – such as a tiger or leopard.

Bold, fierce and aggressive, you don’t take nonsense from anyone, and you certainly have a presence that lets people know they can’t mess with you!


Though represented by the bull, you are more like a big grizzly bear.

Like your zodiac sign, the bear is strong and well-rounded, but does not feel a need to exhibit that strength. Like a bear, you are very loyal to family and friends. You have a specific type of authority that commands respect, but at the same time you are a bundle of cuddles!


Like the sleek and clever fox, you are quick-witted and intelligent. This is why the fox is your most relatable animal.

You use your mind to jump through hoops and you are always able to think of a cunning plan. You can talk rings around others and you are able to adapt to any situation life throws at you.


Though represented by the shy crab in the zodiac, you are more like a fawn.

Sensitive and loving, you can be shy with strangers, but when you get to know someone you are extremely nurturing and motherly. You are a gentle soul, but will stand up for yourself and others – you can be extremely protective, both of your loved ones and your home.


What other animal could represent you, Leo, other than the majestic and noble lion?

You are brave and strong with a commanding presence, and if your presence is not noticeable at first, you carry an aura of inner strength, no matter the situation. Like the lion, you take great pride in yourself and your environment.


You are like the beaver, Virgo. You are a grafter, hard-working and you’re not afraid of meeting challenges in order to reach the goal you have carefully crafted in your mind.

When provoked, you will round on whoever has offended you, especially if they are disrupting your well-thought-out plans. Like a beaver, you can be a little serious at times, but you have a great heart and caring soul.


Represented by the scales of justice, you are like a wolf, Libra.

You weigh your options carefully and you believe in the power of teamwork. You prefer harmony for your clan and loved ones, but if there is disruption to your routine or your ideals are under threat, you won’t hesitate to set wrongs to right.

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Though represented by three animals – the scorpion, eagle and phoenix – you are far more like a German Shepherd, Scorpio.

Like this faithful canine, you are loyal to a fault and a very private individual. You can come across as intense, just like the German Shepherd. People know instinctively not to mess with you. With those you care for, you are extremely loving and protective.


Represented by the centaur, you are like an albatross, Sagittarius.

You just want to be free to explore vast horizons. Like the albatross, you are an explorer and can be very friendly. You have good stamina like this oceanic bird and are never satisfied when it comes to quenching your thirst for knowledge.


Represented by the sea goat, you are more like a bee, Capricorn.

You understand the value of hard work and teamwork. Like a bee, you are disciplined, persistent and practical. This is one Earth sign that will work for years in order to get the job done – just like the busy bees who put their heart and soul into making all that honey!


You are most like the dolphin, Aquarius!

These free-spirited and adventurous animals are typical of the water-bearer sign that you are. Dolphins are intelligent, a little eccentric and a bit shy. You will go where the waves take you and you are not afraid of exploring new horizons.


Though represented by a fish, you are more like another water animal, Pisces – the seahorse.

These creatures are sensitive and loving, just like you. You are intuitive and very romantic. You seek your soulmate, just as the seahorse does. Seahorses mate for life and you too seek your happy ending.

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