What Does the Eclipse Mean for YOU

Posted on August 20, 2017
Updated on July 03, 2020

You’ve heard all the hype, everyone is getting ready for ‘the big day.’ People in the path of totality are stocking up on groceries and preparing for an invasion as those close to them come to watch the big event. Is it such a big deal though?

The honest answer is not really—but if you want to trip out, go ahead, no one will blame you! What makes this one so special is that it’s the first one to cross so much of the USA in decades, but astronomically, eclipses happen every 18 months or so. We know what they are, we can predict their behavior and location.

There’s even another one, a total eclipse, next year, but it’s happening over the Pacific Ocean and just touching the tip of Argentina, so there’s not such a big fuss about it. What’s got everyone so excited about this one?

The main reason is that it’s covering the USA, so more people are aware that it’s happening, and looking forward to experiencing it. Because it’s something that can be seen first hand, there’s a lot of buzz about what it will bring. (On a side note, there’s another total eclipse over much of the southeastern USA in 2024).


This eclipse is likely to enhance your already dynamic energy. Expect to feel creative, vibrant, and maybe a bit impatient! Eclipses are a catalyst of change, and this one is setting you up for some pretty positive energy—a wave you can ride right through until February next year. For those of you born around the 20th of April, you can look forward to an extra special treat!


For you the eclipse focuses on your home life. Those Taureans born around the 20th of May will feel the influence the strongest. It’s a great time to start home improvement plans, or to strengthen family ties. It might not all go smoothly, though. Hang onto your patience, for you’ll need it with all of this motivation around you!


This eclipse makes a pretty harmonious aspect to you, Gemini, but will it bring out the good twin, or the other one? Relationships are highlighted, particularly if you were born close to the summer solstice. Let go of the past, and look forward to the new changes this eclipse is going to usher into your life, particularly for the next six months.


You’ll need to watch your emotions over the period of the eclipse. Actually, this probably started with the lunar eclipse at the beginning of August, and that sensitivity is going to continue right through the new year. Stay tuned into your feelings, but don’t let them drown you out. Use that intuitive intensity to make some real progress towards your goals.


The eclipse happens in your sign—you can’t ask for more than that, and if it’s your birthday you can really put out the flag! For you, the eclipse energy makes you ready to turn over a new leaf. It’s an ideal time to walk away from toxic relationships and bad habits, and take up some new pastime or activity.

Your confidence should soar, but there is a chance that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of this high-voltage energy.


You got the short end of the straw, with the eclipse happening in the last degree of Leo and Mercury being retrograde in your sign. You more than anyone else are probably going to feel jangled nerves, and if you’re not careful, that will set the tone for the next six months.

The good news is if you can stay positive and ride out Mercury’s retro, you’re up for a pretty positive year ahead.


The eclipse seems set to bring you a lot of cooperation from others, Libra, and you know you like it when things are falling harmoniously into place!

If you’ve been trying to cut corners you may struggle a bit, but if you’ve been paying attention and making progress towards your goals, you should find that you’re now able to get others in on the act, and delegate some of the grunt work to them. The eclipse energies are empowering for you, so make the most of them!


Oh, dear Scorpio, what can I say. Stressed much? You usually are, still waters running deep and all that, and the eclipse doesn’t seem to be helping matters much—particularly for those born around the 20th of November. Things that have been simmering under the surface are likely to erupt now and over the next six months, too.

Don’t hesitate to cut something—or someone—off in a heartbeat if they prove not to be worth your time.


Fortune smiles on you for the eclipse, but don’t rush out to buy those lottery tickets just yet! The eclipse will leave you feeling energized and ready for new adventures, especially if you were born near the winter solstice. The next year looks very favorable for all kinds of newness, so start as you mean to continue, and stay focused on your long-term goals.

Distraction is your greatest challenge.


The eclipse brings you encouragement and help from unexpected places, particularly for those of you born around the 18th of January. Don’t be too set in your ways or you might miss the opportunity to tap into this assistance. You’ve got a knack for hanging onto things long after they’re useful, and that goes for people, too!

Yes, it’s disruptive to let go, but what you stand to gain once you make these changes is worth the temporary upset, so take the plunge!


The eclipse is going to throw light and substance towards you, especially for those of you born around mid-February. You’ll find it easier to open up and relate to people, your tolerance improves and you may even feel like being more social and outgoing than usual.

This eclipse will show you who your true friends are, and also expose those relationships that need to end, so keep your eyes peeled.


Dreamy Pisces, you’re the other sign who might find this eclipse hard going, especially for those of you born around the equinox. The best thing you can do is to try to kick back and unwind. Focus on developing your own creativity and self expression.

Once we get into the new year, there will be plenty of time to put your plans into action, and make rapid strides toward your ultimate goals.


What astrologers find so interesting about this eclipse is that it happens at an anaretic degree. It’s very karmic, so whatever happens during the eclipse—good or not so good—is going to have some pretty hefty repercussions. Of course, karma itself isn’t good or bad; it’s simply the laws of cause and effect.

Look to see when totality is happening at a location nearest to you, and keep yourself occupied doing things that you enjoy doing. If you’re stuck at work and can’t throw yourself into some pleasurable activity, think good thoughts. You might even want to use a mantra or an empowering phrase, such as this one:

“This moment is the first moment of the rest of my life. From now on, I choose to be empowered, successful, and happy.”

Focus on it while the Moon is passing in front of the Sun, and then make a conscious effort to create this empowerment, success, and happiness in your life. A fulfilling life isn’t just cosmic, it’s something that you have to cultivate—but a little astrological assistance can certainly help matters along!

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